Deep South TV Report for November 12, 2006

Deep South Wrestling Television Report
Airing November 12, 2006 on Comcast Sports South
Taped November 2, 2006 in McDonough, Ga at the Deep South Arena
By Larry Goodman

An updated opening montage this week with Majors Brothers, Daniel Rodimer, Jake Hager and Shantelle all added to the mix.

Right to the stand up segment with Bill DeMott and Nigel Sherrod. DeMott posed the question: was the number one contender for the DSW heavyweight title determined in the match, or was it determined by DSW General Manager Krissy Vaine?

Cut to the finish of the number one contender’s match between Derrick Niekirk and Rough House O’Reilly. After destroying O’Reilly’s leg throughout the match, Neikirk went for a figure four and O’Reilly caught him with a small package for the three count. After the match, Neikirk used the post and the ringsteps to do further damage to O’Reilly’s knee. “All Neikirk wanted was for O’Reilly to walk away. Now, O’Reilly won’t be able to walk at all,” said DeMott.

Sherrod and DeMott talked about the Majors Brothers successful defense of the DSW tag titles against Urban Assault in last week’s main event. DeMott said it was the first time G-Rilla made his presence felt on as part of UA.

Cut to the aftermatch of the Majors Brothers victory. G-Rilla laid both Majors out with the ICU. Perez hit a spiral slam on Brian that Sherrod called the Catatonic (oops).

(1) Shantelle pinned Angel Williams at 4:52 with an assist from Tracy Taylor. “Queen Diva”
Williams made her grand entrance. Taylor came to ringside to second Shantelle, and Vaine ventured out to the entrance ramp to take notes. DeMott said DSW had the most beautiful Divas in Sports Entertainment. Shantelle took control of the arm, showing her athleticism with a cartwheel into an armdrag. Williams used a drop toehold to send Shantelle face-first into the mat. Williams abused Shantelle by pulling the hair. Williams hit a low dropkick and hooked the leg for a two count. Williams bodyslammed Shantelle and kicked at Tracy. Williams dropped an elbow for a near fall. Williams pounded away from the mount. Williams applied a modified camel clutch. Sherrod said Williams’ accusations of X-rated activity between Vaine and Assassin were ridiculous. Shantelle made the comeback with a pair of lariats. Shantelle hit a powerslam for a near fall. Shantelle whipped Williams into the corner and charged. Williams stepped aside. Shantelle went to the apron. Williams cracked her had across the face. When Williams tried to suplex Shantelle back to the inside, Tracy tripped Williams up and held her foot while Rob Russo made the three count.

Neikirk had a talk with his former partner Mike Knox. Neikirk informed Knox that it was O’Reilly that threw the knuckles into the ring during their lumberjack match. Knox said Neikirk was lying. He said O’Reilly wouldn’t do that because they were friends. Niekirk explained that O’Reilly was motivated by a desire to keep the DSW title, and Neikirk knew he could hold it over him. Knox said Neikirk was a liar before, and he was lying now. Neikirk told Knox that O’Reilly had admitted it and advised Knox to ask O’Reilly himself. Knox said he would do just that.

They ran the same spot with Nick Patrick and Theodore R. Long trying to drum up house show business (DSW is yet to run a house show other than the three Six Flags events this summer) and plugging the training school.

Knox confronted O’Reilly with Neikirk’s allegation of wrongdoing. Knox said he was still suffering the effects of the knucks. O’Reilly slumped onto a bench with a pained expression on his face. Knox pulled him up by the lapels of his ring jacket. Knox demanded an answer. O’Reilly was nearly bursting with emotion. O’Reilly said he was sorry. Knox blasted him with a wicked slap across the face. O’Reilly took it. “You were my friend,” said Knox and whacked him again.

O’Reilly flared up and went nose-to-nose with Knox. “That’s two times. I told you I was sorry. I didn’t mean it. I made a mistake. You make mistakes. We all make mistakes. But let me tell you something. Don’t you ever, EVER, slap me again. You got that?” Knox said they had been friends, and he couldn’t let it stand.

(2) Bradley Jay pinned Rough House O’Reilly with an assist from Mike Knox to retain the DSW Heavyweight Title (7:46). O’Reilly was still smarting from the slaps as he entered the ring. O’Reilly got off to a fast start. Jay bailed out. O’Reilly went after him. Jay tried to drop an elbow to cut off O’Reilly’s reentry. O’Reilly was wise to it. O’Reilly pulled Jay out and lit him up. Jay reversed a whip and sent O’Reilly flying into the steel steps. O’Reilly struggled into the ring. Jay was all over O’Reilly’s knee, the same knee that Neikirk worked over last week.

DeMott and Sherrod got into heated debate about O’Reilly’s actions. DeMott said O’Reilly had a guilty conscious, but this wasn’t pee wee football and he shouldn’t be apologizing for damaging a man’s career, especially when the evidence was unclear. Sherrod defended O’Reilly and said the fans understood the apology. He was amazed that DeMott didn’t get it. DeMott said the danger for Jay was getting caught up in the distraction.

The fans chanted O’Reilly’s name. Jay wrapped O’Reilly’s knee around the ringpost. O’Reilly fought off a kneebreaker and pulled himself up in the corner. O’Reilly made his comeback. He decked Jay with a pair of haymakers. Neikirk came to ringside. As O’Reilly started to go for the Roughshot, Neikirk jumped up on the apron. Knox came out and blasted Neikirk, knocking him to the floor. While Scrappy McGowan was busy with all that, Knox tossed brass knucks in to Jay. The champ put O’Reilly’s lights out for the 1-2-3. They cut to tight shots of O’Reilly (laid out), Neikirk (massaging his jaw), Knox (standing on the ramp) and Jay (clutching the title belt). DeMott said Pandora’s box had been opened in the Deep South Arena.

The Inside Pulse
Closing Thoughts: The O’Reilly/Neikirk saga grew more complex with the involvement of Knox. The vignettes had a certain simple, raw power about them. Damn, did Knox ever slap the #### out of O’Reilly. The match was mostly just a set up for the big finish. Jay displayed his usual sound ring psychology by working the vulnerable body part…The power struggle between Vaine and Williams also took an interesting turn. Williams/Shantelle was a decent match. Shantelle has strong underdog babyface appeal, and Williams is the bitch from hell”¦ Williams’ is looking super lean these days”¦With the glasses and the notepad, Vaine reminded me of Alexandra York from back in the day”¦DeMott said a match featuring G-Rilla (beating Francisco Ciatso) would air but it never happened. Other matches that that didn’t make the show due to the constraints of the 30 minute format: Montel Vontavious Porter over Kofi Nahaje Kingston and Mike Taylor (with Tracy) defeated David Heath by DQ.