Hellraiser to Get the Remake Treatment

Credit: Moviehole.net

Oh goody. It seems like Pinhead is the latest character to soon see the light of a remade day.

Hellraiser is about ready to officially become the next horror movie remake. Two things are interesting about this story. One, the series apparently still has one more sequel yet to come out. And two, the original creator Clive Barker will be working on this film as well.

To quote Barker, “They’re going to remake Hellraiser One with a lot more money and they’ve invited me to write it — the invitation came from Bob Weinstein — which I am going to do, on the basis that if I don’t do it, it will be done in some way that I probably won’t like! It’s only that one that I really, really, really care about in terms of its remake value – and it’ll be kind of fun to have the extra money to do the effects and all that cool stuff. So it puts me in the situation of writing both the beginning and the end of Pinhead at the same time — ‘In my end is my beginning”¦’ I’m not in the middle, as it were, I’m leaving out his middle age, I’m just dealing with his beginning and his end.”

It’s unlikely that Doug Bradley will return to the role of Pinhead. It’s interesting to note that The Weinstein Company is on a remake roll, with plans in development right now to re-do Halloween.