MTV Mix – Volume 19

It’s time for another week with MTV! We throw in some transformations. Stir in some samples of true life. Add a pinch of Laguna for one last time. A little shake of some challenging stuff. And then top it all off with a little black pepper that you robbed from someone. Mix that all up and you have this…




This week we have a girl named Julie. She is 14-years-old and lives in Columbus, Ohio. She’s a lazy cough potato girl. She goes to Worthington Kilbourne High School, where sports are a big deal and that usually means brutal workouts for the “jocks”. That’s not Julie. She likes to spend her time watching TV on her couch, of course. She laughs at lifting weights, and enjoys sitting at the computer for hours. Julie does have four friends named Brittany, Kathy, Lindsey, and Becca. They like to tease Julie about her “inactive lifestyle”, though. Besides them, others don’t like her attitude. They think Julie is “psycho” and “aggressive”. The aggression comes from being picked on constantly as a kid. Her dad was never around and her mom is a lesbian. So really she ended up having two moms. Her mom’s girlfriend is named Barb. Julie thought she was just her aunt until she was around 8-years-old. That’s what makes Julie different and why she attacks people. She acts macho on the outside, but on the inside she gets her feelings hurt easily. Julie is now tired of being isolated from everyone else. Sports is the key to popularity at her school. “So that’s why Julie wants to be MADE into a varsity volleyball player!”

The volleyball team at Kilbourne happens to be really good and it’s hard to get on the team. So Julie’s chances seem slim to none, since she is not in condition. Julie does have some volleyball skills, but not the endurance. Julie also wants to get closer to boys and she thinks the best way to do that is joining the volleyball team. Julie tells her “core four” group of friends and they don’t think she can handle the hard work as you might expect. Her moms feel the same way. She has to run a mile under 8 minutes to be in good enough condition to be on the volleyball team.

Julie’s coach is Jeanne a.k.a. “G.I. Jeanne”! She’s a former college volleyball player and a bodybuilder. She runs her own volleyball club now. The very first “practice” Jeanne was actually impressed with Julie’s volleyball skills. That is as long as she was standing in place. Any time Julie had to move, she sucked at it. So Jeanne makes Julie run and run and run and run and run and RUN! In their first run, Julie runs a mile in 19 minutes! Julie has more problems than running, though. She has an attitude problem that Jeanne tries to solve really quickly. Welcome to “Volleyball Hell”!

After some MAJOR whining and crying and even not doing what Jeanne said, Julie started to get serious about her training. Julie and her family went on vacation and Jeanne showed up by surprise to “train”. Julie actually enjoyed it somewhat, though. From there things took a dramatic turn for the better. Jeanne learned that if she made it fun for Julie to train, then she would actually train. From there, they worked on her volleyball skills even more.

Things looked good until injuries set in. First, Julie hurt her ankle. Then, she couldn’t breathe. Soon after that she got sent to “Volleyball Boot Camp” for her school’s team. It was there that we find out that Julie has two torn ligaments in her ankle. It was painful, but Julie plays through the pain at camp. She goes on to even have success with boys and lands a date with a guy named Mike.

It finally came time for volleyball tryouts. Would Julie be ready? She’s not very confident. She’s more stressful at school and can’t play there that well. Jeanne felt that Julie did great on the first day of tryouts with her skills. But now it was time to run the mile. Her final run came in at 11 minutes. But in the end, she didn’t make the volleyball team! Everyone was still proud of her, though. And honestly this was the best result. She became more confident in herself and that’s all that really matters!


True Life: I’m Moving to Vegas

This week we followed a group of young people moving to Las Vegas for various reasons. Las Vegas, as you will learn, is quickly becoming like New York City or Los Angeles. People move there to catch a “break” or become famous. This is two different stories.

Toni is 23 and lives in Bullhead City, Arizona. She lives with her mom. She wants to move to Las Vegas to start her modeling and acting career. She has been in every school play and is pretty cute. Toni says Vegas is not as demanding as Los Angeles as far as acting and modeling goes, so it’s a great place to start that career. Once she gets to Vegas, modeling agencies are pretty lukewarm to her at first. She is just cute and not amazingly beautiful.

Like any aspiring model/actress, Toni ends up getting a job at Hooters as a waitress, of course. She doesn’t want to do that, but it pays the bills. She later enters a Hooters beauty contest and fails miserably. She didn’t have the right clothes for this competition. Meaning she didn’t reveal so much of herself. She does have a smaller chest size, but she noticed it more in this competition than before. She adapts and does better at her next competition, though. She still has little experience in modeling and acting, so she doesn’t get many jobs. But at the end, she has signed with five agencies and has been modeling at conventions on the weekends. She also plans to move to Los Angeles in 6 months to continue her career there. Probably at another Hooters. Just kidding.

Cheryl and Patrick are both 20-years-old. They live in Tujunga, California. They are best friends. Patrick wants to work in the makeup industry. He is also gay. He doesn’t have gay friends, so he hopes to find some in Las Vegas. These two love to party. So that’s the REAL reason they are moving to Vegas. They want to PARTY!

Cheryl and Patrick spend most of their nights at clubs and days are for sleepings. More Patrick than Cheryl. Cheryl actually tries to live a “normal” life. She wants to prove she can make it on her own basically. Later Patrick’s whole family comes into town. And his cousin accidently “outs” him to his mom. She doesn’t say anything, but Patrick is upset. I think his mom has to be blind to not know already. They finally get around to getting jobs two months after moving to Las Vegas. Actually, Cheryl needs the money more than Patrick, who can live off of his mom’s credit card. This really depresses Cheryl as she feels like she is all alone in Vegas. That’s the main reason Cheryl eventually moves back home. She couldn’t handle the “club lifestyle”. Patrick stays in Vegas and eventually starts taking business classes to hopefully open up his own makeup store. He still goes out every night and lives off of his mom’s credit cards. Cheryl lives with her parents now and works at at an after-school program. She has no plans to visit Las Vegas any time soon.

This episode wasn’t anything special. Pretty lackluster actually. C- at best, and that’s pushing it. But it was cool to see Las Vegas as the subject of this documentary since most people think of New York City and Los Angeles as “hard to live in”. That was pretty interesting, but that’s it.


Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County

It’s the end of another season and another school year at Laguna Beach High School. So break out the tissues and hang on tight. Basically this episode is about certain people graduating and certain people becoming seniors next year. As you might imagine, there is lots of talk of memories and stuff.

So who is graduating? We have Derek a.k.a. “The Playa”, Kelan a.k.a. “Derek’s Shy Friend”, Alex a.k.a. “Raquel’s Ex & Current Boyfriend”, and Nick a.k.a. “Cameron’s friend”. As you probably guessed, they have to throw a party a.k.a. “BBQ”. So here comes the drama. Jesus, Cameron has said the word “sick” four times in 17 minutes so far! He’s only been on camera for like 2 minutes, though!

Back to the party and Cameron is all pissy with Kyndra. It’s about time! #5 for Cameron, by the way. Cameron is sad because he is friends with all the guys graduating and he hardly has any friends in his grade. Cameron and Kyndra do put together a little video for the guys that graduated. Time to cry!

Raquel gets a letter from Breanna and she apologizes for being a bad friend to Raquel and making her choose between her and Tessa, etc. So basically they make up as they later talk in person. Raquel worries that Tessa won’t like this now. And Tessa is not too pleased about it since Breanna hates her or so she says.

Kelan and Cameron say goodbye and they hold back the tears. Kelan goes to college. Cameron goes to call Jessica?!?!?!?!?! Yep, she’s back. They talk on the beach. Cameron is still depressed that he is still around and they are moving on to better things. Cameron says that Jessica is like his best friend. He does “burn” her a few times by saying that she didn’t go anywhere after high school and stuff.

Meanwhile, Chase is still in high school. But his music career is taking off, so he is off to tour. That is his dream. He and Cameron talk about not committing to girls and stuff before he goes.

Kyndra, Cami, Lexie, and their friends, Tara and Candace, discuss becoming seniors and the whole Breanna/Raquel back to being friends thing.

Raquel and Alex decide to continue their relationship as Alex goes to college. They exchange gifts like iPods and rings and stuff. We’ll see how long that lasts. Probably exactly one year.

Finally, we go back to Chase and Tessa. You see, that’s the core of this season. Too bad we didn’t see more of this. He tries to call her to say goodbye, but she is not there and he can’t come over to say bye in person. So it’s a little sad as Chase leaves to start this new journey without really saying goodbye to Tessa.

We get nice visuals of Tessa and Cameron being alone as their friends have left them in some way or another. And some not so nice ones of Kyndra and the mean girls and Raquel and Alex doing what they do. And that’s it folks!

I’m thinking that there may be a fourth season by the way that season ended. However, this season was nowhere NEAR as good as Season 1. In fact this season was disappointing to me. There was hardly any people that you could get behind and root for. There was too much “flip-flopping” in this episode. One minute you could like one person and the next you could get completely annoyed by them. I really only liked Chase and Tessa, but more Chase than anyone. And he didn’t get enough screen time, since he didn’t have as much drama. I started to like Cameron towards the end, but he was too retarded in the beginning to make me root for him. I will happily watch by DVD of the first season of the show over and over again than watch this season again.
So I would like to see another season to see what happens to people who were left behind. There seems to be lots of questions that weren’t answered. We didn’t even get a “this what they did after the show” moment at the end. That leads me to believe there may be another season or it may get all wrapped up in the online chat that happened after this episode. Who knows, but next week the drama continues as The Real World: Denver debuts right here!


Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel

This week everyone is paranoid about being sent into “The Duel”. Eric thinks he may be next. Wes thinks he could go, but thinks Evan is more of a target right now. CT and Brad seem to have an alliance against them. Nehemiah and Beth continue their little “fling”. So you know that two of those people mentioned will be going into “The Duel” tonight since this show tells you what will happen before it does.

Time for the next challenge! It is called “Russian Swing”. It’s a “Male Duel Day”. All of the guys have to choose a girl to partner with. There is this big swing set thing that really is a platform that rocks back and forth. The teams have to launch themselves into the water and they have to swim to get a soccer ball and then swim back to dunk it in a basketball goal. Team with the fastest time wins the challenge. Winning girl gets a projector and winning boy is safe this week.

Wes and Svetlana go first. These swing really launches them up into the air. It’s crazy. They seem to do good, though. Nehemiah and Aneesa go next. However, Aneesa makes the mistake of missing the hoop and the ball goes out of bounds, which gives them a DQ! CT and Diem go next. She has to take off her wig again and she has no worries this time. Love is in the air for those two. Eric and Beth go next. Big people unite! Evan and Kina are up. Evan is like Aquaman! Kina is equally good. Derrick and Jodi go and Derrick is fast but he overthrows the basketball hoop and gets a DQ! Brad and Robin are up. Brad doesn’t like his performance here. Finally, Robin does a beautiful belly flop here. Doesn’t look good for them. The results are in and CT and Diem finish third with Wes and Svetlana ending up in second. The winners are Evan and Kina, though!

Time to pick now! Evan picks Kina first. Kina picks Derrick. Derrick has Jodi. Jodi gets Brad. Brad goes with Robin. Robin picks CT. CT goes with Diem. Diem saves Wes. Wes picks Beth making her choose who goes into “The Duel”. She picks Nehemiah, of course, which puts Eric into “The Duel”. Eric ends up picking Nehemiah, though! Eric thinks that Nehemiah is all talk. Beth is worried, since she is screwed if Nehemiah goes home.

TJ brings out the deck of cards and Eric picks “I Can”. The rules of this elimination game is basically “I can do this many more than you” and eventually someone says “prove it”. If they do it, then win. If they don’t, they go home. They have to lift as many logs as they think they can. If they lift them up for five seconds, they stay! They go back and forth and keep the raising the amount. Basically Eric says he can do 165, which is all of the logs they have. So he has to do it. Evan is confident in Eric. Eric lifts it up and he holds it there! Nehemiah is going home! This is the halfway point, by the way.

Wes is sad that Nehemiah is gone as he was the only one he could trust. And finally Beth and Nehemiah say goodbye. Nehemiah thinks all of the other girls are scared of Beth. Beth is not so confident. She’s the target now. Nehemiah tells her to fight!

Rob & Big

R & B travel to Vancouver, Canada to be in a video game for EA Sports. That’s after Rob does this crazy jump from upstairs to the downstairs on the couch. While in Canada, Rob does a little skating at an AWESOME skate park according to him.

The game is called SKATE. That’s original I know, but it’s for the X-Box 360 so the graphics are amazing. Rob and Black are going to be characters in the game. So they have to get “suited” up against the green screen. Before leaving Canada, they play a little “skateboard hockey”. Very interesting.

Now it’s time to go to Ohio to visit Rob’s family. He impresses some little kids with his “Hollywood life”, which is quite funny. Black chimes in with a line here. He signs an autograph and tells the little girl that he put his weight down as well. “That’s not an area code!”

The next morning they go fishing with Rob’s dad. Black can’t fish at all and Rob is not that great either. So after catching no fish, they heads to Kings Land, an amusement park. They impress everyone with their MTV cameras. They can’t go on a rollercoaster, though, as Big is too, um, big to fit in the safety restraints. So they go and do that bungee-jumping swing-flying thing.

Rob’s dad later claims that he taught Rob how to skateboard. Rob finally takes Black to his hometown skate park that is named after him! While they are there, they IMPRESS some more people. I know you didn’t see that coming. His dad even does a little skating, which is pretty funny actually. And that’s that. Back to Hollywood after some tears from the parentals!

And that ends the 19th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next week when we mix things up a bit!

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