Around The Horn


– Well here we are again; it’s time to start all over. As many of you know- or not- I was one of the writers re-capping RAW every Monday. But as life has it, it just started to get in the way and I was unable to post a review up every week. So instead of getting sloppy or half-assing it, I decided to let that gig go and do a twice a month column every other week and half-ass it here!
– Pretty much the whole basis over this is the name of the game- I’ll be going around the horn of the wrestling world (and some of my own insights of other things) and give a short review of each show, what has been going on over the past two weeks and let you know the standings of each show. As well as any future or prior PPV’s that fall within the time frame.
– It’s not going to be anything extensive- so look at this as the cliff note version of the shows and what I think of the overall product. Enjoy- and as always let me know if you hate it or if its bearable.

The Shows:
The flag ship show of the WWE: I constantly, usually watch this one”¦ so expect more from this one then the rest.

Ok, so here’s what the show has been all about the last two weeks: Survivor Series. And so it should be. But as usual we get the same thing going over and over with DX hogging the spotlight. As many of you were, I was all for the DX return, but sometimes in can go thin lately. We get Orton and Edge winning the tag straps- so I’m assuming they might give it to DX (I mean, common, what else are they gonna do?) Lita is retiring against Mickey James (What’s with women retiring now?) And I’m partially interested in the Jeff/ Nitro feud, with the ladder match this past week pretty entertaining. But not much else is going on with RAW now looking as what the WWE should look like without the brand splits. Can you say show train stop? Cuz that’s what RAW has pretty much been nowadays. Not missing much.
Rating: B

The WWE’s pet project that seems to be falling by the week. I watch this one as well on a weekly basis, so let’s get extreme!

To be honest, I’m really enjoying ECW as of late. I like the whole notion of the Extreme Elimination Chamber match, I don’t know how it’s going to turn out, but I like it. The only thing I’m worried about, which I’m sure has been mentioned before, but what else is ECW gonna put out for their PPV come December? The Vampire vs. Dreamer? Kelly and other random girls taking their clothes off? Maybe Sandman vs. Striker- but that isn’t much as I’m sure these other matches won’t involve any extreme rules. I guess it’s going to be the look of things as the last show didn’t feature much of the original “ECW” as WWE products were showcased more prominently beating down the few Originals that were on the show.
Rating: B+

The “B” show, which is on the CW network that I don’t get in my hometown. Damn you Time Warner!!! But I usually keep my eye on what’s going on and see clips over the net from time to time.

So as I last heard, Smackdown’s main event was teetering between Booker, Batista, and Lashley. That was it with no one else looming in the horizon. So subtract Lashley and all we got is two people in the main event. So either this Booker/Batista feud is going to be a very long one up to WM, or I’m expecting the Boogeyman or Miz to be the next contender since Benoit is stuck in mid-title territory. Okay, I’m kidding- but Smackdown has been stripped and the “B” show isn’t looking that great. I appreciate that there’s still signs of a cruiserweight division with Matt and Helms, but I think its time for creative to pull Kane out of the MVP feud and put him up in the main spotlight for a while.
Rating: B-

It has been getting my interest as of late, especially since Angle’s signing. But don’t expect much out of this one from me as I don’t keep track of it nearly as much.
I don’t know what’s going on this week- so I’ll get back to you on it next time, I do have some words in the “Cheap Shot” section.

PPV: Survivor Series
Do I have to explain this?
The buildup has been great, and the traditional SurSer is back in play. Am I excited about it? No. As has been the problem as of late, the PPV feels rushed and muddled with nothing big on the line or anything special to catch it for. Expect most of the “face” teams to come out with the W in this one.

The Extras:
Putting on the Mask:
It’s time for a little role-play. Each column will feature a new wrestler as I’ll give you an inside peek of what’s going on inside their head!!!

Edge- on his current situation: “What did I do wrong? I don’t understand it. One second I was on top of the world as the R-rated champion- then I get beat to a wannabe thug- then I go over to feud with the one guy I know I can’t go over. I’m losing Lita, I get partnered with Orton, I get to captain probably the worst team at Survivor Series, why me!? I get to be the turkey this thanksgiving that gets no gravy”¦.”

The Cheap Shot:
If wrestlers can take one, so can I. This is my little part of the world where I take a steeeeel chair and swing away to whoever is in the way.

TNA: Ouch, did they drop the ball or what over their past PPV. I don’t think I even have to take a cheap shot as a co-writer already has- just read his thoughts on the main event, you’ll know what I mean. Pulse Glazer

The Wrap-up:
Football Fix:
The pigskin on turkey day picks: Dolphins- Bucs- Broncos

By the way- it’s been only 4 games, I could have 4 good games, so don’t start crowning Tony Romo the second coming *cough*Dallas*cough*ESPN*cough*

Last Word:
This my first go around here on this column so expect changes. And if you want changes or see anything that can be added, as always let me know. I’ll be back in two weeks: till then, be marry, eat lots of food, and try not to be the one who snores in the arm chair in the middle of the living room. Peace.