What's Playing 11/03/06

Thanksgiving and Christmas time is approaching and so are the holiday movies and big time feature films, but the calm before the storm is still riding slow this week. Although slow, there still is some humor, some crass, and some Santa to go see.

Wide Release

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan – Starring Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat who is sent to the United States to report on the “greatest country in the world.” He takes a camera crew to the U.S. to explore all there is to experience and to tell everyone about Kazakhstan”¦and maybe marry Pamela Anderson. A little unaware and a little crass, Borat doesn’t bite his tongue when it comes to telling people what he’s thinking.

IP’s own Scott “Kubryk” Sawitz got into an advance screening of the film. Look for his review early Friday to see what he thought of Sasha Baron Cohen’s starring vehicle.

Flushed Away – Hugh Jackman, Jean Reno, Ian McKellen, Kate Winslet, and many more lend their voices to a tale about an uptown rat and country rat who change places. Sid, the country rat, makes his way up to Roddy’s uptown flat and decides he’s there to stay. Roddy ends up getting flushed down into Ratropolis where life is going to be very different for him.

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause – Tim Allen and Eric Lloyd return and Martin Short joins in for the third film in the holiday series. Jack Frost has come to take over Christmas and replace Santa Claus. Santa is forced between a rock and a hard place trying to keep his family happy and also keep his job.

Limited Release

Unknown – James Caviezel and Greg Kinnear star in this thriller about trust and fear. Five men wake up in a lock-down warehouse with no memory of who they are or why they’re there. Without much to go on and their lives at stake, they must figure out who to trust and who to dispose of.

Volver – Starring Penélope Cruz and Carmen Maura. A story of women generations apart who gather together in the shop of an illegal hairdresser who’s shop is the social gathering for all their gossip.

Babel which opened on October 27 is expanding to about thirty more theatres.