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PLUS: Rasslin’ Roundtable results from TNA’s Genesis.

Rather than focusing on one subject, I wanted to take this week’s column to discuss a few random thoughts flowing through this fan’s head lately. So in honor of Thanksgiving, here’s a cornucopia of concepts for you to consider.

TODAY’S ISSUE: Random Rasslin’ Thoughts

CM Punk versus Mike Knox last week was ECW’s best match of the new era. They gave these two the time to tell a story, in which Knox worked over Punk’s back. Knox worked in the formulaic heel heat segment, Punk made the babyface superhero comeback to secure the victory, and the entire match just clicked. I’ve been pretty down on the new ECW, and I really haven’t enjoyed any of Knox’s previous work, but this match really changed my opinion of Knox, and what ECW could be like, if they featured more matches like this one. I actually found myself pumping my fist a bit when Punk got the win, and it feels good to react to a match rather than be disappointed.

As our own Bambi Weavil so eloquently expressed last week, DX is dominating RAW in such a way that they’re damaging the entire roster. I understand making a team look strong in the name of getting them over, but not at the expense of everyone else in the locker room. Besides, DX are so over right now that all this booking can accomplish is to placate their enormous egos.

It was fine when HHH and HBK were humiliating Vince and Shane-O Mac on a regular basis. But there’s no sound, legitimate business reason for them to make a mockery of guys like Charlie Haas. That doesn’t do anything for the company, but it does weaken a guy who has the tools to be a true player for WWE. Bad decision. Bring back the old, decrepit nWo and let DX mess with them for a few months. At least they no longer have a future in the business like Charlie Haas and others. Hey Charlie, TNA might not be a bad place for you to ply your trade, my friend.

The 2-hour iMPACT! special really benefited from David Sahadi’s wizardry. If this truly was the night that many new fans tuned in to the TNA product for the first time, the video packages and new screen graphics made TNA seem very professional.

Speaking of that show, the AMW face turn might be the missing ingredient for Storm and Harris, as they’ve seemed a bit lethargic recently. I also noticed a decidedly heelish demeanor in long-time AMW foes the Naturals. That feud was always solid, and switching the roles could get some more mileage out of these two well-acquainted teams working together for one more run.

The Voodoo Kin Mafia angle smacks of desperation, immaturity, pettiness, and unoriginality. If TNA really wants to compete with WWE, they must focus on their own programs, storylines, and long range planning. As Vince McMahon himself laughingly claimed as his own business approach on the Monday Night War DVD, TNA should focus on helping themselves, not attempting to hurt their opponent. Russo’s greasy fingerprints are all over this one.

I welcome Petey Williams’ face turn. He’s a fantastic performer with a great look, solid in-ring skills, and the most visually impressive finisher on television today: the Canadian Destroyer. Hopefully he can get some more camera time now that his character has more vision and focus than he’s had since Team Canada split up. Newcomer Pulse Glazer offered up a tasty little bit of fantasy booking in the Genesis Rasslin’ Roundtable (see link below) in which Petey would team with Senshi for a brief time in his feud against LAX, before Senshi turns on Williams and joins the “militant thugs” himself. Nicely put, Sir. The best part about Petey’s change of heart was that we fans got a reasonable explanation. Sure, he’s proud to be Canadian, but America is where he got the opportunity to live his dream. Makes sense to me.

Last TNA note for now: slow down on the X Division title changes! Please let the Fallen Angel hang on to the strap for a few months. He can work brilliant matches with everybody who matters, including a Sabin rematch, Dutt, Lethal, Young, and perhaps AJ Styles himself. These matches would satisfy our thirst for great in-ring action, while a longer title reign could help to reinforce the importance and significance of the championship that made TNA in many fans’ minds.

The ECW roster is getting stronger thanks to the recent arrivals of Davairi and Khali, Terkay and Burke, and most recently Bobby Lashley. I was getting tired of only seeing Mike Knox, Sandman, Kevin Thorn and Balls Mahoney week after week. If this new combination of wrestlers were allowed one 20-minute match per week, like the Punk/Knox match I mentioned above, the show would improve exponentially. I certainly hope to see that pattern develop over the next several weeks.

Where’s Muhammed Hassan? I always felt it was a grave injustice that Mark Copani was released because WWE booked his character into an awkward situation, and didn’t want to book him out of it. Instead of letting him go, they could have salvaged the situation if they allowed Copani to “shoot” against the company and claim he was urged to act like a terrorist for ratings, which was not representative of his true feelings. He then could have gone “rogue” against the WWE itself (within the storylines, of course), and “gone into business for himself”. If they can give Marty Wright a second chance as the infernal Boogeyman, they need to bring back Copani in one form or another. It’s a waste to have him wandering as a free agent while Sgt. Slaughter, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Dusty Rhodes are on RAW yet again.

Speaking of fantasy booking, I’ve been dying for them to do something interesting with Eugene. I always hoped some heel would “injure” him to the point of no return, then Eugene’s non-handicapped “cousin” or “brother” (Nick Dinsmore with a haircut and goatee instead of Eugene’s raggedy look) could come out as a super badass on a mission to avenge his fallen family member. This way, Dinsmore could stay on the roster, but play a character with much deeper motivation and a cooler aura. They could even go on to give Dinsmore a few weeks off the road once a year, so he could grow out his hair and beard for the inevitable Eugene nostalgia appearances.

That’s it for now. Just wanted to share these random thoughts with you.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality.

But wait! Before you go, take a look at the Rasslin’ Roundtable for TNA’s Genesis ppv, and compare our picks to the live coverage. Then look below to see who predicted the outcome better than the rest!

IP Staff Rasslin’ Roundtable Results

Iain Burnside
TNA Genesis (19 Nov 06): 5-4
Total: 28-26

Vinny Truncellito
TNA Genesis (19 Nov 06): 5-4
Total: 38-22

David Brashear
TNA Genesis (19 Nov 06): 5-4
Total: 11-7

Eric Szulczewski
TNA Genesis (19 Nov 06): 4-5
Total: 28-32

TNA Genesis (19 Nov 06): 4-5
Total: 12-21

TNA Genesis (19 Nov 06): 4-5
Total: 4-5

Danny Cox
TNA Genesis (19 Nov 06): 3-6
Total: 3-6

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