More on Cena, Storm Talks Bischoff, Creative Team Member Quits & More

Some late-night news:

– John Cena giving the FU to Kevin Federline was all over the mainstream press today, including People and

– The Motley Fool talks about WWE Films.

– PWInsider has reported that former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page is in an upcoming horror film with Snoop Dogg called Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror also featuring Jason Alexander, Billy Dee Williams, and Ernie Hudson and others.

WWE issued a press release today about it’s Wrestlemania Reading Challenge for Teen Read Week.

– In his latest Q&A, Lance Storm talks about the time his wife made him sign a fan’s breast, what expenses he was expected to pay on his own when working for the major promotions, what he thinks of Eric Bischoff and more…

– According to, Jimmy Garvin quit the WWE creative team on Friday. has posted a news item on the “TNA: Road To Glory” slated to air this Saturday night at Midnight on Spike.

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