Reality Dish Presents Yo Momma Week – Monday

Yo Momma Week continues here on Reality Dish. Tonight is the premiere episode for the Canadians on MTV Canada at 5:30 p.m. ET/PT. I have already seen the episode, as all Americans who watch the show have. So today I will be previewing it for you. I won’t give major details away, though.

The first episode of the second season takes place in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Actually, all this week will take place in Brooklyn. The first episode featured trashtalkers from Bed-Stuy vs. trashtalkers from Brooklyn Heights. Sam went to Bed-Stuy and Jason went to Brooklyn Heights. Two winners were picked from this two different “hoods”. Later, Wilmer will go to each person’s house and find dirt on them with their opponent. The interesting twist this season is that there will be a part of the final round where the finalists HAVE to use the stuff they found and they actually get to take something from the other person’s house to the battle with them. Consider it ammo for some of their final rhymes.

I wil give you a sample of jokes right here. Well, what I can write at least. Some of this stuff I can’t write. Jokes featured on this episode include “Yo Momma is so skinny, because she likes hitting balls with her head!”, “This dude is so short, he uses a condom for a sleeping bag!”, “Yo Momma is so poor, she buys the Roca and then the Wear!”, “There is no much difference between Yo Momma and computers, they both carry a lot of viruses!”, “There are some things money can’t buy, but for everything else there is Yo Momma!”, among others I won’t spoil.

You will also notice that there is a lot of booing towards certain people, who made it past the first round. That’s always funny. So you can look forward to that and everything else that I haven’t mentioned. I will have a full review of the first episode as while as a preview of the rest of the week tomorrow!

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