CSI: NY – The Complete Second Season – DVD Review

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Creators/Executive Producers:
Anthony E. Zuiker, Ann Donahue, Carol Mendelsohn and Jerry Bruckheimer

Gary Sinise ………. Detective Mac Taylor
Melina Kanakaredes ………. Detective Stella Bonasera
Carmine Giovinazzo ………. Detective Danny Messer
Anna Belknap ………. Detective Lindsay Monroe
Vanessa Ferlito ………. Detective Aiden Burn
Hill Harper ………. Doctor Sheldon Hawkes
Eddie Cahill ………. Detective Don Flack
A.J. Buckley ………. Adam Ross
Robert Joy ………. Doctor Sid Hammerback
Sonya Walger ………. Jane Parsons
John Dove ………. Detective Scagnetti
Kelly Hu ………. Detective Kaile Maka
Jonah Lotan ………. Doctor Marty Pino
Ron Yuan ………. Doctor Evan Zao

The Show:
There are three of these CSI shows on the telly right now, so you should know the format at this point – there one or two crime scenes, and a forensics unit is sent in to determine how the deaths occurred and who was responsible.

This particular CSI involves a New York crime lab headed by Detective Mac Taylor, a former Marine who lost his wife during 9/11. He’s aided by a team of detectives and two new additions to his field team – Doctor Sheldon Hawkes, who was the lead Medical Examiner last season, and Lindsay Monroe, a new hire from Montana.

There are a couple of ongoing subplots this season, but as is with the case with all the Bruckheimer procedurals it’s not a big focus. We do get a few surprises over the course of the season, and even a real crossover with the pretty people (and one creepy redhead) working in Miami.

With that, here are the episodes…


Disc One:

201 “Summer in the City”
A freestyle climber dies while ascending the Empire State Building, and it leads to the discovery of a murder within the building. Easy stuff for ME-turned-rookie investigator Sheldon Hawkes. Meanwhile, Messer and Bonasera investigate the apparent murder of a man – wearing a rhinestone bra. And Aiden reopens an old case involving D.J. Pratt, a man accused of rape but never proven guilty.

202 “Grand Murder at Central Station”
A doctor is murdered in the middle of busy Grand Central Station, and the number of suspects range in the thousands. Messer and Bonasera investigate the murder of a woman who appears to have been garroted. Aiden takes a risk in the Pratt investigation, with surprising results.

203 “Zoo York”
After the events of the previous episode, we’re introduced to Lindsay Monroe, a detective from Montana that somehow got on Mac’s radar as a potential hire. Her first case – a man who appears to have been mauled by a tiger. Hawkes and Bonasera investigate the death of a girl after the Debutante’s Ball.

204 “Corporate Warriors”
During the Feast of San Gennaro, a man stumbles around as if drunk, leading to a death via beatdown by the vendors. Mac and Monroe (notice Mac dumps Hawkes as a partner once the cute chick comes aboard) investigate a CFO who was beheaded Highlander-style. And Hawkes and Flack look for the cause of death for a 10-year old inside an apartment.

Disc Two:

205 “Dancing With the Fishes”
An apparent suicide of a dancer from an overpass appears to be related to a homicide from a tram. Hawkes and Messer investigate what looks to be a dumped body that smells like fish. We’re also introduced to Dr. Sid, who becomes more or less the regular ME on the show.

206 “Youngblood”
A real estate mogul is murdered on his way up to his penthouse with a highly unusal firearm, and the sole witness is a young woman who listens to show tunes. Hawkes and Bonasera investigate a victim found in the lake at Central Park.

207 “Manhattan Manhunt”
Guest Star: David Caruso as Lieutenant Horatio Caine, Michael Gross (Family Ties) as Tom Endecott and James Badge Dale as Henry Darius
A self-contained story that continues from CSI: Miami‘s “Felony Flight”, escaped serial killer Henry Darius has come to New York for revenge (and money), and hot on his trail is Horatio Caine (Who made a promise to an eight-year old boy. You have to wonder about Horatio’s thing with kids sometimes.), who teams up with Mac and his team to track him down.

208 “Bad Beat”
A man is killed during a private high-stakes poker game, and the prime suspect is a man caught cheating during the game.

Disc Three:

209 “City of the Dolls”
A chance entry into a doll shop reveals a store owner with a literal death grip on a doll with a secret. Hawkes and Bonasera investigate an apparent overdose suicide that doesn’t quite add up, and might be bigger than they originally thought.

210 “Jamalot”
During a roller derby match, one of the feature skaters (Named “She Hate Me”. Real timely, guys) is killed. But was it the result of a melee, or was it due to something more sinister? Hawkes and Messer investigate a victim left in a dumpster with words written all over his body.

211 “Trapped”
After an oil KY Jelly wrestling bout, the female wrestler is found dead on a spotlight outside the club. Messer and Bonasera investigate the death of “the Howard Hughes of the computer world”, and Danny gets caught in a panic room – along with the body.

The commentary is worth a listen, as the writer and director go on about girl playing the lube wrestler.

212 “Wasted”
A fashion show turns into a crime scene after a model dies after a blow to the head… or was it due to some toxic body paint? Meanwhile, a man comes to Flack’s desk confessing to the murder of a doctor who uses leeches in her treatments. Needless to say, Flack and Bonasera are just a wee bit suspicious.

Disc Four:

213 “Risk”
Guest Star: John Billingsley (Star Trek: Enterprise) as Cecil Arthur
Danny’s taking the subway home when he sees a man on the tracks. He’s dead, and apparently it has something to do with subway surfing. Flack and Bonsera investigate the death of a notorious commodities trader.

214 “Stuck on You”
An art exhibition that Stella attends results in one death and one major injury via bow and arrow. Messer and Munroe investigate the death of a music promoter.

215 “Fare Game”
Guest Star: Wayne “Newman” Knight as Truman Bosch
An ADA dies visiting the grave of a man who he doesn’t seem to have any connection to, and it appears to have been part of a game turned deadly. Hawkes, Maka and Messer investigate the death of a woman who appears to have been blindfolded, tied up, and killed after sex.

216 “Cool Hunter”
A doorwoman is found dead in a New York water tower. Hawkes and Bonasera investigate the death of a man found in Washington Heights, who appears to have been stalking a woman.

Disc Five:

217 “Necrophilia Americana”
A body of a member of an influential family found in the American Museum of Natural History, and the sole witness has ties to a potential suspect. Messer and investigate the murder of a man who was killed due to asphyxiation.

218 “Live or Let Die”
Guest Star: Joel Gretsch (The 4400) as Doctor Keith Beaumont
A medical helicopter is hijacked for the vital organ onboard, leaving an intern dead and pilot seriously injured. Monroe and Bonasera investigate the death of a woman who was into anonymous phone sex.

219 “Super Men”
A mental patient who fancies himself a superhero is found dead the night of the football draft. Meanwhile, a surprise first-round pick is found dead in his hotel room.

220 “Run Silent, Run Deep”
Guest Star: Jonathan Penner (Survivor: Cook Islands) as Newt Glick
A man confesses to a murder and disposal of a body at Giants Stadium, then kills himself. Could it be that the urban legend of Jimmy Hoffa is true? Mac works with New Jersey CSI’s to discover the truth, which points to a group called the Tanglewood Boys – and Danny. And Bonasera discovers something shocking about her boyfriend.

Disc Six:

221 “All Access”
Guest Star: Kid Rock as himself
A limo driver is found dead outside of a Kid Rock concert, and one of the prime suspects is Kid Rock. Bonasera is found in her apartment, beaten, and her boyfriend Frankie, dead.

222 “Stealing Home”
A woman dressed as a mermaid is found in the East River. Meanwhile, a man is found dead outside his home, and his wives are very upset about it.

233 “Heroes”
Mac and Messer investigate the murder of a Marine during Fleet Week. Hawkes, Bonasera and Monroe investigate a murder that is linked to D.J. Pratt – and former colleague Aiden Burn.

224 “Charge of This Post”
Someone is using cellphones to set off bombs, causing Flack to be critically injured and Mac to have flashbacks to his Marine days in Beirut.

The DVD:

(Presented in Widescreen Format Enhanced for 16:9 TVs)

(Dolby Digital: English 5.1 Surround, Spanish 2.0 Surround)
There are better ways to listen to “Baba O’Riley”. But it’s better than listening to Ryan Star butcher it.

Special Features:
Top of the Heap: The Cast and Crew Look at Season 2 – Basically a look at the changes with the second season.

A New Look From the 35th Floor – CSI: NY Set Tour – Anthony Zuiker gives us a tour of the new set of CSI: NY.

Rolling With “Jamalot” – A look at the episode and roller derby. Interesting that they actually built a banked track for this episode.

Behind the Scenes: “Heroes” – A look at the episode that brings Vanessa Ferlito back to the show. There are some spoilers here, as the feature is on Disc 5 and the episode is on Disc 6.

Season 2 Ends With a Bang – A quick look at the season finale, “Charge of This Post”

Audio Commentaries:
– “Summer in the City” – (David Von Ancken and Bill Zabala)
– “Grand Murder at Central Station” – (Scott Lautanen and Zachary Reiter)
– “Manhattan Manhunt” – (Anthony E. Zuiker and Elizabeth Devine)
– “Bad Beat” – (Zachary Reiter and Duane Clark)
– “Trapped” – (Peter M. Lenkov and James Whitmore, Jr.)

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