Notes on Ashley/Playboy, Smackdown/Indonesia, Storm/Christian & More


There’s a nice story on Lance Storm’s upcoming return to the ring — a fight with Christian — here, and a commentary from Lance about Mr. Cage here. An excerpt from the latter:

After quite a bit of pressure from several of the boys (who no doubt thought I would look ridiculous in the thing and wanted to see me in it) Christian finally caved in and handed over the red mesh shirt for me too wear for the night. I put the thing on and of course looked ridiculous and to make it even worse it was extremely tight, I swear I was damn near losing feeling in my arms because the thing was so tight.

If that didn’t convince you to click through, nothing will… (plus, Lance has been updating his Q&A and commentaries at least weekly this month, so check out what he has to say about TNA’s ratings, “big men” in wrestling and more).

In other news:

– Smackdown may be the #2 primetime show adults watch with their kids but Indonesia is trying to ban it, and you can find out why here. It’s a sad story, and WWE has posted an official response here, also here.

– The December 18 RAW on USA will be 3 hours, starting at 8pm, according to the network’s Web site.

– is reporting that additional Wrestlemania 23 tickets have been released, that Ashley hasn’t told her mom about the Playboy pictoral, and more.

– Keith Olberman showed a clip from RAW — the Cryme Tyme/Michael Richards spoof — last night, making fun of WWE in the process.

– has updated CM Punk’s blog, Striker’s word of the week, and this cryptic “Diary of Violence” from Tommy Dreamer: “The suits in WWE are telling me that my last Diary submission is under review. I guess your friend, Tommy Dreamer got himself in some trouble again. I was asked to submit another Diary due to the short Thanksgiving week, so here is my politically correct Diary.”

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