Deep South Wrestling TV Report for October 15, 2006

Deep South Wrestling Television Report
Airing October 15, 2006 on Comcast Sports South
Taped October 5, 2006 in McDonough, Ga at the Deep South Arena
By Larry Goodman

Opening with a clip of the closing moments of last week’s main event between the Gymini and the Majors Brothers. Bill DeMott decided he had seen enough of Gymini’s underhanded tactics and left the announcer’s desk for a ringside confrontation with Gymini Jesse. Meanwhile, Brett hit a missile dropkick that toppled Brian on top of Jake to score the pinfall. Gymini started beating on Majors. DeMott and Sherrod abandoned the microphones before things got out of hand.

Sherrod and DeMott introduced this week’s episode. DeMott said he had seen a ’57 Chevy as he approached the building and that mean the Southern Tag Team Champions from OVW, Deuce and Domino were in the house.

The Untouchables sauntered into the locker room area occupied by High Impact. Cherry skated in. Domino did the talking.

So this is why we came to Atlanta, huh? Deep South Tag Team Champions, the best there is, High Impact, Un-believable. First things first, and this is serious, guys, alright? So WHAT’S WITH THE FREAKIN BATHING SUITS, man? I mean, c’mon, you gonna ride a way or somethin’? Where you come from, you wrestle. Where we come from, we rumble. OH!

Mike Taylor had a question of his own. He wanted to know what was up with the stupid hair and leather jackets. Tony Santarelli wanted to know about the girl. Untouchables got all hot and bothered about that. Domino said Cherry was his sister. Lots of yelling an finger point by Untouchables on their way out. High Impact acted unimpressed.

We saw a brief clip of the aftermath of Freakin Deacon’s latest squash victory where he wheeled the Bag Lady (Melissa Coates) out of the building in a shopping cart.

(1) Freakin Deacon beat Hannibal in :50 with the Deacon Bomb. As the bell sounded, Hannibal leveled Deacon with a lariat. As the two men pummeled each other, the camera cut to the Bag Lady at ringside leading the cheers for her man. Deacon decked Hannibal with a haymaker. Deacon busted Hannibal’s head open the hard way with a stiff corner lariat. Deacon used a sitout chokebomb (tree slam) to score the pinfall.

Once again, Deacon loaded the Bag Lady into what Sherrod hilariously referred to as “the Limousine of Love” and exited through the front door of the DSW Arena.

Nick Patrick, Theodore R. Long and DSW Events Coordinator Sara Murnan talked up the idea of using a DSW live event as a fundraiser and plugged the DSW training school.

A backstage promo by Bradley Jay was up next. Jay said that he had come to the realization of the cold reality that as the DSW champion, he had no friends of allies.

Where I was once the hunter. I am now the hunted. Well I say bring it on. Make me better than I am. You want a shot this? You want this title? Come and get it.

Cut to a backstage promo by Montel Vontavious Porter. MVP was impressed by Jay knowing that wearing the belt (oops) title around his waist was like wearing a bull’s eye on his chest.

It’s cool how you turn it around, and rather than let them come at you, you issue the challenges to them. You’re a fighting champion, and I respect that. But for some reason, three letters have never passed from your lips. You have never, ever issued a challenge to M-V-P. I wonder why that is, Bradley Jay?

(2) “Queen Diva” Angel Williams & “Carolina’s Highness” Krissy Vaine beat Shantelle & Tracy Taylor via DQ at 2:36. Taylor opened with a single leg takedown on Williams, who scrambled to safety in the heel corner. Sherrod pointed out that this was a rematch from last week when Williams pinned Tracy by using her tights. Williams shoulder blocked Tracy on the break and tagged out. Vaine choked Tracy on the ropes. While Vaine distracted ref Scrappy McGowan, Williams to use her knee brace on Tracy. Tracy connected with an enzuigiri and made the tag. Shantelle scored with a knockdown lariat and a flying headscissors on Vaine. Williams tagged in. Shantelle greeted her with a back elbow. Shantelle fought off Vaine’s interference and got the tag. Shantelle and Tracy did stereo dropkicks. The babyface Divas tried to whip the heels into each other, but Vaine speared Shantelle. Williams had Tracy pinned with a handful of her short shorts, but McGowan saw it. Williams griped. Tracy rolled Williams up for the clean pinfall.

Matt Striker showed up. He unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a ref shirt underneath. Striker said he was in charge and told McGowan to hit the road. In his unique and revoltingly obnoxious way, Striker disqualified Tracy, claiming she used Williams’ tights for extra leverage. Mike Taylor hit the ring. Striker then suspended Tracy and banned her from the building due to Mike’s interference. Tracy was irate. Striker retreated to the ramp where he raised the hands of Williams and Vaine.

(3) The Untouchables (Deuce Shade & Dice Domino with Cherry) beat High Impact (Tony Santarelli & Mike Taylor) to win the DSW tag team titles in 6:55. DeMott said this was an unprecedented meeting between OVW champions and the DSW champions. Mike and Deuce opened by hitting the ropes and criss-crossing the ring. Deuce dumped Mike and played to the camera. Unbeknownst to Deuce, Mike had landed on his feet. Mike rudely tossed Deuce out. The Untouchables were in an uproar. Santarelli brought Deuce back in the hardway and covered for a two count. DeMott speculated about the effect of Tracy’s absence on High Impact. Santarelli scored another near fall on Deuce with a high crossbody. Deuce distracted Nick Patrick, allowing Domino to snap Santarelli’s throat off the top rope. Untouchables cut the ring in half and used double team tactics against Santarelli. Santarelli fought back with a trio of uppercut forearms. Santarelli dumped Deuce to the apron, but Deuce grabbed Santarelli, first by his Mohawk and then by his pants, to prevent a tag. Santarelli kicked Domino off and made the hot tag. Mike was on fire. Mike did a high Beel throw on Deuce and hit a flapjack on Domino. Untouchables had a meeting of the minds. Mike sent Domino flying into Dice. Mike had Domino pinned but Cherry was up to distract Patrick. Mike ducked a lariat from Domino and Patrick got laid out instead. Mike hit a leg lariat on Domino but no ref to count. Striker came to ringside. Four-way action ensued. Mike hit the Wipeout on Domino. Patrick started to count but Striker pulled him out of the ring. Striker refused to count because Mike had a handful of Domino’s pants. Mike grabbed Striker. Deuce clocked Mike with one of Cherry’s skates. Domino covered and Striker made the three count. DeMott went nuts. Untouchables celebrated with all four belts. DeMott said it was history in the making, but it was bad history.

The Inside Pulse
Closing Thoughts: They packed about as much story as humanly possible into this episode. That meant just 10 minutes worth of actual wrestling, but you can’t have it both ways with a half hour show, and the path they’ve chosen is clearly the lesser of the evils. With such a limited amount of time, there’s no way to give adequate time to the major storylines and also build interest in the undercard talent”¦The Untouchables/High Impact vignette and the Jay/MVP promos were refreshing changes from the overused formula of backstage promo-intro-backstage promo-match”¦The shenanigans involving Striker and the pulling-the-tights motif made him public enemy number one in Deep South”¦The Divas match was OK for the intended purpose”¦The title change wasn’t great wrestling by any means, but the twists and turns leading to the finish made for a fun match”¦Domino is an entertaining character, much better on the mic than he is in the ring”¦Matches that did not air due to time constraints: An Oleg Prudius squash and Majors Brothers over Francisco Ciatso & David Heath.