Murtzcellanious: Murtz Jaffer Talks To Big Brother All-Stars' Nakomis Dedmon

Murtz Jaffer: Hi Nakomis, who do you blame the most for your eviction?

Nakomis Dedmon: The housemates that said that they would vote for me to stay and then didn’t.

MJ: Why did you want to play Big Brother again?

ND: The game itself is quite fun, but money and winning were big reasons that lead to my return.

MJ: You seemed to really want to go after Janelle, even though she admitted that she was a big fan of yours. Were you after her just because of the season six alliance or did you feel that you could not trust her?

ND: With janelle, she is the best in competitions in Big Brother history, and i’m pretty damn good at winning HOH’s so I thought that we would make a great team. But when you get inside the house and get caught up in all that the game brings you sometimes see the other strong players just as a liability.

MJ: You seem to be a very ethical player. After watching the show, who do you think was the most unethical.

ND: Erika.

MJ: I am from Toronto, and you said some great things about Canada. What do you like so much about the country?

ND: The people are great, the scenery is great, I mean I’ve wanted to move there since I was like ten. It seems to have a more relaxed feel than the States, and violent crime is so low. Not to mention that the art school that I want to go to is in Canada. To sum it all up, it is a lovely place with lovely people…

MJ: Before you left, you said that you really did not want to see another ‘Cowboy’ in the house, referring to Chicken George. Did it bother you that he got as far as he did?

ND: No. but I just hate the whole I’m the nice guy with a family strategy.

MJ: Even though you didn’t like Jase on your season, you seemed to be working with him and Diane. How did you patch your differences with him and what do you think about Mr. & Mrs. Smith?

ND: Um, I don’t hold grudges, and the Mr. & Mrs. Smith conspiracy is just more Big Brother paranoia, that wasn’t even true…. Diane and Jase just randomly decided to say it was real to keep messing with the rest of the casts’ heads.

MJ: Kaysar was the head of household when he put you up. What are you feelings toward him?

ND: Kaysar is a great guy and before the finale we joked with each other about nominations. He is fun and has a great spirit.

MJ: You said on the finale that Janelle and Will were the best players. Who would you have voted for if they were the final two and who would you have voted for between Boogie and Erika?

ND: Janelle, Boogie.

MJ: If Chilltown was accepting new residents, would you buy a house there?

ND: I’m not that stupid, there are only two plots of land in Chilltown

MJ: What’s next for you?

ND: Work, hang out with friends, do a little art when I can, oh and I want to get a new tattoo….. yeah that’s about all I guess.

MJ: Thanks Nakomis.

ND: Thanks Canadian reporter.

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