Junknewsflash! Abyss World Champion, State Of TNA Creative Team


NWA:TNA set history on Sunday night when they became the first professional wrestling company to have a wrestler represent them as both World Champion and the state of their creative team.

“This is important for professional wrestling,” said new world champion Abyss. “Forget that it’s an honor to represent my brand as world champion, but to be the standard bearer for both the wrestlers and the creative team, well, it makes my heart go pitter patter.”

Abyss, which is sucking the enjoyment out of watching the amazing athleticism and effort put forth by the wrestlers by placing them in stupid storylines and non-sensesical title changes and who won the world title by DQ, is said to be looking forward to dropping the belt in two weeks to either Kurt Angle or a D-List celebrity.

“Vince Russo is on the phone with Pauly Shore, we’ll see if we can make this work.”