A Widro Quickie – A Helpful Hint to Enjoy Wrestling, in Times of Despair and Modern Technology


Hello everybody. I’m FLEA. I’m new around here – to Version 3 anyway, but at least I have archives. I see that crowing Liberal f*ck Eric S. changed his name overnight to “Sir”; Goddamn if people happen to click on MY typing in a masturbatory effort to read words you have to look up in a thesaurus. “portmanteau”. Eat Me. And I hope George McGovern reads your column and has a heart attack. At least BOSS 1) not only separated your name from mine, but 2) he archived you columns to get the “Opinions, etc” in one spot – and the wrestling – well, the normal column – in another.

Now, if Our Heroes would figure out – “hey, cut the politics out of the regular column (cause it’s already there in another spot – GRUT!) and let…you know what I mean. Version 3 appears to be working. And this Borat craze has made it kosher to blame the Jews for making us miserable, so as the old saying goes – they’ll fall for it “Hook, Line and Nigger”. Hey Scots! Welcome back. In a couple more years, your kid will be old enough to make you a SUCKER for Mickey Mouse! Come on down – women and Children to Disney and we can drink, come up with 146 reasons that Hyatte is a cocksucker (me first) and gamble. Things I’m good at

Sir Eric, drop me a line

And now – something to contribute

wait a second – whoever is in charge here – don’t pick a teaser out of the middle of the column. Please. The teaser is above the intro – underneath the title. If your really anal about it – here you go again

“Not a Guide to Life – or Cooking, but something that will get you through the hard times. Grazi, FLEA”



If you’re down and out – too bad for you. Two things you must have – High Definition TV and a DVD Player* If not, try it anyway. But this works best with the aforementioned luxuries

Pick a match. I like to choose one of my favorites and something common – like anything else


CLICK SLOW MOTION (1/8th speed) *(!)

* FLEA NOTE: look….work with me here. Your technology and mine probably ain’t the same – the chance for feedback is coming soon, so don’t be a jerk and tell me it didn’t work. I know

The point is – watch the f*cking match(es) as slow as you can and at the best quality for slow-mo

Tell me what happens!



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