Looking Ahead – 28th November 2006


Looking Ahead – 28th November 2006

Me again folks, sorry for missing last week, but quite honestly there was nothing I could write about other than Survivor Series Predictions, and even though those were supposed to be for the Roundtable, I didn’t even have enough time to get those in.

From memory, I think I roughly picked all the winners, apart from Taker vs. Kennedy and the Benoit vs. Chavo match. In my opinion, it’d have made more sense to give Chavo the US title, but seeing as though SmackDown have a PPV coming up in a couple of weeks, I’m betting that a rematch will take place, and THAT is where Chavo will win the US title.

Touching briefly on Survivor Series, I thought that it was a decent-to-good show, but far from amazing, and this seems to be the general consensus amongst my peers. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Possibly neither.

What are your thoughts on this year’s Survivor Series? Did you like it? Love it? Hate it? How about the outcome of the matches? Email me HERE and let me know!

Random Survivor Series Thoughts:

Getting Umaga DQ’d was sheer brilliance on the part of Creative. I was scratching my head wondering how the hell Umaga would lose to Cena & Co. and lo and behold, the team at WWE came up with something. Not enough credit is given to the Creative department in the WWE at times, and this is one of those times. Bravo!

I loved the fact that CM Punk got a good ovation at the PPV. It’s also nice to see that HHH noticed this and let Punk say the opening line to the DX catchphrase. Maybe he now realises that Punk does indeed have the detrimental IT factor that will make him a “Superstar” in the WWE.

Why the hell didn’t the Spirit Squad split happen? That would have been a perfect platform to launch a Johnny-Kenny feud (the two guys who I think have the most potential). Shipping them all back to OVW is a retarded idea. I’d much rather they all stick around, as I’m sure they’d learn more on the road then stuck in the developmental’s. You could throw a couple on SmackDown as a tag team, have Johnny and Kenny feud for a few months, and have another guy flop around the mid-card of Raw and feud with Shelton, Carlito, Conway, etc. NEW BLOOD IS NEEDED GUYS.

I also can’t believe the ‘Big Bag of Wank’ Batista won the World title again. The guy’s crap. I’ve never liked him, never seen what the fuss was about, and never in a million years thought that Vince & Co. would even think about him ending Undertaker’s Mania Streak. But that’s all gossip and hearsay right now. Still, not really impressed at the new World Champ. Not at all.

Glad to see that Mickie James and Lita put on what I thought was the Match of the Night. That doesn’t say much about the PPV like, but I was very impressed by what I saw. I also don’t see what the fuss about Lita’s send off is. Sure, it’d have been nice for her to turn face and thank the fans, blah blah blah, but f*ck that, what happened was that with her leaving she put over Cryme Tyme, and also went out in true heel fashion. Like Chris Jericho did all those months back.


Next PPV – December to Dismember

The Announced Card

Extreme Elimination Chamber
Big Show vs. RVD vs. Sabu vs. Test vs. Lashley vs. CM Punk

By all accounts the Big Show will be dropping the title here, so the question is, who to put it on?

I’d go with Lashley. RVD won’t get it because Vince doesn’t want to put the belt on him after the drug bust last time. Sabu’s in the doghouse due to various reasons, Test sucks and his muscles seem to have vanished, Punk is ready but they might want to hold that off for a while, so the only person left to take it is Lashley.

Personally, I think they should pull the trigger and put the strap on him. He’s come a long way since he debuted on SmackDown a year or so ago. Working with Finlay, Regal and King Booker has improved his game no end and he’s still got a great upside and potential. I say go for it.

The Hardyboyz vs. MNM

Why the hell this match is on the PPV is anybody’s guess. I presume that the suites in the WWE want to give it a good chance of doing a decent buyrate, so they decided to throw the Hardys and MNM onto it to bump up the “Superstars” quota.


They have a 3 hour PPV and have only 2 matches announced. They have the chance and space to feature a fair amount of “Extremists”, but will they? Time for some guessing and speculating me thinks.

The Sandman vs. Matt Striker

This feud seemed to have been brewing, then was whisked away before it got chance to develop into anything. Might as well get some mileage out of it and give Sandman a PPV win.

Mike Knox vs. Balls Mahoney

Knox could REALLY use a win to get himself noticed again after the retarded way he was eliminated. At least give him a few minutes to wrestle before you eliminate him.

Diavari vs. Little Guido

Honestly, there’s nobody else that I’d put Diavari against other than Little Guido. Shannon Moore’s a heel (I think), so he’s out, and other than Tony Mamaluke there’s sweet FA. ECW REALLY needs some new ‘face’ wrestlers..

Saying that, I’d honestly pull the plug on ECW right now, as it’s completely crap (aside from one or two bright spots).

Email me HERE and let me know what you think about ECW if you like. Come on.. I’ve nothing better to do with my time at work.

Hardcore Holly vs. Tommy Dreamer

I think Dreamer is the biggest name from the ECW Originals who doesn’t have a match, so by putting him with Hardcore Holly he’ll get a good place on the card and he’ll give Holly a decent match for your money.

The Last Bit…

And that’s about it from me for this week guys and girls. Hope you found my mutterings interesting, and I hope it gave you food for thought.

I’m off.

Danny Wallace.