TNA News Bits: Lax Adding a Member & More


– Initial buyrate estimates for Bound For Glory are between 45,000 and 50,000 domestic. The final number will be the highest in company history.

– The next “on location” PPV will likely be in January or February. Chicago is still a likely contender but another location mentioned is a border town such as Hidalgo.

– TNA is considering bringing in Bob Sapp now. No formal offer has been made and this is little more than conjecture at the moment but Sapp is said to be considering TNA as well. Obviously money will be a big issue in negotiations.

– Kevin Nash has been telling people he is currently working on only a handshake deal after promising Jeff Jarrett he wouldn’t go back to WWE.

– The new Raven’s Flock, including Bentley and Kazarian, will be called The Movement. So Cal Val is also likely to join as Raven’s girlfriend.

– Senshi is finally scheduled to join LAX after months of Konnan lobbying for his inclusion. It seems that he was finally able to convince Vince Russo, who is friends with Konnan.

– Christy Hemme lost a tooth whilst filming the LAX flag-burning skit for the recent primetime special. It was loosened a while ago in her wrestling training.

– Psicosis will be working for AAA after being fired from WWE. He wants to work in TNA but they have not yet shown an interest.

– Goldberg has signed a deal to host a new Spike TV show called Bullrun, starting next spring. It will be a competition featuring twelve teams of two race car drivers using their own vehicles to race across the country. There may be some cross-promotion with TNA but nothing has been sorted yet.

Credit: Wrestling Observer newsletter (click here for subscription information)