Ultimate Marvel Handbook #189

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Howdy all. Before we get to the column this week I have a quick announcement. As many of you know, during the day I slave away for the man as a manager for a major retail company. As we’re heading into the Holiday Season here my free time is becoming completely nonexistent (hence why there was no column last week – sorry about that by the way). So anyway, to be fair to you all (and Jim), I’m going to take a short sabbatical from the Handbook and let Kevin, and maybe another guest editor, fill in for me.

It sucks that it’s come to this, but I feel bad that there wasn’t a column last week, and based on the way this week’s going there wouldn’t be one with me again. I’ll try and check in each week and stay on top of everything.

Thanks everyone, and make sure to keep those emails coming.

Jim, Kevin, you’re on”¦

Actually, it’s the Marvel milquetoaste, Kevin Sean, stepping in for Daron until probably the end of the year. He’s a busy Overlord, what with government overthows, fixing stock markets, ruining Chistmas, you know. I’ll do my best to keep pace regardless.

oh interesting ok. Hey Kev what‘s up with you?

Not much. The movie scene is really kicking back into high gear; between Casino Royale, Borat, and The Departed I’m a pretty busy bee myself. But if the Handbook needs a co-conspirator, I’m there!

Cool beans I look forward to working with you for awhile.

Michael emails

Hi Jim and Daron,

Long time reader who finally came up with some hopefully decent questions worthy of your expertise.

Cool beans

a) I’m curious about the origins of Shield and Hydra? Who were there initial adversaries (possibly each other but I think Hydra could be tied to Cap)?

SHIELD: Established to counter the technologically advanced, neo-fascist subversive organization HYDRA, S.H.I.E.L.D. remains the planet’s largest and most effective force for neutralizing threats to world security and combating terrorism and alien infiltration.

The bulk of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s operations are covert, but a number involve public activities. The organization’s policy prohibits it from usurping the role of the nation’s armed forces by engaging in warfare on enemy soil. Domestic matters falling under the jurisdiction of the militia are coordinated jointly, with S.H.I.E.L.D. generally taking an auxiliary role, as in the case of the U.S. Army’s pursuit of the Hulk. All covert operations are automatically S.H.I.E.L.D.’s province, making unnecessary coordination with the armed forces. Unlike the various national intelligence agencies, such as the CIA, Mossad and M-16, S.H.I.E.L.D. is international in membership, scope and jurisdiction. Most of the world’s free countries participate in S.H.I.E.L.D. and sanction its activities on their soil.

S.H.I.E.L.D.’s founders remain anonymous; its advisers include renowned heads of state and corporate leaders. HYDRA assassins killed the organization’s first director, whose identity remains classified. His replacement was CIA operative Nick Fury. As S.H.I.E.L.D.’s highest-ranking known agent, Fury oversaw daily administrative affairs and served as supreme field commander. The organization’s Executive Board of Directors, whose seven members maintain their anonymity by communicating with personnel via video screen, determines S.H.I.E.L.D. policy and directives.

S.H.I.E.L.D.’s greatest drawback is that it has become so complex in its organization and vast in its operations that a single person, even Sharon Carter, Fury’s successor as director, cannot personally oversee all its activities.

HYDRA: HYDRA is a worldwide subversive organization dedicated to global domination. At its height, HYDRA was the most extensive, powerful, and dangerous such organization in history. HYDRA agents wear green costumes with cowls concealing their entire heads except for their mouths and chins. Their organization takes its name from the many-headed serpent-like monster of Greek mythology, the Lernaean Hydra, whose venom was lethal and who was known for its ability to grow two heads immediately to replace any head that was severed. (The Lernaean Hydra actually existed, and was slain by Hercules as one of his legendary Twelve Labors.) HYDRA prides itself on its ability to regroup and rebuild itself, allegedly mightier than before, after any major defeat. Indeed, the organization has now endured for over four decades.

During this time, however, HYDRA has undergone considerable structural and ideological changes, so much so that today’s HYDRA bears only superficial similarities to the organization in its heyday.

The man most responsible for the creation of HYDRA was Baron Wolfgang Yon Strucker, the Prussian aristocrat who served as wing commander of Nazi Germany’s infamous Death’s-Head Squadron, and later as leader of its Blitzkrieg Squad of commandos. Infuriated by Strucker’s defeats by the American commando Sgt. Nicholas Fury, and by Strucker’s failure to execute the entire population of a French village, Adolf Hitler ordered the Gestapo to find and assassinate him. Strucker would have had little hope of escaping the Gestapo if not for the aid of the Red Skull, the second most powerful man in the Third Reich. The Skull intended to supplant Hitler eventually, or to achieve world domination himself if Hitler lost the war. To these ends the Skull assigned Strucker to create a power base in the Far East for him. (It was because the power base that Strucker helped create turned out to be HYDRA that years later the Red Skull claimed credit for HYDRA’s creation. Obviously, however, the Skull’s role in creating HYDRA was quite indirect.) With the aid of the Skull’s men and some loyal men of his own, Strucker escaped Europe. The embittered Strucker had no intention of serving anyone but himself, however, and severed ties with the Skull on becoming Supreme Hydra.
On arriving in Japan, Strucker made contact with Japanese subversives who informed him that they were forming a secret society bent on world conquest. Strucker rapidly became the mastermind behind this society’s rise to power. He planned and led raids on major war plants and military equipment storehouses throughout the world. This secret society became known as HYDRA. Upon building HYDRA’s army and arsenal to what he judged to be maximum strength, Strucker slew the original Supreme Hydra, who was Japanese, and became SHydra himself.

Strucker conceived of HYDRA as a strongly ideological fascist organization heavily influenced by Nazi philosophy. HYDRA’s very name, a reference to Greek mythology, attests to the major role Strucker had in shaping the organization even before he became its leader. Its salute, “Hail HYDRA!”, is an obvious variation on “Heil Hitler!” The full form of the salute reflects the fascist near-religious idealization and of submission to the power of the state, or, in HYDRA’s case, the organization: “Hail HYDRA! Immortal HYDRA! We shall never be destroyed! Cut off one limb and two more shall take its place! We serve the Supreme Hydra, as the world shall soon serve us!” In keeping with Nazism’s male supremacist ethic, HYDRA restricted its membership to men. Only decades later would Strucker’s HYDRA permit exceptions to this rule, most notably. Laura Brown, daughter of Imperial Hydra Arnold Brown, and Madame Hydra, who was later known as the Viper. Strucker created a cult of personality about himself as the Supreme Hydra, comparable to that of Hitler’s in Germany. There was a heavy ideological emphasis on the anonymity of other HYDRA agents, who generally remained masked whenever they were among one another, and were usually ID’ed by numbers.

Strucker soon began construction of a fortress on a small Pacific island, which became HYDRA’s principal base upon its completion, and was known as HYDRA Island. While building HYDRA’s arsenal, Strucker had also recruited a staff of brilliant scientists, who would later become the nucleus of the HYDRA branch known as the Advanced Idea Mechanics, or AIM. HYDRA was close to obtaining nuclear weaponry, and thus achieving the means to conquer the Earth, when HYDRA Island was invaded by Captain Simon Savage’s U.S. Marine commandos, the Leatherneck Raiders, and their Japanese counterparts, the so-called Samurai Squad. The HYDRA Island base was destroyed, but Strucker escaped. (All of this happened while World War II was continuing.)
Strucker slowly and quietly rebuilt HYDRA in the years following World War II, this time using as its nucleus the best remaining men of the Nazi Schutz-Staffel (S.S.). As a result, and because of Nazi Germany’s defeat, Strucker more emphatically regarded HYDRA as the heir to the Third Reich. However, after nearly being killed in an encounter with the young Charles Xavier and Magneto, Strucker decided to remain behind the scenes from then on. He made the United States the center of HYDRA’s operations, although HYDRA spread its influence around the world. Although HYDRA’s ideology, ceremonies, and organization remained fascist, Strucker concealed its connections to Nazism. He created a new central committee, code-named THEM within HYDRA, which would supervise the operations of HYDRA and its sister societies. Strucker made himself Grand Imperator of THEM, its highest petition, and masqueraded under a number of aliases in public life, most prominently, the multimillionaire socialite Don Antonio Caballero. Only a small fraction of HYDRA agents knew of the Grand Imperator’s existence, and fewer still his true identity.

THEM appointed Arnold Brown, executive Secretary to Leslie Farrington, one of the directions of Imperial Industries International, to be Supreme Hydra, or, as Brown was also called, perhaps because he was not HYDRA’s true leader, Imperial Hydra. Brown’s principal usefulness to HYDRA was in draining resources for HYDRA from Imperial Industries International, and in managing HYDRA’s day-to-day operations. Ultimate power, however, remained in Strucker’s hands. Under Brown’s leadership, HYDRA developed an arsenal of weaponry, submarines, and fighter aircraft greater than those of most nations. HYDRA now had agents throughout the globe.

To meet the threat of HYDRA, SHIELD (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division) was created; HYDRA assassinated SHIELD’s first Public Director, who was replaced by Colonel Nicholas Fury of the CIA, Strucker’s greatest wartime foe. Soon after Fury became Public Director, HYDRA attempted to blackmail the world with its orbiting Betatron Bomb, which could release lethal radiation upon the Earth. While inventor Anthony Stark deactivated the bomb, Fury captured HYDRA’s New York City headquarters. Brown was murdered by his own men, who seemingly failed to recognize him as Imperial Hydra in his costume.

Immediately after Brown’s defeat, THEM set into action, directing subversive activities against SHIELD and the U.S. government by its two subdivisions, AIM and the original Secret Empire. While its enemies were thus distracted, HYDRA itself secretly regrouped and its strength.

With the defeats of AIM and the Secret Empire, HYDRA reemerged as an open opponent of SHIELD and the world. Strucker in effect abolished THEM by again making himself Supreme Hydra and by making the other members of THEM into HYDRA’s new central committee, who were still completely subject to himself. Strucker launched the Overkill Horn, which would have set off every nuclear explosive on Earth; HYDRA legions, supposedly safe in their special shelters, were to emerge later and take control of the devastated planet. Fury and SHIELD stopped this scheme.

Then, impersonating SHIELD agent John Bronson, whom HYDRA had secretly captured, Strucker smuggled the so-called Death Spore bomb aboard SHIELD’s airborne Heli-Carrier headquarters. When the bomb exploded, it would destroy the Heli-Carrier and release deadly spores, which air currents would carry throughout the world. By now Strucker had built a new HYDRA Island, a “synthetic atoll” on the site of the original island. Here was gathered HYDRA’s leadership and elite guard, since the new fortress’s impenetrable dome would afford maximum protection from the Death Spore. (Other HYDRA agents around the world were presumably protected within special shelters.) In a telecast from the island Strucker, still disguised as Bronson but proclaiming himself to be the Supreme Hydra, demanded that the world surrender to HYDRA, for only those nations which surrendered would be Supplied with the antidote to the spores.

However, Fury had found the Death Spore bomb on the Heli-Carrier, singly invaded HYDRA Island, and planted the bomb there. Fury was captured and Strucker nearly executed him at a mass meeting of HYDRA agents on the island, before whom he revealed his true identity. But Fury escaped execution, and as a result of the ensuing battle between Fury and Strucker within the island base, Strucker unwittingly fled into a nuclear reactor chamber and was immediately incinerated. Fury fled the island just before the Death Spore bomb, which had been triggered by the unsuspecting Strucker, detonated, virtually sinking the island. The dome prevented any of the spores from escaping to the outside world. All HYDRA members present on the island were killed.

HYDRA has never since regained the power it had under Strucker. The bulk of the organization, including its most brilliant and all capable members were wiped out on HYDRA Island. All that remained were HYDRA agents who had either been meant to hide it from the Spore in smaller shelters, or had been left to their fate. The worldwide HYDRA organization fragmented. Those who arose to lead the various HYDRA factions were usually mediocrities, most of whom pretentiously referred to themselves as Supreme Hydras. AIM seceded from HYDRA, and the Secret Empire was later revived independently of HYDRA. The remnant of HYDRA in the New York City area was led first by Madame Hydra, and later by the Grim Reaper and the Space. A western European faction was led by Count Otto Vermis. Another HYDRA remnant, centered in Las Vegas, came under the control of the Red Skull, who managed it through the American crime boss Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, and his son Richard also known as the Schemer. The Fisks were unaware of the Skull’s involvement, and the Kingpin opposed the Skull upon learning the Skull was the true leader.

The first major attempt to rebuild HYDRA was made by surviving HYDRA members based on the United States East Coast, who decided to turn HYDRA into a less ideological organization, which would still seek world domination, but which would be structured along the lines of American organized crime. In keeping with this idea, these HYDRA leaders recruited Silvio “Silvermane” Manfredi, the leader of a Maggia “family,” as the new Supreme Hydra. Silvermiane quickly built this East Coastbased HYDRA into a large, well-organized and well-equipped fighting force. He established a large secret HYDRA base in New York City, and recruited numerous costumed criminals to serve as HYDRA division leaders, including his own son Blackwing, Commander Kraken, the Fixer, the Fox, Jackhammer, El Jaguar, Man-Killer, and Mentallo (the Fixer and Mentallo had previously worked for Strucker’s HYDRA). Silvermane and his recruits from the American criminal underworld, however, were ultimately out of their depth in running a major subversive organization like HYDRA, and new East Coast HYDRA was easily defeated by Fury and SHIELD. This HYDRA organization subsequently fragmented.

Finally, HYDRA was reorganized under radically different lines by unknown criminals, presumably American. Although this new HYDRA has worldwide influence, it seems centered in the United States to a far greater extent than Strucker’s HYDRA ever was. As always, this HYDRA is dedicated to world domination, but it has abandoned the traditional fascist HYDRA ideology entirely. The only clear link between the current HYDRA and Strucker’s HYDRA is the fact that the current organization’s members dress in the traditional HYDRA costumes. Women are now allowed into the organization in large numbers, and can hold important positions in it. Agents are often addressed by their real names, and HYDRA officials often appear unmaskad before their colleagues and subordinates in the organization. There is no apparent cult of personality surrounding Supreme Hydra.

This current HYDRA is organized along the lines of a major contemporary corporation. Agents can work full time or part time for the organization. They are paid high salaries and receive medical and other benefits. HYDRA now recruits many ordinary American citizens into its organization as a result. Enticed by the financial rewards, these citizens blind themselves to the full extent of HYDRA’s criminal and subversive nature. Of course, even within the new HYDRA, failure in a major assignment is punishable by death. It is not known who the current Supreme Hydra is.

But although HYDRA has thus rebuilt itself, its power and reputation are far below what they were during the height of the Strucker period. Even Strucker’s own children, Andrea and Andreas, have nothing to do with today’s HYDRA and have instead founded their own organization, Fenris. HYDRA has launched no truly formidable assault on SHIELD or the world since Strucker’s death, nor, since his demise, has it produced a weapon comparable to the Overkill Horn or Betatron and Death Spore bombs, or HYDRA’s Dreadnaught robots. Today HYDRA, once the most dangerous and powerful subversive organization Earth, is no more formidable or impressive than many other such groups, such as Fenris and AIM. Whether HYDRA will ever return to greatness ns to be seen.

Geez, that’s a lot of info on SHIELD and HYDRA. Edit one paragraph and two more will take its place! And that spore scare sounds a lot like the plot from GI JOE: The Movie.

b) With past discussions on cartoons influencing the comics they’re based on, I think that Marvel management often relies too heavily on the response of the TV fans (now movie fans) to influence direction of characters and stories to attract these casual fans to the medium. I firmly believe the 90’s X-men cartoon created the inexplicable fandom for Gambit through his portrayal and love interest in Rogue where other characters, not named Wolverine, seemed bland and often underused or under-appreciated. This same theory created my interest in The Hulk villain The Leader back during the 80’s cartoon run as he seemed to have been portrayed, at the time, more along the lines of how Doom, Red Skull or Lex Luthor are to their respective nemesis today i.e. influencing all activities from the background. My question though, is where should the line be drawn? How much influence should attracting the new fan have on a title?

Well I think the media type genres have effected the comics in many ways. Some characters have been closer to their cartoon forms then their movie ones. Some people think the cartoons changed a lot. It didn’t. Most of the stories in the cartoons where mostly redone stories already done in comics

While I agree that lots of alternate media representations of comics ape the original source material, I actually believe cartoons can change a lot about a series or character IN THE SHORT TERM. It just can’t be a coincidence that a certain character (say John Stewart in Justice League or JLI) get a rare bit of spotlight in a new medium and suddenly gets more guest appearances in places like JLA, GLC, or Green Lantern. So can cartoons really permanently alter continuity? I don’t think so. Can they refocus reader interest by spotlighting certain characters? Oh, yeah!

c) With all the Marvel movies on the horizon due to the current comic book movie boom, is Marvel wise enough to license out there characters in such a manner that future team-ups would be possible? My vote is for Luke Cage and Iron fist to be sold to the same production company so they could each have their own origin based solo movies, hopefully released shortly after each other, followed by a team-up feature.

In many cases they didn‘t. For instance you can‘t crossover Daredevil and Spider-Man. You can‘t cross Spidey/FF. All different studios own the rights which hurts some of the possibilities of crossovers

But there’s still hope in other media like cartoons and video games. There’s a better chance for crossovers there.

Far*Stuck wrote:

Q:Name all the marvel characters ever created in backwards alphabetical order! JK but seriously, i do have a question. What new powers did Spiderman gain in “The Other”?

Some people think he gained a lot out of the Other but in reality he gained most in the Disassembled stuff.

Other additions: Spikes from wrist, Night vision, fangs, and a seeming healing factor

joshndanie wrote:

Q: In the Mysterio arc of FNS who are the people the “Original Mysterio” is working for? And what does any of this have to do with the new nurse Mrs. Arrow? And what is up with the spikes coming out of her hands?

We never got an answer on who he was exactly working for. It’s likely one of Peter David’s little things to be explained later. He does it a lot.

The Ms Arrow figure could be two people. Marrow OR the female Other creature. She could be working for the same person as well.

Cory emails?

Sup guys, sorry for the lateness. But I’m here, so let’s get it on:

Better late then never huh?

1- I know we’ve been here before, with the top 10 hero fighters, so what about the top 10 villainous fighters?

2. Bullseye
3. Batroc the Leaper
4. Deadpool
5. Crossbones
6. Mad Dog
7. Zaran
8. Machete
9. Constrictor
10. Tombstone

Huh. I’d rank Deadpool a lot higher and Bullseye a lot lower. The Big B’s specialty is throwing other stuff, not melee. Good call on Taskmaster. And Tombstone, for sheer street smarts and invulnerability, is tough to top. Other people I might mention include Typhoid Mary, any member of the Hand, and maybe even Baron Zemo. His extensive training before and during the T’Bolts ruse ought to put him in there somewhere.

2- Top 10 couples: 1- Peter & Mary Jane, 2-Luke & Jessica, 3-Hank & Janet, 4-Scott & Jean, 5-Peter & Kitty, 6-Wanda & Vision, 7-Steve Rogers & Sharon Carter, 8-Gambit & Rogue, Ororo & T’Challa, Reed & Sue. Others: Sabretooth & Mystique. Deadpool & Siryn (formerly Copycat), Cable & Domino. Why did Cable & Domino split?

Not bad. I have a list below but I like some of yours too. I‘d put them in there.

3- Speaking of Top 10 couples, can I get a top 10 of the most promiscuous MU characters? Crystal from the Inhumans is my top candidate. The Sentry??? Who hasn’t had her?

1. Wolverine
2. Iron Man
3. Daredevil
4. Emma Frost
5. Mystique
6. Gambit
7. Elektra
8. Typhoid Mary
9. Black Widow
10. Crystal

Buncha playas and ho’s. No inviting them over for Thanksgiving Dinner!

4- Since Marvel Studios has announced their future cinematic projects for the next few years, I wanted to ask you guys, not only your opinions, but what the plot premise should be about:

Namor: Go with his origins with the first one and move from there
Wolverine: origins of Weapon X stuff. Sabretooth
Magneto: His origins and meeting Xavier.
Thor: ASGARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nuff said!
Captain America: origins and then present. Red Skull
Ant-Man: Hank and Scott together
Luke Cage: origins leading to Hero for hire
Nick Fury: origins in WWII, CIA and SHIELD
The Avengers: origin and Masters of Evil
Deadpool: Weapon X and more wacky stuff
Punisher 2: Jigsaw of course.
Hulk 2: Abomination and redo of origins

5- Kudos to last weeks emailer “Bill”, on his analysis of the plotlines regarding Civil War. But isn’t it a BAD idea for not only Tony to unmask, but Peter to do the same. Now his rogues know the man behind the mask. Also Venom (symbiote) + Mac Gargan (Scorpion) are not only together as one, but his own “personal” villians. Making matters worse they are now on the same side, but since Pete’s switching over they now had an added incentive to kick his @$$ or worse. Damn Tony.

I have to say he got me a little ticked but he did make some interesting points which needed to be said

6- Since Iron Man is only a man behind the armor, Cap is a enhanced man, DD a blind, acrobatic man, and others “relatively normal”, couldn’t they just retire the costume or just take it off to not truly be affected by the C.W. laws? Personally , I’m starting to believe that there’s an ulterior motive (Stark Industries & Damage Control), but I LOVE C.W. but sometimes I think that it’s seems Marvel-like in the beginning (everyman’s tragedy), but fits D.C. a lil ( the beloved costumed heroes against each other). Picture Superman (pro) and Batman (con).

I don’t think Retiring would help. After all they still would be going against the laws. We saw even those retiring or trying to leave being attacked (Arachne) so I don’t even think Firestar will be safe

7- We know of the New Avengers (pre C.W.) & the Mighty Avengers (post C.W.), but any opinions on what will occur in between, that will make Tony’s new team see the light of day?

I can help clear something up. Two Avengers teams post Civil War. Who said Tony will see the light? Maybe just maybe his side might even win. That’s a scary idea.

8- Ok Daron, so what would you do exactly? Mr “Holy Crap on a hockey stick! I don’t think I’m even going to try and answer this one. We actually do have a character limit here. Suffice it to say, the Marvel U would look quite different if I had my say, and it would all start with a massive Crisis. I can tell you this though, there would definitely be a LOT less X-Men on the various teams (and that wasn’t really a reference to Gambit – who’d probably keep just so I could kill him off later)”. Hmmmm?

All yours Daron

I’m almost glad D is on sabbatical. Let’s just say if I ran the MU, Eddie Brock, Chamber, Maggot, Blink, Deadpool, and all blue heroes other than Mystique would be safe/alive. I wouldn’t kill Gambit (as I can take or leave him really) but I would kill Scott Summers in a BLINK!

The following are Wolverine-related questions:

9- As of October 15, 2006, the script is finished, and Jackman indicates there will be a year before shooting. He has denied rumours that it will be based on Chris Claremont’s and Frank Miller’s Wolverine limited series. He hopes to hire a director in November 2006. Jackman says he wishes to shoot 3-4 months, possibly in Australia, for an early 2008 release. He doesn’t see the need for an R rating. It’s bad enough that in the X-films, no blood was shown ever on Wolverine’s claws in battle. Though that Weapon X flashback rocked! But a WOLVERINE movie without an R rating, am I the only one who sees a problem?

I see a big problem I would make Wolverine R in five seconds. After all Punisher wasn’t PG or anything. Let it go to R. I mean Wolvie deserves it.

10- Wolverine’s next appearance was 1975’s Giant-Size X-Men #1, written by Wein and drawn by Dave Cockrum, in which Wolverine joins The X-Men. Gil Kane, who drew the cover of the comic, accidentally drew Wolverine’s mask wrong, with larger headpieces. Dave Cockrum liked Kane’s alteration (believing it to be similar to Batman’s mask) and decided to incorporate it into his own artwork for the actual story. Though I’m still optimistic about a Wolverine/Batman team-up (eh Joey Q.?), could both survive in each other’s world and handle each other’s rogues galleries? Both are way too similar to me, without the attitude & similar masks.

Of course they could. Well Wolverine could easy. He‘d have killed Joker though lol. Bats may have had some trouble with some but could‘ve been resourceful as always to defeat Wolverine foes.

Interesting. On the one hand, I can’t see Wolverine having any trouble with Batman’s foes. The gangsters wouldn’t be much different than the thugs the Man from Mandripoor fought as Patch. The creature feature villains (from Croc to Clayface to Orca) would pale in comparison to the Reavers and Sabretooth and all. The only place Wolvy might fall down is the actual detection, and he does have hyper-keen senses to help that along. So he’d even get the hang of Riddler and Ra’s and such eventually.

But I can’t see Batman really doing well against Canuck’s rogues, at least initially. He wouldn’t know enough about them at first, and almost all would overmatch his physical abilities. I could see Wolvy going toe to toe in the Mojoverse for example, but Batman wouldn’t handle it nearly as well. Batman would adapt and improve over time, and even get the upper hand with practice, but it’d be a much steeper learning curve.

11- I asked about the Punisher’s before, but what would be a estimated kill count for Wolverine?

Should be in the 1000s I think

12- June of the late 1800’s, is alledgedly Wolvie’s birthday. Him being of mixed emotions, believes him to be a Gemini. Also the fact that Sabretooth tries to kill on his birthday to remind him or Silver Fox’s death and to just kill him. Have either of you two ever heard of this, in any form?

I‘ ve heard it. I‘m sure Sabretooth wants Wolverine dead and heck Wolverine holds a grudge over Fox death and more in reality

13- Still in Australia, Apocalypse tricks Wolverine into journeying to the Savage Land. While there, Wolverine starts a relationship with the female chieftain, Gahck, of an indigenous tribe. He puts an end to Apocalypse’s experiments performed on the tribe and unknowingly sires a son with Gahck, that she names “Erista.” (Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure) Is this canon? 616 related or no?

it‘s canon actually. Yep he‘s got a son in the Savage Land.

When you absolutely, positively, have to have a bastard completely off-panel… The Savage Land. Accept no substitutes.

14- Wolverine vows to Matsu’o that on each anniversary of Mariko’s death he will visit him and slice off a body part until there is nothing of him left.(Wolverine vol.2 #60). So how much is left of this guy, and what has he cut off?

He may be dead by now. Last time he was thinking of suicide because of Wolverine’s attacks. It was in Wolverine 175 he planned to do it.

15- Wolverine’s healing factor is explained to have been constantly forced to counteract the toxicity of the adamantium, which decreased the speed he could heal from other injuries. This a big reason why Deadpool’s healing power is better than Wolvie’s right? Also, with this said what about Bullseye spine or Cyber’s skin? The have no healing power to counteract this.

Yep that’s more explaination on why Deadpool’s is better. Bullseye I think It was not necessary for Bullseye to have a mutant healing factor to receive his adamantium as only a very small fraction of his bones have been entirely replaced and the rest of his skeleton is merely fortified with strips of the metal which does not interfere with his skeleton’s ability to create blood cells

Cyber has a healing factor.

16- Wolverine is often a gruff individual, but, despite popular belief, he does not enjoy killing or giving into the berserker rage that usually accompanies it. Logan adheres to a firm code of personal honor and morality, despite often displaying a rebellious and irreverent attitude. Now isn’t this a lil bit IRONIC for someone who killed like over 1800 people in 3 weeks time, after killing Gorgon during the climax of the “Enemy of the State” storyline, just to avenger the death of one lil’ boy?

Heh. Note that he had no real control over what Hydra did to him but he did want revenge in the end so he got it.

Sorry for the lateness. Thanks & keep up the good work. Cory, out! See ya in 7.

Welcome Cory. At least you got in.

Top 10 from last week:

Top ten Couples

1. Reed/Sue
2. Spidey/MJ
3. Black Bolt/Medusa
4. Colossus/Kitty
5. Scott/Jean
6. Black Panther/Storm
7. Hulk/Betty
8. Mimic/Blink
9. Thing/Alicia
10. Hawkeye/Mockingbird

New: top ten Iron Man armors?

My top 5 must read Marvel comics last week:

1. ANNIHILATION #4: Left behind, can Drax survive… Thanos takes action… and Nova sets course on a suicide mission. Bottom line, no Marvel Cosmic fan will forgive himself for missing THIS ISSUE!

2. CIVIL WAR: YOUNG AVENGERS & RUNAWAYS #4: Trapped within the most secure superhuman penal colony ever devised, hunted by the most dangerous teenaged killing machine ever incarcerated, the Young Avengers and the Runaways might even stand a chance of survival—if they could put aside their mutual dislike for just one minute!

3. ETERNALS #5: All the mysteries are answered, as Neil Gaiman (1602, Anansi Boys, Sandman) and John Romita Jr. (AMAZING SPIDER-MEN, WOLVERINE) bring you the penultimate chapter of ETERNALS. The remaining Eternals have to fight for their existence and the nature of the cosmos is explained.

4. DOCTOR STRANGE: THE OATH #2: He’s a hero who just wants to be a surgeon, she’s a surgeon who just wants to be a hero. From the pages of DAREDEVIL, the mysterious woman known as NIGHT NURSE joins Doctor Strange on a paranormal mission to save millions of lives.

5. BULLET POINTS #1: World War II. America needs a super soldier. Only one man possesses the formula to create the perfect fighting machine from volunteer Steve Rogers. But when a deadly bullet kills Dr. Erskine along with his bodyguard, M.P. Ben Parker, Steve’s destiny—and that of the Marvel Universe—is changed forever.

My top 5 must read Marvel comics this week

1. CIVIL WAR #5: Featuring villains, villains, villains! Sides change and chaos reigns as the evildoers of the Marvel Universe make their presence felt in a new and shocking way! But when the underworld gets involved, can the Punisher be far behind?

2. NEW AVENGERS 25 #25: Tony Stark is gearing up for the final battle of the Civil War and he thinks he has it all under control. But Tony has made a fatal mistake and he will pay the price. The future of the Avengers begins here!!
Regular writer Brian Bendis welcomes very special guest artist Jimmy Cheung!

3. IRON MAN #13: He’s perhaps the most misunderstood figure in the whole of CIVIL WAR! But now, get inside the mind of Tony Stark, and learn why he feels that superhuman registration is necessary, and why he’s taken it upon himself to lead the charge for its implementation! Big changes are in store for IRON MAN in the post-CIVIL WAR landscape, and the build-up begins here!

4. THUNDERBOLTS #108: ZEMO vs. the GRANDMASTER in a climactic confrontation! Civil War has fractured the superhuman community — but are they willing to band together for one brief moment — to give ZEMO the ultimate power he needs to save the world — even if it could also mean sacrificing the planet to the mysterious Guardian Protocols? And most importantly… will the THUNDERBOLTS trust ZEMO with so much power?

5. ASTONISHING X-MEN #18: It’s the jaw-dropping conclusion to “Torn!” How will Emma’s betrayal affect the team?! Will the Hellfire Club stand victorious?! This issue also sets up the events leading into John and Joss’ final arc of Astonishing X-Men! Don’t miss it!

Civil War update

Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #4: The Warden connects an inhibitor to Wiccan to cancel out his powers. Warden attempts to dissect Hulkling but is having no luck. We see Vision’s arm being broken down by Marvel Boy’s nanites and learn that when Marvel Boy first met Warden he was going to make his city capital city of a new Kree Empire. Young Avengers and Runaways work together to get their friends out. Wiccan keeps trying to use his powers as Warden taunts him. Young Avengers and Runaways bust in threw Nico’s powers and Marvel Boy is sent to deal with them. Wiccan snaps at the Warden as Xavin gets up and attacks Warden. Back with Marvel Boy who knocks out Molly. Victor uses Vision’s arm to their advantage and zaps Marvel Boy threw it. Vision fixes Marvel Boy after. Warden finds Marvel Boy no longer in his control after. Runaways and Young Avengers say goodbye to one another and the Runaways decide not to join the anti-registration movement. We end the issue with Marvel Boy with a grin and feet on Warden as he says “Welcome to the capital city of the new Kree Empire”

Civil War #5: Sue and Johnny are begin the issue on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. Cape-Killers to go meet with the Secret Avengers. Stark Tower: Nighthawk and Stature meet with Happy Hogan as elsewhere Iron Man confronts Spider-Man over him wanting to leave. Iron Man defends the clone and even brings up Mary Jane and Aunt May which makes Pete hit him. Tony tells Peter he’s disappointed in him and shots first. Spidey tries to escape but fails. A Cape-Killer unit enters the room and opens fire allowing Spider-Man to escape. Hill witnesses this on monitors and sends some Thunderbolts after Spider-Man. In the sewer Spider-Man runs for his life in a torn uniform being attacked by Jester and Jack O’Lantern. The villains beat Spidey up bad and poison him but he is saved by Punisher who shoots holes in both their skulls. Spidey passes out seeing the Skull. Sue and Johnny show up at the Secret Avengers location in the guise of a married couple. We find out Cloak and Dagger got captured as they discuss a mission to storm the Baxter Building. Hulkling volunteers to help but Cap has other plans. Punisher enters the room carrying Spider-Man. Cap tells Jane and Night Nurse to help Spider-Man. We learn Punisher was the masked man watching them and says he’s against Iron Man for using villains. Capthinks about allowing him to join the team. While this is happening Tigra is making a mysterious cell phone call. Later we see Daredevil captured in Hell’s Kitchen as Reed and She-Hulk discuss what ramifications might come of this. We also learn Hank Pym almost overdosed on antidepressants. In the 42 Tony walks with Daredevil offering him a place with the 50 state initiative and lead a team. Daredevil doesn’t talk and a silver dollar they found in his mouth. Tony asked why and Daredevil compares him to Judas

New Avengers #25: A mystery man takes down a Cape-Killers at Stark Tower then walks inside taking out the computers. He enters penthouse where Jarvis sees him and goes for the alarm only to be shot in the arm. Iron Man shows up finding Jarvis on the floor he goes to attack the guy who says a code that takes out Iron Man’s armor. Maria Hill finds out about the attack on Stark Tower and tries to contact the Capekillers getting a repeating message she sees the units knocked out on screen. The mystery man reveals that he once worked for Tony Stark and helped create the Cape-Killers and he don‘t like how Tony is using them. Hill tries to infiltrate the building. Mystery man takes off Iron Man’s mask because Tony can’t breath with the suit turned off. We find out the guys name is Kenny and activates a antimatter generator bomb. Hill is given spy gear to get into the building. We find out the bomb will destroy everything in the building as Hill enters the room and shoots him and throws anti-bomb pellets at the bomb but it doesn’t work as planned. Later Hill tells in Tony that she never wanted the job as director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and that Tony should be the head of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Iron Man #13: Tony Stark films a Public Service Announcement and claims if the New Warriors where trained Stamford would not have happened and that the Registration Act will help it never happen again while this is happening he is controlling the suit and with Spidey, She-Hulk and Samson fight a Dreadnought. After he finishes he talks to Secretary Kooning who wants Tony to help head S.H.I.E.L.D. operations as the director of the peacekeeping force which Tony turns down saying he won‘t be in Kooning’s pocket. Kooning helped cover up Tony’s mind-controlled attack on a plane causing deaths of hundreds and made sure Tony wasn’t the poster boy for registration. Tony goes to see Sal Kennedy and argues with him over registration which leads to Sal saying Tony isn’t sure he’s right about what he’s doing either. This leads Tony into a funk in which he sleeps and watches TV for days. Happy shows up and helps Tony clear his head by telling him he is the only one who can do this because he can be a normal human and a superhuman at the same time. Later Happy is attacked by Spymaster and both fall from a rafter leaving Happy dying with the phone laying there by him in the process of calling Tony.


There’s another edition of the Marvel Handbook for everyone. What you think Kev?

I think I’ll be glad when Civil War ends. I’m still really enjoying only THREE Marvel books. She-Hulk was better this month and I missed T’Bolts (will buy it eventually though). Enough with the oddball political allegories Marvel! The elections are over.

Again this odd week threw me off. Something don’t feel right. Next week is Civil War 5. So we’ll be covering that but the following week we’ll start that team tournament thing.

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