Se7en Prequel In The Works


Word out of New Line Cinema is that the masterful film Se7en from 1994 will now be getting a prequel.

Se7en portrayed two cops, one a transfer (Brad Pitt) and a soon to be retiree (Morgan Freeman) on the case of a serial killer picking his victims according to the seven deadly sins. If you haven’t seen it by now, I’m sorry but”¦the masterful villain is played by Kevin Spacey in one of his shortest amounts of time on screen in a film.

So far just an idea, an outline, of what the film should be about is all that is out there. This outline is being sent out to writers under the code name of “Virtue,” but obviously this secret wasn’t kept very well under wraps.

The prequel will in turn be a stand alone film the entire way through until near the finale you realize you are being led right into the beginning of Se7en.

Nothing at all is set in stone, but this does appear to be totally true. Of course things are always subject to change and more to be announced”¦so stay with us for more to come.