Ultimate Marvel Handbook #187

Hey Daron. What‘s up bud?

Actually, the time has come round again and I, misfit editor Kevin S. Mahoney, Marvel dabbler, is stepping in for our overworked fearless leader. You can commence scoffing now!

Talk about dead week. I could add more from a little topic of mine on Marvel.com but in a lazy mood. We need more emails!

More e-mails never hurts column length. Why can’t we have fun debates about the weirdest haircut in Marvel or even the most unnecessarily killed character? For my $$$, the answers are the Mad Thinker and Hawkeye respectively. Or you know, people could send us free comics or habanero peppers.

Yes that too, Daron. Let’s start!

Earl emails

It’s been awhile since I last wrote in, but I have a few questions for ya.  

1. Can you summarize Acts of Vengeance for me, and which issues everything took place?  


Avengers Spotlight #26-29
Avengers #311-313
Fantastic Four #334-336
Captain America #365-367
Thor #410-412
Iron Man #250-252
Avengers West Coast #53-55
Quasar #6-7
Avengers Annual #19
Alpha Flight #79-80
Amazing Spider-Man #326-329,351-352
Damage Control #1-4
Daredevil #275-276
Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #11-13
Incredible Hulk #363,369
Marc Spector: Moon Knight #8-10
Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger #8-10
New Mutants #84-86
Power Pack #53
Punisher #28-29
Punisher War Journal #12-13
Silver Surfer #33
Spectacular Spider-Man #158-160
Uncanny X-Men #256-258
Web of Spider-Man #59-65
Wolverine #19-20
X-Factor #49-50
What The…?! #6
What If..? #31

Loki sets about convincing the super-villains of Earth to attack heroes other than those they normally fight in an attempt to destroy the Avengers to absolve his guilt over inadvertantly creating the team in the first place. Doom, Kingpin, Magneto, Mandarin, Red Skull and the Wizard join forces in a conspiracy to convince lesser villains to attack superheroes who were not their normal adversaries. This was facilitated by Loki engineering a jailbreak in the Vault, the United States’ prison for superhuman criminals. This massive outbreak of supervillains was manipulated by the major villains into ambushing various superheroes, with varying degrees of success. In the end, the circle of villains collapsed thanks to a combination of infighting and defeats of the villains and their pawns by various heroes, primarily the Avengers. It turned out Loki had always been rankled that it was his actions that caused the Avengers to form in the first place and he was attempting to wipe them out. However, the victory would be flawed, as Doctor Doom destroyed the Avengers headquarters known as the Hydro-Base while the West Coast Avengers team suffered the double loss of Vision and Scarlet Witch, who was kidnapped by Magneto and brainwashed into reforming the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

2. What does the first J in J. Jonah Jameson’s name stand for? Had it ever been revealed?

John. John Jonah Jameson.

Here I thought it was jerkwad all these years; it’d certainly explain why he’s never used it publicly

3. Did we ever find out who hired Electro to break out the villians?  

Brainchild hired Electro BUT there very well could be more behind it than we know. It could be connected to Civil War. It could even be one of the key figures involved.

It‘s got me thinking more too now. I suppose most of us on here recall New Avengers # 1. Electro is hired by a mystery man to break out Sauron from the Raft. We learn of Captain America and his “full champion license” status with the government gives him the authority to assemble any team he requires for any given mission, so he required no approval from the authorities to reassemble the Avengers.

S.H.I.E.L.D. was in the Savage Land with an illegal Vibranium mining operation.

We learned also Raft had been stockpiling supposedly deceased super-criminals held in reserve for unknown purposes.

Now we also know this may have connections to Civil War as well. We never really found out who hired Electro to my knowledge. Is it possible this mystery figure could be the masked man in CW #5 or the guy talking to Norman in Frontline?

Could this whole thing go back to this event as well? Who’s the mystery figure in New Avengers #1 and could a lot of Civil War go back to the New Avengers formation? Of course we know it goes deeper as well and back further but it‘s just a wild theory of mine…

4. A few years ago there was a series out called the Brotherhood, written by a “Mr. X.” Did Marvel ever reveal Mr. X’s identity?   Thanks for the help!

Devin Grayson was who most think was writer X. Oh and you’re quite welcome

J G emails

Hey, thought i’d rub salt on Daron’s wound and talk more about X-3 :).

Here’s what i think: The first time i saw it, i loved it, i thought it had good drama, good storyline, good action, etc. A couple of weeks later i took my little cousin to go see it, and after second viewing, it kinda made my opinion change. For instance, Prof. X dying i can deal with, but i really thought that they should’ve kept Cyclops until the end. After all, he WAS the first X-Man, so i’d be fitting to have him lead into the final battle against Magneto’s Brotherhood, only to sacrifice himself in trying to save Jean. And on that, Angel should’ve joined, seeing as how he was in costume in almost every promo shot.

Also couldnt quite understand how Wolverine made it to the mansion in time since it appears Magneto’s base is near San Francisco. Or better yet, if it isn’t, how did they make it there in record time? Plus, the final battle, even though i really do like it, should not
only have been longer, but should’ve had alot more to it. Have Colossus and Juggernaut pummel each other for a bit before Juggs tries to go in and kill Leech, have Iceman display more of his powers (for example, when they made their entrances, he should’ve come in using his ice slide, which would show how far he has come in honing his powers) as well as extend his fight with Pyro, have Beast pull off some amazing acrobatic stuff that would put Nightcrawler’s White House attack to shame (although it was cool when he spun around the pole and knocked a few guys out). Granted, it would’ve looked like a dumb action movie, but given the high stakes and high risks involved, they should’ve REALLY hammer home the point that the Brotherhood wants to stop this “cure”, and the X-Men willing to fight valiantly and do whatever it takes to save this boy.
Basically, really frenzied, desparate, heart pounding, nail-biting action is what the final battle needed. Not saying the final battle sucked, as i mentioned I really do like it, but you could tell something was missing (which could be said through certain points in the movie)

So then, recently i rented the DVD, and after watching it a couple of times, along with the commentary, I come to find out it isn’t as bad as i thought it was. The stuff that worked really worked, and every scene is a nod to the comics. And all things considered, the
acting was well done and you can tell they gave it their all, and you can tell from interviews they’ve done that they really enjoyed making this movie. The commentaries as well, as Brett Ratner and the writers sounded like they had a good time making this film.
But the one thing that i think really hurt the movie is the time length. If given another 30-40 minutes for storyline and character development, this could’ve been one for the ages. If they did some of the stuff that i listed above, it could’ve been on par with X-2. But i did appreciate it a little more for what it is. And while it is not as good as X-2, it’s still good enough to do another trilogy, if there ever should be more. Having Sinister and Apocalypse be the main villans is a good idea, as it’ll bring a more darker, serious tone to the franchise. Me and my brother actually came up with ideas for what the sequels could
be about, but thats for another email 🙂

I think some of cut scenes should‘ve stayed in the movie. There‘s a few from the fight scene which would‘ve done exactly what you are pointing out. I mean they could‘ve kept them and added a few other things and made X-3 better but I still loved the movie and would love X-4 and X-5. I still want a HFC type story and I think Sinister should front it in X-4 with him talking about Apocalypse and bringing more characters. Apocalypse for X-5 of course. I‘d love to see your ideas. Please email them.

I personally liked a lot about X-3. I think it was a bit too scattered in terms of characterization, but any film that opens by killing my most loathed X-Man (Scott “I Suck” Summers) and continues from there can’t be grudged against. I think the Juggernaut got a bit of the short stick, considering they ignored his relationship with Charles AND his non-mutant nature, but that’s my only fanboyish complaint. In terms of effects and movie magic, Beast should’ve really been 100% CGI over Kelsey G’s voice. Frasier might have an unthinking gift for physical comedy, but his action scenes just didn’t work. And the extra scene at the end kind of ruled, really.

Deadpool987 wrote

Mister Marvel, it’s me again! I LOVE your column!

I have a question about your opinion on the following post civil war events and titles (also, let me know if most of this is just your opinion or confirmed by marvel!):

Thanks. I think I’ll make sure some more of these make my columns. I will do my best with your questions

1. Will there be a new FF after CW?

I think there will be. Just for a short while though. Maybe a year at the most.

2. WHo do YOU think will be on New Avengers?

I still say it’s Cap’s team: Cap, Spidey, Wolverine, Spider-Woman, Luke Cage, Ronin, Iron Fist, Thor (reserve), Falcon (if not dead), and Hawkeye

3. How and when do you think Thor will return?

Might be in Civil War. (maybe even the Return) Also I think the little factor D.B. Took that hammer makes me think Thor will come back through him

4. What’s the scoop on Omega Flight?

Confirmed: created by Michael Avon Oeming and Scott Kolins, the team emerges from the aftermath of Marvel’s Civil War crossover event. Roster (not confrimed): Beta Ray Bill, Guardian, Talisman, Arachne, and U.S. Agent.

5. IM’s Mighty Avengers team looks pretty tough….what does Stark know about that we don’t?

How about the return of Hulk? World War Hulk

6. Do you think Annhillation will reach earth, and if so, will this reunite our heroes?

I doubt either of them. I don’t think Annihilation will effect Civil War at all

7. Tony and Steve are like the Clark and Bruce of Marvel. Do you think, eventually, they will be able to go back to being best friends again? Part of me misses that….

They will try it at some point in Iron Man/Captain America: Casualties of War #1 but not sure they will but heck give it a year or so.

That’s all. THanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

Make Mine MisterMarvel!!!!!!!!!

Quite welcome Deadpool987. Thanks for asking.

I’m not reading CW except for T’bolts, She-Hulk, and X-Factor. Please don’t beat me. I just don’t buy the characterization/motivations for most of the leads. Only the conscripted villains in T’bolts, the conflicted yet self-centered Jen Walters, and the thinking locally X-Factor seem like themselves at all. If it brings back Hawkeye, it will have accomplished 1 great thing in my eyes.

Cory emails (because without Cory’s email the handbook is never complete)

Hey fellas, Cory’s back…with a new binder & more insightful questions, so here to ya:  

Hey Cory

1- Though I have yet to actually read it, but it’s been said that: Incredible Hulk #100 includes a 12-page backup story dealing with Mr. Fantastic’s involvement with the Thor Clone, and the repercussions of the Illuminati having exiled the Hulk into space. Besides the obvious, what are these repercussions???  

Well someone will finally find out that Hulk was sent to space. This will lead to someone going to find him and of course lead Hulk back home for World War Hulk where Hulk will turn Mr. Fantastic into a human pretzel

2- Also, in the one-shot multi-character omnibus Civil War: Choosing Sides (Feb. 2006), Howard the Duck attempts to register under the Superhero Registration Act, but learns his socially disruptive life has created bureacuratic headaches that the government’s policy is that Howard does not exist. This lack of government oversight delights him: “No more parking tickets, no taxes, no jury duty.” In this story, as well, Howard says he was pressured to give up cigars. Damn Joe Q., so are there any others that have basically no CW impact?  

How about Ant-Man in the same book. He really has no involvement

Some others:
Ghost Rider
Most all the cosmic beings
Daredevil (Matt: will be impacted later likely)
New Excalibur
The X-Men (members not in the limited)
Agents of Atlas
Hulk (off planet)
Squadron Supreme

Quite a few others not seen

3- It’s funny how all this CW mess is disrupting the heroes, but while they are having their battle royal….Dr.Doom & Red Skull are working up a sinister plan….Onslaught’s returning….NO Thor, Hulk, Scarlet Witch or Hawkeye yet. So what do you guys make of all these underlying factors?  

I think the heroes are going to have their hands full after this is all said and done. I mean the villains should take advantage while they can. Also we know the Hulk will deal with his own little revenge to. The rest will likely all be covered after the war.

4- A.P.B…what happened to the following characters: Splice (villian with blades & green-colored costume & Exodus (former leader of the Acolytes)?  

Splice: I assume you mean the Wonder Man villain. Last I saw him was way back in Wonder Man #21 when Simon kicked his butt.

Exodus: Exodus was last seen getting sucked into a black hole of sorts after leading the Brotherhood in an attack on X-mansion. He’s still powered.

5- Last week, you mentioned Black Bolt’s “Silent War”, what’s that?  

Let’s go back to Son of M. Quicksilver stole the Terrigen Crystals in an attempt to give himself back his powers, and to give back the depowered mutants from M-Day their powers. The theft led to a conflict on Genosha between the repowered mutants the Inhumans, and the U.S. Office of National Emergency. The conflict ended with the O.N.E. confiscating the Terrigen Crystals, to which Black Bolt then verbally declared war on the United States.

Jan: SON OF M told how Quicksilver stole the precious Terrigen Mists from the Inhumans and how Black Bolt retaliated by declaring war on humanity. Now that war is about to break loose as Gorgon leads a terrorist attack on New York. Old friends become deadly enemies when the Fantastic Four are forced to defend their city against the Inhumans.

6- About the Luke Cage movie, you said But I’m almost afraid of the Jessica Jones thing I’ve heard. What thing and what have you heard? On March 2005, producer Avi Arad said that the studio was interested in Jamie Foxx to portray Luke Cage but reconsidered due to Foxx’s heightened prominence with his Oscar win for Ray. At a press junket for Four Brothers in July 2005, director John Singleton said that he was interested in Tyrese Gibson portraying Luke Cage for the film, but said he had told Tyrese that the actor would need to work out to get the role. Singleton also expressed interest in casting Terrence Howard to portray the villain Diamondback. In January 2006, Tyrese, who recently completed Annapolis, said that he was working out to become massive for the role of Luke Cage. In August 2006, Tyrese said that he was not yet committed to Luke Cage.  

There’s a black woman playing Jessica. Now to me the inter racial thing is what makes that relationship work. I don’t really even think she should be in the first movie either.

7- Since rising star Terrence Howard will be playing as Jim Rhodes aka War Machine in the next Iron Man film in “08, do any of you two smell a spin-off movie? And do you guys think that since Iron Man is looking like a villain in CW, that it will affect the success of his film, if any?  

I think they might redeem Iron Man or something before the movie comes out or Civil War might even have a bigger shocking ending no one is seeing. A War Machine movie would be cool. I would go see it.

8- My top 10 list from last week & this week. Costumes: Wolverine, Cap, DD, Thor, Punisher, Moon Knight, Spider-Man. Hawkeye, Venom & Iron Man/War Machine. Cartoons:X-men (90’s) X-Men:Evolution, Spider-Man (90’s), Spider-Man (00), F4 (90’s & 00), Iron Man, The Hulk, DD?.  

Nice list. Both of them

9- Since Arachne is now captured, but she will be come a member of Omega Flight in the near future…I have a theory on how she will get out of jail. Someone will help her break out. It’s obvious, it’s either Ms. Marvel (feeling sympathy for her daughter & fighting her old friend) or Arana (Anya was deeply shaken by the ordeal and stated that if what it mean to be a hero was to seperate a mother from her child, she wanted no part of it). So what ya think? I’m also sarting to narrow down that masked man in CW#4: USAgent, The Punisher, Hawkeye, N. Fury, Maverick or Winter Soldier.  

Interesting theory. Another came to mind. What if the Omega Flight member is Arana? That’s possible as well.

Masked guy theories:

Punisher: Why? I think it could be him but he wouldn’t wear a mask. My opinion

Hawkeye: New Avengers #26 is his come back

Donald Blake: (whoever picked up that hammer) You can’t rule it out. S.H.I.E.L.D. will be after him

Fury: two eyes rule him out

Winter Soldier : eye color? Still possible though

10- I loved Wolv. #47..great ending & Ms. Marvel #8…but now what’s going on with her & Rogue?  

Rogue likely is going to fight Carol (again). Bringing back up the past of Rogue taking her powers and all. Another rematch

11- For my big debate next week I’m gonna need help from you 2.

I need the Marvel counterparts to these DCU characters (though DC vs. Marvel may help some) Note; not a battle debate!:

Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Green Arrow
Martian Manhunter
Black Canary
Captain Marvel
Black Arrow
Red Tornado
Plastic Man
Hawkman & Hawkgirl
Blue Beetle
Booster Gold
Dr. Fate
Mr. Terrific
etc..others that may cross your mind!

in order: (I can list more then 1 with some though)

Superman = Hyperion, Sentry
Batman = Nighthawk, Moon Knight
Wonder Woman = Power Princess
Flash = Quicksilver, Whizzer
Green Lantern = Nova, Doctor Spectrum
Green Arrow = Hawkeye, Golden Archer
Martian Man hunter = Skrullian Skymaster
Black Canary = Lady Lark, Black Widow
Catwoman = Elektra
Lobo = Wolverine
Aqua man =Namor
Robin =Nomad
Nightwing =Winter Soldier
Captain Marvel = Marvel version
Deadshot = Bullseye
Catman = Shroud
Super girl =She-Hulk
Red Tornado = Vision
Atom = Ant-man, Tom Thumb
Plastic Man = Shape
Hawkman =Blue Eagle
Firestorm =Nuke
Steel =Iron Man
Zatanna =Arcanna
Wildcat =Captain America
Dr. Fate = Dr Strange
Huntress = Black Cat
Booster Gold = Bishop/Cable
Mr. Terrific =Night Thrasher
Blue Beetle = Darkhawk
Black Arrow = Black Archer
Superboy = Scarlet Spider (clone thing)
Hawkgirl = Angel Salvatore. (ok this is stretching. I don’t know DC enough lol)

AH HAHA HA HA HA! I know DC! ME! Finally something to contribute…

a) Quasar is really the closest Marvel comes to GL. Hard light constructs, sentinel of space, etc.

b) There really isn’t a parallel for Lobo In Marvel. Who can think of a kill-proof bounty hunter with a bad attitude in Marvel of that power level? I honestly can’t. You’d have to amp up Deadpool’s power level to infinity to get close to the mind/body/healing of Lobo. Maybe Morg, former herald of Galactus?

c) Robin has nothing in common with Nomad except maybe being the tutor of a famous mentor. Nomad even had superpowers of a sort. Wasn’t one of the Slingers a genius kid in a suit of armor? That’d be closer. I’m trying to think of uber-smart detective kids in Marvel and I’m coming up empty.

d) Nightwing and Winter Soldier are also too different. I’d go with Daredevil as NW’s closest parallel, if only because of the acrobatics, lack of superpowers, and ties to urban areas.

e)Firestorm has nothing in common with Nuke (who was a super-soldier washout last I heard). If we’re looking for an insecure guy with matter rearranging powers in the Marvel Universe, the old reformed FF villain the Molecule Man is a perfect fit.

f) Captain America is far too multifacted to be Wildcat’s counterpart. Someone who was more pure brawler would be better, like the Destroyer or even one of the animal based heroes (the White Tiger comes to mind, as does Puma).

g) Mister T’s only clear Marvel parallel is Mister Fantastic. They’re both more or less geniuses at everything. And every other Marvel big brain (except maybe DOOM!) is too specialized to count.

h) Good call on Blue Beetle and Darkhawk, provided we’re talking about the newest Blue Beetle. Perfect pairing there; wish I’d thought of it.

New top ten of the week: Marvel Cartoons?


1. X-Men (90s)
2. Spider-Man (90s)
3. Fantastic Four (90s)
4. Ultimate Avengers
5. Hulk (90s)
6. Iron Man (90s)
7. Fantastic Four (present)
8. Spider-Man (MTV)
9. Spider-Man and Amazing Friends
10. Spider-Man (60s)

Next week: (wanted) Marvel movies

My top 5 must read Marvel comics this week:

1. New Avengers #24: The Story: CIVIL WAR TIE-IN!
New Avengers dissassembled continues!!
He has the power of a thousand exploding suns!! He has the power to end the civil war! Who’s side are you on?? More like who’s side is THE SENTRY on?? A choice is made!!! This issue ties New Avengers, House of M, Civil War and Son of M together! Be there for this very important chapter fully painted by the amazing Adi Granov! Guest-starring the Inhumans!!!

2. Captain America #23: The Story: CIVIL WAR Tie-In!
The Civil War continues to rage through Cap’s life, tearing apart every life it touches! In Part 2 of the 3-part ‘DRUMS OF WAR’ arc, we find out how the Red Skull is taking advantage of the split in the hero community to lay plans for his greatest revenge, and the Winter Soldier comes face to face with Cap once again, but which side will he choose? By Top Ten Writer Ed Brubaker and Mike Perkins.

3. Civil War: Choosing Sides One Shot

4. Daredevil #90: The Story: THE DEVIL TAKES A RIDE races into the second of five parts, as Daredevil finds himself in Paris, on the hunt for some very dangerous men… But they just might be hunting him, as well! Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark continue their scintillating team-up!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

5. Heroes for Hire #3: The Story: CIVIL WAR Tie-In!
FOUND! The HFH have tracked down CAPTAIN AMERICA and LUKE CAGE in a S.H.I.E.L.D. safe house, only to be betrayed by one of their own! MISTY KNIGHT, BLACK CAT and the rest of the gang are forced to rethink their position in the CIVIL WAR. Meanwhile, in response to the Registration Act, super-villains have found a way to gain an edge…reinventing themselves on the genetic level with transplanted Skrull organs!

Civil War update

New Avengers #24: Sentry is on the Moon thinking of Civil War and all going on when the Inhumans attack him for trespassing. We learn he and the Inhumans have teamed up in the past. Crystal stops the fight inviting Sentry to the Inhumans’ home. FHYTY an Inhuman finds the battle but no one recalls. Sentry tells them of House of M and Civil War. Sentry is asked to stay the night. We learn that he and Crystal had a little fling in the past and are about to kiss until Bob recalls his wife. Iron Man enters and says he’s taking Sentry home. The Inhumans arrive and tell him to leave and not return or bring this war to them. They will fight against it.

Civil War: Choosing Sides #1: Cape Killers show up for Gargan/Venom and he fights them off. Afterwards the Thunderbolts arrive but Gargan agrees to work for them. Ant-Man watches the fight in Fantastic Four #539 and goes to help a girl escape the attack. The girl tells the pro side of this Ant-Man and Pym contacts S.H.I.E.LD. Daredevil is lead into a trap dealing with Muggers in Hells kitchen he gets away as we find it to be Danny. We learn he promised Matt to stay Daredevil and guard it. He decides that while Civil War goes he will be Daredevil. US Agent goes to Stark Tower to meet with Tony. He assigns Agent to go to Canada to join Omega Flight. Agent storms out, later his S.H.I.E.L.D. agents turn on him in because of Purple Man. He takes Agent’s shield and tells him to jump. Agent heals up and agrees to go to Canada to get his shield. Howard the Duck goes to register but winds up in the DMV meeting a character named Mighty Bull. After finding the right location the S.H.I.E.L.D. Regional Director tell Howard he doesn’t exist and Howard gets thrown out. Howard celebrates after.

Captain America #23: Winter Soldier breaks into S.H.I.E.L.D. where he battles an LMD of Fury. Soldier is there under Fury’s orders to get information. Soldier and Fury talk about the war and how Cap is leading his group to fight for what he believes in. Soldier spots Red Skull going to visit Doom but Fury says he will handle it himself. Soldier goes back to his place setting up a holo image of D-Man which gets S.H.I.E.L.D. notice. Soldier takes them down taking a helmet which Fury will use to take down the Cape Killers all at once. In Latveria Dr. Doom meets with Red Skull about an artifact that reveals Doom traveled to the past at some time to become a ruler. Doom gives Skull a mystery device that he can use once to take advantage of Civil War.

Heroes for Hire #3: SHIELD takes Cap away after Paladin took him out. Misty starts beating Paladin up, we see Cage and Shang-Chi show up and it is revealed Cap and Paladin switched uniforms after Shang-Chi helped Cap. Cap and Cage leave and Iron Man learns of the switch. Hart Island: Veil arrives where they are working on the Skrull DNA to help the villains. We see her meet with King Size, Ferocia, Blue Streak and Flame. Baxter Building: the Heroes fir Hire meet with Reed where him and Tarantula have created goggles to help find the villains. Iron Man shows up and gives Misty hell. Misty defends herself and they are told they can tackle whoever is behind the Skrull DNA plot. We see the Heroes for Hire base destroyed by a bomb and the villains from earlier free Ricadonna.





There’s another edition of the Marvel Handbook for everyone. What you think Daron?

I think we did just fine for a pseudo-fill-in week! Keep those e-mails coming readers! We need questions to make a column!

I’m hoping for more questions or emails next week. I thought this week was kind of dead.

I agree, again. It almost was so spare I could look smart.

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4. As always your opinions on anything in the article or out on the shelves is welcome. After all you never know what type of response you will get.

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