CSI: Miami – The Complete Fourth Season – DVD Review

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Creators/Executive Producers:
Anthony E. Zuiker, Ann Donahue, Carol Mendelsohn and Jerry Bruckheimer

David Caruso ………. Lieutenant Horatio Caine
Emily Proctor ………. CSI Detective Calleigh Duquesne
Adam Rodruiguez ………. CSI Detective Eric Delko
Khandi Alexander ………. Medical Examiner Alexx Woods
Jonathan Togo ………. CSI Detective Ryan Wolfe
Rex Linn ………. Homicide Detective Frank Tripp
Eva LaRue ………. Lab Technician Natalia Boa Vista

Boti Ann Bliss ………. Lab Technician Maxine Valera
Alana de la Garza ………. Marisol Delko
Brendan Fehr ………. A/V Technician Dan Cooper
Amy Laughlin ………. Erica Sikes
Leslie Odom, Jr. ………. Joseph Kayle
Mark Rolston ………. FBI Agent Glen Cole
Michael B. Silver ………. Secret Service Special Agent Peter Elliott
David Lee Smith ………. IAB Sergeant Rick Stetler
Armando Valdes-Kennedy ………. Aaron Peters
Joel West ………. Officer Aaron Jessop
Bellamy Young ………. State Attorney Monica West

The Show:
It’s funny – I’ve never really gotten into the original CSI but I’ve enjoyed the spinoff series set in Miami and New York. I actually enjoy CSI: NY the best, but the Miami show isn’t all that bad, either. Perhaps it’s the actors – I don’t really like how William Petersen’s character is seemingly detached from everything but bugs. They did try to add continuity here by playing off of “Grave Danger”, but relative to this show and New York, the original is behind the eight-ball.

Anyways, you get more of the same here – Horatio and his awkward kindness towards kids, Delko as Caine’s top criminalist, and my wife hating Calleigh because… actually, I still don’t know. But we get a few running stories through the season, and an honest-to-goodness CSI crossover that somehow feels more forced than the crossover pilots that came before it.


Disc One:
401 “From the Grave”
A funeral turns into a bloodbath as a result of a gang-hit by the Mala Noches – and apparently it’s one of their own. And it may be connected to the rape of a housekeeper who’s pregnant with her boss’s kid.

402 “Blood in the Water”
The team investigates the death of a girl by shark, and discover that her family isn’t exactly who they appear to be. The same also could be said of the deceased foreign exchange student found on the boat, as well.

403 “Prey”
The team investigate the disappearance of a girl who was visiting Miami.

404 “48 Hours to Life”
After a man is sent to prison for murder, Horatio has his doubts about his guilt, and set about to prove his innocence.

Disc Two:

405 “Three-Way”
A girl’s weekend in Miami turns three desperate housewives into murder suspects in the death of a hotel pool boy. Calleigh, Delko and Ryan investigate the scene, and come up with three different conclusions.

406 “Under Suspicion”
The team must work quickly as a woman is found dead, and the last person to see her alive is Horatio. Meanwhile, Delko seems to be having some money issues.

407 “Felony Flight”
Guest Star: Gary Sinise as Detective Mac Taylor, James Badge Dale as Henry Darius
Serial killer Henry Darius has managed to escape custody in Miami, and abducts a student. Horatio tries to track him down with the help of Darius’ arresting officer, NYPD Detective Mac Taylor. The story continues in CSI: NY‘s “Manhattan Manhunt”.

408 “Nailed”
The team investigate the death of a woman by nailgun who was about to sign her divorce papers. Things get complicated when Ryan takes a nail in the eye.

Disc Three:
409 “Urban Hellraisers”
Guest Star: Marty McSorley (Hockey Goon) as a hockey arena manager
Delko is in the bank to discuss his money problems, when a robbery takes place. It turns out that the culprits are teens playing out a real-life version of a video game. The real crime, however, is that an eighteen-year old is wearing heelys. That’s just wrong.

410 “Shattered”
Guest Star: Brian Bosworth as Duane “Bull” Merrick
A known drug lord is found dead in his home when a small-time dealer literally drops in, and claims to sell pot to Eric. So naturally, this calls for a visit from the lab’s favourite IAD cop, Stetler, and Horatio getting involved in protecting Delko and his lab.

411 “Payback”
A convicted rapist is released after being found innocent thanks to DNA technology (and Boa Vista), so Horatio and his team set out to find the real rapist. At the same time, a woman dies due to a botched surgery, and the team needs to find out why.

412 “The Score”
The team investigates the death of a man who was “in training” to become a pick-up artist. Meanwhile, Delko’s sister, Marisol, is arrested for felony possession, and per usual, Horatio sticks his neck out for someone. At least this time it’s for a hot chick instead of Delko or a kid.

Disc Four:
413 “Silencer”
Guest Star: Laura Leighton (Melrose Place) as Alyssa Prince
The Mala Noche are back, and this time they murder one of their members who seems to have overstepped his bounds – along with an innocent woman who happened to have been at the same party. Meanwhile, Horatio asks Delko if it’s OK if he dates his sister. Creepy!

414 “Fade Out”
Guest Star: Evan Handler (It’s Like, You Know) as Norman Stein
A series of murders made out to look like mob hits lead the team to a pair of film students who wrote a screenplay containing all of the crimes.

415 “Skeletons”
Guest Star: Julie Benz (cheers to all you Whedonites) as Hayley Gordon
A body is found on a beach volleyball court, and it seems to be related to Walter Resden, a man from Horatio’s past, and he may be targeting a girl that Horatio’s been protecting for over ten years. Meanwhile, Boa Vista reveals that she might be pregnant, which may affect the bachelor lifestyle that Delko apparently has.

416 “Deviant”
Alexx is suspected to be party to the death of a registered child molester, so once again it’s up to Horatio and his team to prove the innocence of one of their own.

Disc Five:
417 “Collision”
A woman dies in a car accident, and interestingly, a body is found in the trunk of her car. And to solve this case, Boa Vista must reveal a secret from her past. We also hear about a mole in the lab.

418 “Double Jeopardy”
After a man is found not guilty of his wife’s murder the team finds evidence to the contrary. Of course there’s that little issue of the double jeopardy law so they’re kinda SOL there. Still, it’s probably not a good idea to write a book telling people how you did it, “if” you indeed did it.

419 “Driven”
Guest Star: Jason Matthew Smith (Playmakers) as Greg Everest
Women at a day spa are robbed, and one of the witnesses is Marisol. Which prompts Horatio to take action. Nice to see that he’s enamoured with someone who’s not a kid or his brother’s wife, ya know? Turns out that they wanted the expensive cars for chop shop purposes.

420 “Free Fall”
Two brothers are found in an abandoned hotel – one dead, one miraculously alive. And it may be connected to a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde (last seen in “Fade Out”) who Ryan’s girlfriend is trying to make into media darlings, and who someone is trying to kill. Needless to say, Horatio is not amused.

Disc Six:
421 “Dead Air”
Guest Star: Bruce Davison (X-Men, Close to Home) as Dane Daniels
The team must find a woman who was kidnapped and dialed the wrong number to get help. Good thing Horatio was close by. Meanwhile, Marisol wants to stop her chemo. And Ryan asks Delko’s permission to date Boa Vista, which ends up getting Eric “the playa” in trouble.

422 “Open Water”
Guest Star: Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) as Gwen Creighton
For the second time this season, someone (which in a bit of morbid humour (for me, anyway) is named Mike Harris) gets eaten by sharks. This time, the victim was aboard a cruise ship docked in Miami. Things get interesting when they find money missing from the victim’s room. Meanwhile, Horatio and Marisol decide to take the next step in either the least or next-to-least convincing television relationship on television (it’s a toss-up between this one and Meredith Grey/Anyone).

423 “Shock”
Heiress Nikki Beck is found dead in her bathtub and the prime suspects would appear to be the ones closest to her, including her “rival”. Incidental to this is a drug ring using women kidnapped from Central America. Meanwhile, Delko has some concerns about his sister’s upcoming nuptials.

424 “Rampage”
We start with Horatio in an ambulance, and Marisol on a gurney. Apparently, the Mala Noches are free once again, and now they’ve ordered a hit on Horatio, but managed to get his new wife instead. Meanwhile, an ex-lover of Casanova Delko (Gloria, “the crazy one”) is stalking any woman he seems to get close to.

Disc Seven:
425 “One of Our Own”
Horatio and Delko set out to bring down the Mala Noches for good, which results in the death of another character. But the mole is revealed, and Federal Agents investigate the lab, apparently intending to shut it down. Why would you shut down an entire, perfectly serviceable forensics lab is beyond me, but of course Horatio HAS pissed off more than a few people in high places.

The DVD:

(Presented in Widescreen Format Enhanced for 16:9 TVs)

(Dolby Digital: English 5.1 Surround, Spanish 2.0 Surround)

These are the things that you really shouldn’t concern yourself with when watching procedurals.

Special Features:
Creating Feature Television: The Concept, Script and Pre-Production of CSI: Miami – The producers and writers talk about developing an episode.

Producing Feature Television: The Production of CSI: Miami – Pretty much a continuation of the previous feature.

Finishing Feature Television: The Post-Production of CSI: Miami – A look at the effects and editing that go into putting together the final television package.

Audio Commentaries:
– “From the Grave” – (Elizabeth Devine, Karen Gaviola and Cheri Montesanto-Medcalf)
– “Prey” – (Elizabeth Devine, Karen Gaviola and Cheri Montesanto-Medcalf)
– “Felony Flight” – (Anthony E. Zuiker, Elizabeth Devine and Scott Lautanen)
– “Urban Hellraisers” – (Dan Tardino, Matt Earl Beesly and Eagle Egilsson)
– “Shattered” – (Ildy Modrovich and Scott Lautanen)
– “Payback” – (Matt Dube and Sam Hill)

A clear slipcase (pictured above) contains a cardstock gatefold disc holder. Discs are packaged in twos.

The Inside Pulse:

I like that the show tried to give us more than token continuity to reward those that stick with the show through the entire season. But skip the featurettes and stick with the audio commentaries.

The DVD Lounge’s ratings for CSI: Miami – The Complete Fourth Season
(OUT OF 10)


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