What's Playing 10/20/06

The opening Fridays are getting bigger and bigger as the holiday season approaches, and this week is no exception.

In Wide Release

~ The Prestige – Christopher Nolan directs Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman as rival magicians Alfred and Rupert. Alfred (Bale) finally performs the ultimate magic trick, while Rupert (Jackman) is destined to find out the secret…but is it a trick at all?

~ Marie Antoinette – Kirsten Dunst stars as the hapless queen of France telling her life’s story from gaining royalty at such a young all age all the way up to her beheading.

~ Flags Of Our Fathers – Ryan Phillippe and Jesse Bradford star in Clint Eastwood’s biopic about the six men raising the American flag in the Battle Of Iwo Jima. An image forever burned in many American’s minds, the incident was a big turning point in World War II.

~ Flicka – In a remake of 1943’s My Friend Flicka, Alison Lohman adopts a wild horse in hopes of taming him to show her father (Tim McGraw) that she is grown up and capable of one day taking over the ranch.

In Limited Release

~ Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D – When the king of HalloweenTown stumbles across ChristmasTown, he can’t quite understand what he sees. But Jack Skellington is anxious to learn much more.

Since Nightmare 3-D will be opening in limited cities, you can find a theatre near you, by clicking here.

~ Running With Scissors – Starring Annette Bening, Joseph Cross, Alec Baldwin and many more as part of an extremely dysfunctional family based on the book of the same name.