Richly Deserved: The Amazing Race, Episode 10-6

Well didn’t you all expect that? David and Mary finish last in the last leg and are told that if they don’t finish first in the next leg, they’ll have to sit out a 30-minute penalty.

So what’s waiting for the teams on the next leg? A fast forward.

So on the journey from Chennai, India to Kuwait City, how did everyone do? Here are the answers

They are in an alliance with the Cho brothers and “Alabama”, AKA Lyn and Karlyn. They have to find the Tower of Kuwait where they find the road block, No one chooses the fast forward except the Chos, who later reveal they bluffed to allow David and Mary a free pass at the task. David and Mary are taken to a field with a raging oil fire, and a clue box right by the fire. using safety gear and the assistance of local firefighters, they get the clue (a rather easy fast forward after all), and head to the pit stop, not having to take the penalty, winning a trip to Jamaica, and getting a bit of rest.

Behaved a whole lot better this week and were actually the victims of Lyn and Karlyn trying to interfere at the road block. They are very competitive and racing well. Full marks for finishing ahead of the rest of the teams.

Have a rather incident-free leg and arrive at the Al Sadiq Water Towers in third.

Tried to interfere with Dustin and Kandace by asking the local translating the puzzle at the road block (the name of a street written in Arabic) not to share the information with them. They, like other teams, have trouble getting to the road block but continue to work well together for their fourth-place finish.

Are on their way to being my favourite race team of all time (a distinction now held by AR5 winners Chip and Kim). They helped David and Mary along. Edwin overcame his fear of heights at the road block (the first part of which was to climb the outside of the tower), and despite getting lost to the detour, completed that task easily (filling bags of camel feed and carrying them to a stacking station). A well-deserved fifth place.

Had a good opening half of the leg but had real trouble finding the detour (they chose the task where a remote control was used to help a mechanical jockey guide a camel down a 140-yard race track). Eventually they got there and if not for another team who got REALLY lost, they would have been eliminated.

Oh boy. They respected each other a lot better and looked like they could be near the top again. But they misread a map to the detour and get very, very lost. It looked like they had found the place but it ended up being the field where the fast forward took place. Then they got a guide who escorted them, again to another wrong place. This must have been the most frustrating day of their entire lives.

Predictably, they arrived at the pit stop well after dark and were eliminated. Afterwards, they admit they’re good friends but not the best match. We all agree.

I can’t say I’ll miss Peter. I can say I will miss Sarah and her toughness under difficult circumstances. I guess we’ll be finding a number for her on the old honor roll.

If you find yourself asking, “What Honour Roll?”, check out the IP Forums to find out!

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