Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Survivor Series Roundtable

Hi there folks, and welcome to the Pulse Wrestling Roundtable for WWE’s Survivor Series 2007. There are a ton of great matches on the card, and myself and our crack team of wrestling pundits would like to share with you our thoughts and predictions for said PPV.

Would you care to join us?

DX, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy vs. Edge, Randy Orton, Johnny Nitro, Mike Knox, Gregory Helms

Aaron: DX has been unbeatable thanks to their combined, nearly unbelievable, political might. The Hardyz are not great separately, but when together Vince has always loved them. CM Punk is undefeated and it would be silly to give him his first loss here. I see face domination.

Winners – DX, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy

GRUT: This match, more than any other, will tell us the future of CM Punk. He’s the only wrestler with a growing fanbase at the moment. Time to establish him as a star.

Winner: DX and CM Punk

Blatt: So let’s talk about what I want to happen. DX and the Hardyz are eliminated and then CM Punk systematically eliminates all five guys on the other team. Unfortunately, I think that it’s going to come down to HHH and Orton and Edge and then Randy Orton will be the sole survivor. I think I might throw up in my mouth a little if that happens.

Winner – Team Rater RKO, sole survivor Randy Orton

Danny Cox: There are so many things I would love to see happen in this match. The most favored one being CM Punk standing alone against Her Piece (Ordge) and somehow coming out as the winner, but I just don’t see it EVER happening. So in that case, in the same way Taker has his Mania legacy”¦here Orton shall continue his.

Winner and Sole Survivor — Randy Orton

Eric Szulczewski: I cannot, in all good conscience, pick a team that has Mattsy-Poo and Jeffykins on it, despite the presence of CM Fuckin’ Punk with them. I think that this may be the spark for a tag title feud. The problem is, I don’t know who Edge and Orton will be feuding with. If it’s DX, I can stand it. If it’s the other option, and the other option ends up winning the tag titles…oh, the sharp knives are in the Damn Vaninator.

Winners – Team Heel
Survivors – Orton and Edge

ML Kennedy: I say Punk gets a big pin on Orton, a heel or two pins their rival in a dastardly manner, and DX stands tall at the end.

Winner/ Survivor – DX

Iain Burnside: All that gay in just one match. Impressive. WWE clearly aren’t clever enough to actually punish Orton for his behaviour by not pushing him, so…

Winners – The Edgeheads
Survivor – RANDY ORTON

Troy Hepple: Of course, the logical decision would be Team Rated RKO. With three wrestlers who would greatly benefit from claiming a victory over DX (most specifically Mike Knox, and JBL would get a mile out of reminding us Helms was on the winning side), and I want to see Randy Orton make something of being the winner of all of his Survivor Series matches too, it would be incredibly annoying for Team DX to go over. That’s not to say Team DX shouldn’t win, CM Punk could use the rub of being on the winning side, especially with the rumors of him being in the ECW title match at Wrestle Mania. Should be a pretty good match, too. Team Rated RKO goes over and CM Punk is made to look like title material next week in the Chamber match.

Winners – Team Rated RKO
Survivors – Randy Orton

Steve Murray: Seeing as how I’ll be at the show live (section 8, row 9 – look for the guy in the Brian Dawkins jersey), I’m very curious to see how this particular crowd reacts to the various participants. I expect very good things from this match, and expect every participant to bring it. The easy pick (and I’m sure the knee-jerk smark reaction) is for HHH to pick up the final pin after the Superkick/Pedigree combo, but I’m hoping someone from Creative remembers what city they’re in.

Winner – Team D/X
Survivor – D/X, CM Punk

Vinny Truncellito: Team DX came out ahead on RAW, and I can imagine the heels coming up with some dastardly way to achieve victory. Plus Rated RKO need the credibility of a win to become a true threat to the mighty DX.
Winners – Team Rated RKO

Survivor(s) – Edge and Orton

John Cena, Kane, Lashley, Sabu, RVD vs. Big Show, Test, MVP, Finlay, Umaga

Aaron: I see this match going nearly the opposite of the previous. MVP will be eliminated early in all likelihood, but, besides Cena, the faces here receive no protection and will quickly fall. Cena will make a fight of it, eliminating Finlay and Test (the two hurt least by that), but the Big Show and Umaga will be too much for Cena alone.

Winners — Big show and Umaga

GRUT: Looks like a goodbye kiss for Big Show here. It gets down to 3 on 1 and Big Show dominates.

Winner and Sole Survivor: Big Show

Blatt: I know they’re pushing the whole Cena vs. Big Show thing (they’ve been feuding for YEARS, I think it’s time to cut it out already) but this one’s all a bout Cena vs. Umaga, Lashley vs. Big Show, RVD vs. Test, KAne vs. MVP and… uh… Sabu vs. Finlay? Well, teh first four and the rest are just filler. Cena, of course, os going over on this one, but I think that he’s not the sole survivor here.

Winner – Team Cena

Danny Cox: Perhaps one of the hardest ones to call. Somehow or another I do believe that Umaga and Cena will get double counted out thus really starting off their feud and Umaga still “undefeated.” I’m going to go with “hope” here and say that my winner prediction will win here so he won’t win the ECW Title at December To Dismember.

Winner and Sole Survivor – Lashley

Eric Szulczewski: The heel team here has a great deal more cool factor than the face team does. However, the presence of Cena tends to twist me in one direction. However the second, they want a Cena/Jamalga feud, and this is the best way to set it up, with Cena having to go, say, three-on-one against TBS, Jamalga, and Finlay, and doing the close-but-no-cigar thing. I’ll go with that, since it’s the closest thing to logical sense that can come out of this match. But please note: if this is the final match on the card, all bets are off and Cena is sole survivor.

Winners – Team Heel
Sole Survivor – Jamalga

ML Kennedy: Sabu does something that makes MVP run away, Show and Test team up to take out RVD, Lashley and Finlay beat the shit out of each other for old(ish) time’s sake, Cena eliminates Test and Finlay, but gets pinned by Umanga.

Winner/ Survivors – Umanga and Show

Iain Burnside: Seems like a fairly safe way to have Cena lose and make Umaga somewhat credible as a title contender. Well, that and a crippling lack of intelligence and taste.

Winners – The Showsters
Survivor – UMAGA

Troy Hepple: I don’t really care about this match. Oh, sure, it has Umaga (who has surprisingly grown on me … in a sports entertainment way), Finlay, RVD, Kane, and Lashley. But there’s really only three reasons for this match; build up to Cena and Umaga, because John Cena needed to be on the card (and the same could almost be said for Show), and to provide video footage for the pre-Chamber video package at next week’s ECW PPV. Considering all of that the match should have a few hot spots and nothing else, and I’m expecting this to be the opening match. It’s Survivor Series’ own stretch out the PPV match, just with big names in it. Oh, and Umaga wins, and hopefully Finlay is there with him. I’m expecting Test to eliminate RVD, and Lashley to eliminate Show, if that counts?

Winners – Team Big Show
Survivors – Umaga and Finlay

Steve Murray: The only two people on either team that Creative is worrying about protecting are Cena and Umaga. I’m sure the contest comes down to those two, and while I think the more interesting scenario would have Umaga picking up the win, I don’t have any faith in that happening.

Winner – Team Thuganomics
Survivor – John Cena

Vinny Truncellito: Cena is nothing short of Vince’s handpicked pet project, therefore, Team Big Show is going down. Plus, I figure Lashley will be the next ECW champ, so they’ll want to keep him strong when face-to-face with Big Show.

Winners – Team Cena
Survivor(s) – Cena and Lashley

Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Sgt. Slaughter, Ron Simmons vs. Kenny, Johnny, Nicky, Mikey

Aaron: The Spirit Squad is jobbers at this point. The old face team will pop the crowd with a win and that’s all I can expect out of this. The less beloved faces will be elimated, meaning Sarge and the former Farooq.

Winners- Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes

GRUT: Faces dominate, it comes down to Johnny and Kenny and Johnny leaves Kenny for dead.

Winners: Old timers.

Blatt: Why this one is not 5 vs. 5 is beyond me. They couldn’t find a fifth legend? They found one last minute, they always could have found one more. Dean Malenko? THAT would have been awesome. I suppose he’s not from that whole era, and I’m sure they were avoiding any Hogan usage here. Hacksaw? Hillbilly Jim? Orndorf? Funk? There are enough legends who need a payday that they could have added a fifth to match the squad. Arn is a nice touch, but they could have done better.

Winner – Team Legends to help promote the AWA DVD

Danny Cox: This is simply going to be the fun match. This is the end of the Spirit Squad finally and Kenny’s going to go his own separate way”¦”¦go his own waaaayyy. Sorry! Anyway, I think this match will be fun but I will be pissed if at some point we don’t see Double A jump in the ring and spinebuster somebody.

Winners and Survivors — Ron Simmons and Ric Flair

Eric Szulczewski: Are we FINALLY going to get the Spirit Squad break-up done or what? With Arn Anderson running interference, the winners are obvious. Now I need to get those precious bonus points for survivors.

Winners – Team Geritol
Survivors – Flair and…oh, I want to say FatDust, but he’s going to be the first eliminated. Simmons is getting a nice little push, so I’ll go with Flair and Simmons.

ML Kennedy: Flair and Dusty win it. Then they start pounding on each other.

Winners – Flair and Dusty

Iain Burnside: I do so love a good burial.

Winners – The Legends
Survivors – ALL OF ‘EM

Troy Hepple: It sucks that Piper couldn’t wrestle, but if I get to hear the A.P.A music just one more time then it’s damned well worth it. I love that music. I’m thinking they’ll spread the official ending of the Squad out longer, with the guy at ringside (whoever it is, I only know Nicky and Kenny) accidentally causing one of them to be eliminated, which results in Kenny and the others to attack him post match.

Winners – Team Legend
Survivors – Ric Flair and Ron Simmons

Steve Murray: It’ll be mostly a comedy match, unless Flair and Kenny decide to break out the working boots if it comes down to those two. I honestly would not be surprised if the entire Team Legend survived, however.

Winner – Team Legend
Survivor – Ric Flair

Vinny Truncellito: The Squad sorely needs to regain a little credibility, especially if the plan to split them up comes about soon. The old timers have been given plenty of respect AND victories in this feud, now it’s time for them to do the right thing and make Kenny into a new star.

Winners – Team Spirit Squad
Survivor(s) – Kenny

Chris Benoit vs. Chavo Guerrero – US Title Match

Aaron: Benoit really should be above this title and this feud. Stop wasting the end of the best wrestler of this generation’s career please and thank you. Since they never listen to me, I’ll go with Chavo winning to drag this out.

Winner – Chavo

GRUT: Who are the true owners of Eddie’s estate? Only this match will decide the truth!

Winner: Chavo

Blatt: This one’s juicy. And will probably steal the show. I’d expect Chavo to take the US title here by nefarious means. This one’s gonna be a barn burner though. Hats off to Michael Hayes for lining this feud up.

Winner – Chavo

Danny Cox: Chavito is finally getting all the respect and pushes he deserves. Very well the match of the night right here and I think that with a little bit of help from Vicky, unfortunately, we’re gonna have a new champion.

Winner and New Champ — Chavo Guerrero

Eric Szulczewski: They’re playing edge-of-the-bed virgin with Chavito. It’s like they’re almost afraid to give him the strap. I think that changes here. Obviously, Vicki-ference will be the key, but Benoit’s always been more fun chasing the title than holding it. I actually think this is the first time I’ve ever picked against Benoit in a Round Table. Weird.

Winner and New Champion – Chavito

ML Kennedy: Chavo wins with copious cheating. Benoit goes on to feud for the World Title.

Winner – Chavo

Iain Burnside: So far in 2006 the US Title has changed hands on 13th January, 19th February, 2nd April, 26th May, 14th July, 1st September and 13th October. A horrible and prolonged storyline about Eddie Guerrero’s estate means we can add 26th November to the list and polish up the belt with a few more spoonfuls of Credibility Cleanser.

Winner – the Garfunkel to his uncle’s Simon, CHAVO GUERRERO

Troy Hepple: This should be good. I’m enjoying their feud thus far and Vickie has really grown on me considering what I was expecting from her. Does it matter who wins this match? No, a rematch is pretty much set in stone. Match ends in a draw.
Winner – Draw

Steve Murray: Unquestionably will be the match of the night, but may get downgraded by reviewers because of unrealistically high expectations. The live Philly crowd should appreciate it, though – I look forward to the chants during this match (as well as those during the women’s match directly at Lita). Benoit can’t move on to the title picture just yet, and this level of the card is still just right for Chavo. So, I see no reason to do a switch yet.

Winner – Chris Benoit

Vinny Truncellito: They’ve already passed up several opportunities to raise Chavo up to the next level, and this might be their last chance. I’m gambling on the dark horse pick; Benoit will reach down and pull Chavo up in Philadelphia, thereby “making” him in the process. Plus, Vince loves screwing Canadian champs at this show, so who knows what might go down?

Winner – Chavo Guerrero

Batista vs. King Booker – World Heavyweight Title Match

Aaron: If they wanted Batista to have the title, he would by now.

Winner — Booker T

GRUT: Looks like Batista is being set up in the ‘never get another title match UNLESS he wins the Royal Rumble’ role. Thanks for telegraphing the rest of the year creative team.

Winner: Booker.

Blatt: With all the rumors of Batista attempting to hold a win off until Wrestlemania, I’d expect that King Booker remains the King of the world. I think that this is the longest I can recall a King of the Ring retaining the “King” title for this long. I doubt this is gonna be the spanking that Booker supposedly put on Batista during the Royal Rumble commercial shoot, but I’d expect him to squeak out a win of Batista.

Winner – King Booker

Danny Cox: Ugh”¦don’t really care much because their last match was rather horrible and now you just know they are going to take the belt off of Booker, who is one of the most entertaining people on all shows period. So to this match I say”¦”ALL HAIL”¦MY ASS!”

Winner and New Champ – Batista

Eric Szulczewski: Two months ago, I would have said DAVE in a runaway. But now they’ve had a really, really good look at him, and even they know that DAVE can’t carry the title right now. I suspect they’ll buy time here. Make it hinky; perhaps Regal can reaffirm his fealty to his monarch. Give us DAVE/Regal at Armageddon and the title rematch at Royal Rumble. If by that time DAVE’s back to a semblance of his old self, give him the title again.

Winner – Booker T

ML Kennedy: Batista wants to win at Wrestlemania. I say he goes “too far” and gets himself DQed here, in a Ken Shamrockish fashion.

Winner: King Bookah.

Iain Burnside: As if anybody could possibly want them to do this match again, especially at WrestleMania. Batista is no longer worthy of DAVE status and so can see in his second reign in the midcard.

Winner – the X-Men 3 to Evolution’s X-Men 2, BATISTA

Troy Hepple: The apparent main event of Survivor Series… god I hope not, but it still might be. The money is with Batista regaining the title at Wrestlemania, he wants to want until Wrestlemania to regain the title, and King Booker deserves to keep the title for much longer. Losing this match would make being the Champion of Champions worthless (Booker makes it actually seem worth something, so don’t try and tell me that it doesn’t … yet), so I can really only think of one route to go.

Winner and Still Champion – King Booker

Steve Murray: Yet another match where I’m more curious about the crowd reactions than the match itself. Batista was treated rather brutally by the Hammerstein crowd, but I’m just not sure how this town is going to react to His Royal Highness. But in any case, this is the wrong town to put the title on DAVE.

Winner – King Booker

Vinny Truncellito: It’s too soon to pull the trigger. I hope this feud continues to develop on a slow burn that culminates at WrestleMania before Batista regains the gold. Batista can always win the 2007 Rumble to circumvent the royal decree he signed Friday night, or a screwy finish could protect him from the stipulation just as well.

Winner – King Booker (or a DQ/count-out victory for DAVE that doesn’t change the title)

Undertaker vs. Mr Kennedy

Aaron: The Undertake really should job to Kennedy. I don’t like Kennedy, but they’re severe lack of anything interesting to do with ‘taker means he should be putting over people they do have ideas for. Once again, I have no faith in the bookers, so”¦

Winner – Undertaker

GRUT: First blood matches always end like this: Good guy makes bad guy bleed, ref is knocked out, bad guy makes good guy bleed, ref wakes up and sees good guy bleeding, bad guy wins.

Winner: Ken

Blatt: Kennedy has impressed me recently by stepping up to the Undertaker. I want him to win this one. Actually, I want the Undertaker to lose any and every match he’s fought in the past few years so that’s no surprise.

Winner – Kennedy. Kennedy.

Danny Cox: I think this match is really going to be a lot better then anyone expects it to be. I’ve always loved Kennedy, but this past month of him cutting promos on Taker has been absolutely brilliant. That shot of him kneeling over a bloodied Undertaker and doing his shtick was priceless. Undertaker has gotten the upper hand a few too many times, I think we see a turning of the tide here.

Winner — Kennedy”¦”¦”¦Kennedy

Eric Szulczewski: First Blood matches suck. FudgePacker sucks even more. Bleed him out, Mark. You know I’m good for the check in the mail.

Winner – The Undertaker

ML Kennedy: I’m thinking that there will be Russo-esque booking. Id est, Kane comes out, turns on Taker to start a jealous sibling angle, and Kennedy wins.

Winner – Kennedy

Iain Burnside: I don’t give a shit about him. Why do you? Which guy am I talking about? Does it matter? Cue: answer…

Winner – the guy secretly playing Green Arrow on Smallville, KEN KENNEDY

Troy Hepple: This is soon to become Taker / Orton but with a few different factors (blonde / not blonde, no Bob Orton / no MVP), and it looks like the reverse to that feud will happen with this ending at WrestleMania while the other begun at WrestleMania. This feud is doing exactly what it was supposed to and is making Kennedy a legitimate contender (for those who don’t hate him), and I’m really digging him with a mean streak. We need more vicious wrestlers like Kennedy; nowadays they all seem too tame. Taker’s apparently got a rib injury or something, so look for Kennedy to destroy him and for them to do the blow off match at Wrestlemania. Sadly this means that the feud will probably continue on a bit like Taker’s last one with Orton, with a bit of vs. Kane thrown in. You know what I’d like to see? Kennedy going after Sara. That’s something that hasn’t been done since Taker returned to the gimmick, and hasn’t been addressed. Oh, and, Kennedy wins and totally destroys (or humiliates) Taker.

Winner – Mr. Kennedy

Steve Murray: Well, the First Blood stipulation certainly makes it more interesting, since it gives UT a way to win convincingly, as well as giving Kennedy a way to eek out a cheap win. (I mean, c’mon – despite the build-up he’s getting, does anyone ever seen Kennedy getting a clean win over UT? For that matter, can anyone on the current roster?) I think UT is still in a relatively generous mood, so it’s El Cheapo Win-O for the Wisconsin resident.

Winner – Mr. Kennedy

Vinny Truncellito: With my prediction of two SmackDown! heels emerging victorious, and with the Undertaker’s well known “generosity” toward younger talent, I can’t imagine Kennedy going over here. However, I’m rooting for Kennedy because it’s past time for ‘Taker to use his legend to make somebody new. He had the opportunity to do that for Randy Orton and didn’t take it, but maybe he’ll learn that giving to the relative rookies is a key part of ensuring the business endures beyond your own career. But I doubt it.

Winner – Undertaker

Lita vs. Mickie James – Women’s Title Match

Aaron — Lita has a job and I don’t know why. Dangerous in the ring and nearly anyone could be just as over with proper booking. Oh, I guess that’s the problem. WWE doesn’t do proper booking anymore.

Winner – Lita

GRUT: Bye Lita. They ain’t doin’ two chick tournaments in a span of 2 months.

Winner: Mickie.

Blatt: They wouldn’t put two champions over in a row who are retiring. I kinda expected Mickie to do the whole imitating Trish thing again for this one, but I bet she wins the belt with a chick kick and some Stratusfaction. Bye bye Lita, and you’re not taking the title with you like Trish did. And I know you’re soliciting LiveJournalers to listen to your band, but I don’t think that your music will reach the heights of Chris Jericho. Considering that you’re pretty natural in the wrestling ring, you’re pretty awkward on stage. Anyway, Mickie takes this one, possibly with Trish making an appearance.

Winner and new holder of the women’s torch – Mickie James

Danny Cox: Such a wonderful retirement speech Lita gave. So nice of them to give her the proper send off to a world she can infect with new forms of VD never discovered before. Meanwhile, my lovely will capture back her women’s title since they made her Rick Martel from WrestleMania IV and had her blindfolded and given a DDT. The nerve!

Winner and New Champ — The lovely and beautiful”¦my Mickie James

Eric Szulczewki: They will not allow Lita to go into the sunset holding the title like they did with Trish, especially since the latter is a fresh mammary…sorry, memory. Therefore, LaJames gets to uphold wrestling tradition and the women’s title at the same time.

Winner and New Champion – MickieLexis LaJames

ML Kennedy: Micke wins, and we see a tit.

Winner – Mickie James.

Iain Burnside: It’s a nice way to build from Trish’s retirement angle but it can’t conceal the fact that neither of these women, or any of the others on the rosters, can be considered as anything more than 0.5 Stratus at best.

Winner – the female rolemodel/pornstar, MICKIE JAMES

Troy Hepple: Oh, Lita, poor Lita. I’m going to miss her, I really am. It’s just such a pity that she’s spent the more memorable moments of her career (when you minus Stratus) as a valet, and pretty much spent the last year with people being shocked at how large her breasts can be. The match will suck, she and James don’t mesh that well, but wait until she turns up in TNA to rubbish it. We’ve already seen someone retire with the Women’s Championship this year, so why the hell do it again? See you in TNA, Amy.

Winner and New Champion – Mickie James

Steve Murray: Honestly, I don’t have a damn clue what they’re doing with this title. Wasn’t Lita supposed to be on her way out or something? I have to imagine that with the various forms of humiliation they’ve been throwing at Mickie, they’re building up to some kind of “redeeming” win here. But hey – who knows at this point.

Winner – Mickie James

Vinny Truncellito: Tough call here. From a company perspective, Amy Dumas is entitled to the same respect Trish got in her retirement match (perhaps more, for all that she’s done for WWE), but Lita’s currently a heel. Also, Mickie could use the “I retired Lita” war cry for months to come if she were to win the title. Lita has abused Mickie’s character for weeks, and the story arc can’t end properly if Mickie loses to Lita, then Lita retires and vacates the title. Even if Mickie were to win another lame-ass tournament to get her hands on the belt in a month, it would be quite anticlimactic. Decision, decisions”¦

Winner – Mickie James

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