Remote Destination – Dexter 1-3

This was a really good episode.

Ok, so the narration is growing on me. I don’t find it nearly as cheesy as I did in the first episode and now I’m finding that it aides the mood. I guess I really dig it because it provides the detail that I needed to really connect with the character.

Y’see this episode finally got me into liking the character. Sure the concept of a “good” serial killer is an interesting one, but his episode really illustrated his disconnect from humanity/society, and early in the episode too.

At the funeral when Dexter comments on how difficult it is feign mourning, I completely got the character and fell in love with him. I dig characters how are disconnected if not straight up misanthropic.

Michael C. Hall also deserves credit for some top notch acting thus far overall, but specifically this episode. The look of elation and fascination when he sees the latest corpse splayed out in the hockey arena was so pitch perfect. I completely believed that he was in awe of his fellow serial killer’s handiwork.

I also dug the escalation of Doakes drama. Foolish me for think that last week’s revelation that he was sleeping with a fellow cop’s wife was just a minor point. Having some of his brothers in blue take offense and set him up to take a fall was such an enjoyable plot twist that it made me feel kind of bad for Doakes, who up to this point had proven to be a typical “hard case” cop stereotype.

Another thing I appreciated was how Dexter dealt with the guy who stole his girlfriend’s car. I’m sure many other shows would have had him in full “defending her honor” mode, but he played it cool. I like that because, as a victim of abuse who knows how she’d have reacted if she found out Dexter had a violent side?

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