Deep South Wrestling TV Report for October 29, 2006

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Deep South Wrestling Television Report
Airing October 29, 2006 on Comcast Sports South
Taped October 19, 2006 in McDonough, Ga at the Deep South Arena
By Larry Goodman

Sherrod and DeMott opened the show with news about the new general manager of Deep South (Krissy Vaine), her newly-appointed troubleshooter (Ryan O’Reilly returning from suspension) and the new tag team champions, the Majors Brothers. Sherrod said Vaine’s first act as GM was to order a title defense by the Untouchables.

Cut to the finish of last week’s main event. Untouchables and Majors Brothers had a four-way noggin knocker while perched on the ropes. Refs Nick Patrick and Matt Striker made simultaneous three counts on
Deuce Shade and Brett Majors. Confusion reigned. Patrick ordered a restart. The Majors dropkicked Striker into the Untouchables, allowing Majors to hit the Long Island Express for the pin on Shade.

Cut to postmatch footage in which Striker laid Patrick out with a wicked tombstone piledriver.

DeMott said they would get back to the situation between Striker and Patrick, but the immediate issue was Bradley Jay defending the DSW Heavyweight Title against Tony Santarelli.

We saw backstage reporter Luscious quizzing Vaine and O’Reilly about their new roles. They were in the office formerly occupied by Palmer Canon. Snooty Vaine said her mission was to bring the most competitive matches to DSW, and she planned to handpick the opponents for all title matches. O’Reilly described his role as something akin to being Vaine’s pro wrestling genie. Her wish was his command.

(Commercial break)

O’Reilly was washing his hands in the bathroom and looked into the mirror to find Derrick Neikirk breathing down his neck. Niekirk told O’Reilly that he needed to follow through on their agreement unless he wanted Neikirk let the cat out of the bag. O’Reilly looked remorseful. O’Reilly said he had made a bad mistake and wanted out Neikirk said no way. “Just because you decide to grow a conscience and wanna do the right thing, doesn’t mean I’m going to put my career on hold. You’re going to do exactly what I say. Do you understand me?” O’Reilly bowed up. “Don’t you ever, EVER threaten me. Do you understand me?”

Cut to Luscious outside the dressing room of Bradley Jay. Angel Williams approached Luscious to give her the lowdown on how Vaine became the GM. Williams claimed that Assassin first talked to her about the position, and she made the mistake of mentioning it to Krissy, her so-called friend. Williams made the not so subtle suggestion that Vaine had performed a sexual favor with Assassin to get the job. Luscious was agape with astonishment.

As the Headliners entered the ring, DeMott recapped the O’Reilly/Neikirk segment and said that in the coming weeks, we would find out what Neikirk had on O’Reilly.

Prematch backstage promo by Urban Assault. Cocky Siaki was enraged at the way the tag team titles were being passed around like they were nothing. Siaki said they were back at square one, still the number one contenders. Eric Perez broke it down simple for Majors Brothers. “You guys are done, son.”

(1) Urban Assault (Cocky Siaki & Eric Perez with G-Rilla) beat the Headliners (Chris Thomas & Sean Shultz) in 5:33. UA didn’t wait for the bell to launch their fiendish attack on Headliners. Thomas ducked a Perez lariat and went through the legs. Thomas caught Perez with a pair of lariats. Shultz tagged. It was only a matter of seconds before Siaki clotheslined Shultz behind the back of ref John Cone. UA isolated Shultz in their corner. While UA gave Shultz a ferocious beating, the commentary focused on Williams allegations about Vaine and Assassin. Shultz fought his way out of the corner only to get cut off by Siaki with “the best powerslam in wrestling, Nigel.” Thomas made the save. Siaki hiptossed Perez onto Shultz. Perez covered for a two count. Shultz escaped from a Siaki suplex to make the tag. Thomas cleaned house. Thomas hit the Double Shot on Perez for a near fall. G-Rilla tripped up Thomas. UA hit their finisher, a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo, and Perez pinned Thomas.

(Commercial break)

“When one door closes, another door opens.” Santarelli said he and Mike Taylor had been the most dominant tag team in Deep South, but it was time to take the next step. Santarelli was psyched about the chance at becoming the only wrestler in DSW history to have held a share of the tag titles and the heavyweight championship. “I’m coming at you the same way I came into High Impact. And that’s with no regrets and no fear.”

Luscious caught up with Jay to get his take on his match against Santarelli. Jay didn’t look happy but he acquiesced. Jay said he felt confident, cool and calculating. Jay said he thrived on competition. “Tony Santarelli, this is all business.”

(2) Bradley Jay beat Tony Santarelli with the Second City Slam to retain the DSW Heavyweight Title at 8:59. Chants of “Tony” prior to the opening bell. The announce team questioned the random choice of Santarelli for the title shot. Sherrod said DSW was unpredictable with Vaine as the new GM. Santarelli threw a couple of Muay Thai knees and locked in a snug cravate. At two minutes in, Santarelli leapfrogged Jay and got nailed with a clothesline. Jay grounded Santarelli. Coming out of the commercial break, Jay started going for pin attempts. A variety of choke maneuvers left Santarelli with a serious mobility impairment. Jay threw some Muay Thai knees from the clinch and then buried a knee in Santarelli’s neck for a near fall. DeMott said Santarelli was glassy-eyed. Jay punished Santarelli with elbows and knee to the head. DeMott said Jay’s zone was from the shoulders up. When Santarelli kicked out of the pin attempt, Jay pounded the mat in frustration. Santarelli connected with a last-gasp kick that almost caught Jay low. Jay slammed Santarelli’s head into the turnbuckle and punched him in the face. Santarelli kicked out of another pin attempt. Jay took it back to the mat. Both men down after a mid ring collision. They came to their feet trading big blows, and DeMott was loving it. Santarelli hit an atomic drop. Santarelli ate the turnbuckle when Jay stepped aside. Jay went to the top rope. Dumb move by the champ. Santarelli was waiting with a shot the breadbasket that sparked the comeback. Santarelli hit a spinkick for a near fall. Santarelli decked Jay with a leg kick/enzuigiri combo. DeMott said we had a new champion but Jay kicked out. Santarelli went for an O’Connor roll. Jay reversed it and pulled the tights, but ref Scrappy McGowan caught him. Jay griped at McGowan. Santarelli schoolboyed Jay for another near fall. Santarelli tried for a backslide. Jay countered with his signature move, the rolling fireman’s carry slam, for the 1-2-3.

Sherrod and DeMott closed out the show. DeMott vowed to get to the bottom of the pact between O’Reilly and Niekirk. Next week: The Majors Brothers make their first title defense.

The Inside Pulse
Closing Thoughts: DSW hasn’t been this much fun since the Palmer Canon era. A tryst involving Vaine and Assassin? What is the secret pact between Neikirk and O’Reilly? Will Urban Assault ever get the tag team titles? The promos and vignettes have definitely been upgraded…UA went over strong on Headliners. Chris Thomas of the Headliners is Chris Michaels, the Nashville veteran that had a spot with OVW from 2000-2003. I guess there’s only room for one Michaels in WWE. Thomas/Michaels is an excellent worker when the spirit moves him, and he looked fine here”¦The combination of Jay’s stiff, grind-it-out offense and Santarelli’s selling worked for me, although it’s a style that of match that’s seems better suited to ROH than WWE”¦The new name for Jay’s finisher eliminates confusion with the barrel roll move he was using. Now, they just need a name for Urban Assault’s finisher”¦Matches that did not air included Daniel Rodimer’s losing his first match to Mike Taylor (with Tracy Taylor), Gymini over Jake Hagar & Heath Miller and a G-Rilla squash that involved an appearance by the Bag Lady (Melissa Coates).