Kurt/Joe a Go, Lance Hates on TNA Booking, New Hemme Pix & More


BREAKING NEWS: In the opening segment of tonight’s iMPACT!, TNA announced that Kurt Angle will face Samoa Joe for the first time at the November Genesis PPV. This of course keeps the two out of the #1 contender’s tournament for a shot at Sting’s title…

…something that Lance Storm rips on (along with other aspects of recent TNA booking) in his latest commentary entitled “TNA Needs Mr. Spock.” Here are some excerpts from Storm:

I have no idea if Leonard Nimoy likes wrestling, or even knows jack shit about it but I’m beginning to think he could do a better job of booking this show, than those currently doing so.

The Booby Roode hottest free agent gimmick after disbanding Team Canada was a good idea, but thus far has made no sense what so ever… After interviewing almost every great manager in the history of the business he hires Traci. What a let down. Again this is not to slight her but how she has been portrayed thus far on TV. The last I recall seeing Traci she was the girl who went to the ring with Matt Bentley and bounced. Her claim to fame was that she bounced her boobies, and she managed a guy who for the most part lost mid-card matches. If this isn’t bad enough he announces that he’s signed with his new manager and will debut her on the PPV and guess what. They aren’t on the PPV they are again on the pre-show. I guess that’s what happens when you sign with the girl who bounces. He got to choose any manger he wanted and he signed with one who could not get him booked on PPV. If that isn’t bad enough EVERY SINGLE other ‘wrestling’ member of Team Canada got booked on the PPV, including the one who got fired 2 weeks previous. That’s right the guy who lost a loser gets fired match, and was fired from the company got booked on PPV over the “Hottest Free Agent in Wrestling”. That is one sweet manager he’s got there!!!

Apparently they are doing a #1 Contenders tournament to see who gets the next title shot at Sting. Isn’t this what win lose records are for? Isn’t there a Championship committee or at least someone in TNA Management (we hear so damn much about them) who ranks people in the company? You have Joe who is Unpinned and Unsubmitted, not to mention he’s been running around with the title belt for a few weeks. You have Christian who again is Unpinned, Unsubmitted and was never really beat for the title when he last held it. There is also “Arguably the greatest wrestler alive today” Kurt Angle in the company, not to mention the former champion who should be deserving of a rematch. With all these worthy contenders at their disposal TNA management couldn’t narrow it down closer than 18 people and had to have the most non-sensical match I’ve ever heard of, to set up a tournament.

You can read the whole thing here.

In other news, PWInsider has reported that Kurt Angle appeared on the “Howard Stern Superfan Roundtable” at 7 p.m. ET tonight, and TNA has announced that he’ll be a regular on Bubba the Love Sponge’s show every Thursday.

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