Make Movement: Some Wrestling Speak, Mostly Not


Could the WWE be any worse right now? I’m not sure, it’s been a rough 48 hours. Watching Cyber Sunday was close to being a painful experience that I put down money to see, and RAW was WORSE for free. It’s hard to defend a product when you wonder if they have really thought things through. I saw a random letter this morning saying how a viewer couldn’t believe Creative allowed that episode last night to air. I couldn’t agree more and wish I could forget it even aired. What’s the point of the Coach kissing Eric Bischoff’s ass after getting embarrassed last week? Maria getting destroyed for no reason, after taking a good bump from Umaga that most men shouldn’t even take, let alone a woman Maria’s size, finally gets rescued by John Cena who cut a better than average John Cena promo, to tell us how we all felt, that RAW sucks. I didn’t even want to really write about wrestling this morning, how could I? Eric Bischoff throws his power around after no major surprise on the PPV (another disappointment to see no swerve), giving match after match of screw jobs or screwed up stipulations, as the crowd sat in silence and shock most of the time. Imagine the thoughts that were floating in and out of minds last night:

Yes, I really paid for these seats, doesn’t that beer watching the Seahawks/Raiders game seem like a good idea right now?

No DX and John Cena, supposedly, of course they are going to show up. Who hasn’t seen this booking before? Anything to save us from this sh*t.

Does Vince McMahon think we’re stupid?

Wow, this is bullsh*t.

I’m so glad Piper kept his shirt on tonight.

DX saves the day but I still feel like I wasted my Monday night.

If the WWE doesn’t seriously get their act together, they are going to have a low buyrate for Survivor Series. How could they put on a show that was so bad so close to a major pay per view? It’s making TNA look like the superior brand, and it’s yet another reason why WWE needs head-to-head competition to make them fresh again.

So enough about wrestling. For this week, I’m going to write about other things that you can check out since McMahon is bound and determined to put out a less than good product.

The movie, Come Early Morning with Ashley Judd comes out on Friday. It is written and directed by Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy) and looks like one of Ashley’s strongest films to date. It’s only opening in select theaters, so I hope it will expand to more theaters as the exposure is more than sending e-mails out (Joey’s joke this morning on CBS’s The Early Show). Check out the trailer here:

Musically, I’m hooked on my good friends, ilyAIMY (I Love You and I Miss You) from Baltimore, Maryland. They are alternative/acoustic/neo rock/folk, a little mix of everything full of talent, wit and sex appeal, I urge you to give them a try. They full of amazing energy live that translates very well on the fifth circle, their latest album. My personal favorite song is “Counting” – which you can hear on their MySpace at

I currently have checked out from Blockbuster to finish watching this week, is season three of The L Word on DVD. I saw most of the season but missed a episode here and there, and really, I can’t get enough of Katherine Moennig as the sexy, mysterious Shane and the wit of Leisha Hailey’s character, Alice. I guess if I were two characters, I’d be a fluid of these two (and a little bit of Mickie James for good measure). Enjoy some Balderdash with the cast of the L Word (adult content, blah blah blah, if you’re sensitive to that, why are you reading my column?).

So now that I’ve corrupted you, have a great week and let’s hope next week’s wrestling is better. Always remember, for things to change, you have to make movement. Thanks for reading and for all the feedback, feel free to contact me anytime at