White Jazz to be directed by a "narc"

Source: CHUD

Narc director Joe Carnahan (and his Spring 2007 release Smokin’ Aces) will direct a big screen version of James Ellroy’s White Jazz

“The film I’m doing next is ‘White Jazz,’ the sequel to L.A. Confidential,” Carnahan said. “My brother and I wrote the adaptation.”

Jazz is the final volume of “The L.A. Quartet,” — Ellroy’s fictional alternative history of the City of Angels circa the 1940s and ’50s. The synopsis from the dust jacket reads:

Los Angeles, 1958. Killings, beatings, bribes, shakedowns–it’s standard procedure for Lieutenant Dave Klein, LAPD. He’s a slumlord, a bagman, an enforcer–a power in his own small corner of hell. Then the Feds announce a full-out investigation into local police corruption, and everything goes haywire.

Klein’s been hung out as bait, “a bad cop to draw the heat,” and the heat’s coming from all sides: from local politicians, from LAPD brass, from racketeers and drug kingpins–all of them hell-bent on keeping their own secrets hidden. For Klein, “forty-two and going on dead,” it’s dues time.

Klein tells his own story–his voice clipped, sharp, often as brutal as the events he’s describing–taking us with him on a journey through a world shaped by monstrous ambition, avarice, and perversion. It’s a world he created, but now he’ll do anything to get out of it alive.

Fierce, riveting, and honed to a razor edge, White Jazz is crime fiction at its most shattering.

White Jazz may not be Carnahan’s next film, reports CHUD. He’s also considering doing a remake of the Preminger film Bunny Lake is Missing.