Axel Foley To Solve Another Crime?


It seems as if we have some good news for you folks. There is not a remake in the works for Beverly Hills Cop“┬Žjust another sequel.

Apparently Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (Constantine, Four Brothers) is going to produce Beverly Hills Cop 4 and that Eddie Murphy is in serious talks to once again take the role of Detroit detective Axel Foley. The first three films in the series were all about different crimes taking place in California that Axel had some personal connection with and was determined to solve.

The third film was released in 1994, so it’s been a long time since Eddie donned the leather jacket and was a cocky detective living the high life out in L.A. Makes me wonder if they’ll still use the cool eighties keyboard theme. Keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be back if any more news comes for this.