MTV Mix – Volume 21

Not many shows to review this week. At least not many I want to review, but there is four here. That should be good enough, especially when you have the “all-star” lineup of The Real World: Denver and the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel! Check out want went down on those shows along with everything else that was on MTV “after dark”!



Tiara Girls

I’m was going to try to review this show, but there is no need to. This show along with My Super Sweet 16 are pointless. They don’t need to be in the “10 Spot”. I guess you could argue that is what all MTV shows are, but at least other shows are entertaining. Tiara Girls is not. Basically, Tiara Girls is a poor man’s version of Made, where every week we follow a girl who competes in beauty contests. The difference is that these girls are born to do this. Their parents often force them to compete and are their biggest supporters. This means this show is a lot less interesting than Made where we take a “nerd” girl or “jock” girl and turn her in a beauty queen. That’s more interesting to see the transformation. This show is not. In fact, it gets annoying. Especially when the parents act so demanding and crazy. In a way though, it can make the show amusing.

Just for kicks, this episode was about Amber. She’s an African-American girl who thinks it’s tougher for African-Americans to win beauty contests. I LOVED the part where one of her coaches basically laughs at her because she thinks that way. He says that there have been lots of African-American women who have been “Mrs. America”. Amber is basically clueless. She can’t sing and can’t answer questions. And when she doesn’t win, she thinks it’s because she’s black. No, she just sucked! So sorry, good luck next time. At least her parents weren’t that annoying.

Again, I don’t know how much I will talk about this show, but it’s out there. Lets move on!


There appears to be no new shows on this night right now. Stay tuned…


The Real World: Denver

We start with the aftermath of the drunken first night. Alex makes out with Colie. Colie gets too attached. Alex stays and drinks some more with Jenn. Jenn makes out with him. They go to the guest bedroom and have sex apparently. Colie comes down to turn off the oven that they forgot was on and almost catches them. Alex thinks Jenn is just having fun, so he is more comfortable hooking up with her than Colie. There you go. You’re now caught up mostly.

The best part of this whole thing this is that Jenn and Alex wake up and don’t really remember what happen. They have some memory, but it’s a little cloudy. Jenn is freaking out, because she likes Colie and doesn’t know how to tell her what happened. She says “I didn’t even get a chance to put the cake in the oven before I burned it!” That refering to her friendship with Colie. It’s already ruined before it even started.

Jenn tries to avoid Colie all day until Jenn takes a shower. She doesn’t tell Colie, though. Colie notices that she has a hickey on her neck and Jenn is freaking out again. They finally talk and they cry it out. Colie basically is upset that Jenn would do that to her. They hug and make up. Colie blames the alcohol for what Jenn did. And Jenn does the same. I can honestly see that actually.

Colie and Alex talk now. Colie says that she likes him, but not like a boyfriend. HOWEVER, she basically tells Brooke that she wanted Alex to be different than who he is. He’s just a man whore. Points for Alex for being so confident to switch things back in his favor by dropping in a compliment, “you’re a great kisser”, right in the middle of them talking. Later, Alex’s mom tells him not to be a man whore or a playboy.

Meanwhile, the girls go out to meet new guys. They appear to be over Alex already. HA! Jenn seems disgusted that she slept with Alex. Hmm… Colie picks up the word “random” and runs with it! She refers to Nick, a “random” guy at the bar that was cute. Why can’t Colie stop laughing while talking about Nick “on screen”? That’s funny. It’s even funnier that COlie brings Nick to the house to get revenge on Alex. That’s after she and Nick make out in an alley somewhere.

At the house, we get some confusing and amusing times. Brooke is Colie’s “mom” and tells Nick not to have sex with her. Colie and Nick kiss RIGHT in front of Alex and Alex gives this priceless look towards the camera that basically says “WTF?!” Davis agrees that Colie just brought Nick home to make Alex jealous. It works as they go to the hot tub. Tyrie almost has the line of the night. “Know what you’re doing before you do it! If you know what you’re doing before you do it, then do it!” He thinks Colie and Alex don’t know what they really want and I agree.

Brooke continues to show some anger towards Nick. Dang! Colie and Nick need to stop with the kissing! They finally part ways. She asks Davis if Nick was hot and he says NO! That was just the alcohol. She tells Alex that she likes “Southern gentlemen” and all of that. Basically “guys that don’t sleep with her roommates!” HAHAHA! Again, Alex brings it back home and tells her that she’s the one girl that he would like to be with. Alex wants to “date” her now. Colie wants to make out with him at night and that’s about it. Then, they go to bed and make a pact. They’re not going to hook up with anyone else tomorrow.

Alex then wakes up the next day and tells us about “Mr. Emo”. He turns into that guy when he drinks. He’s sensitive and loves everyone. That’s the guy that loves Colie. Now Alex has to deal with him in the morning. Oh brother. So he writes Colie a note and it says “we need to talk”. Those four words are NEVER and I mean NEVER good! Alex says he was drunk and doesn’t remember what he said. Colie was drunk, but she remembers what they talked about. Now Alex wants to be just her friend and nothing more. Colie doesn’t like Alex blaming all of this on alcohol. Hmm, just like Jenn.

Finally, Colie talks to Davis. She says that she was trying to make Alex into someone he’s not. Colie REALLY just wants to have a relationship with someone in the house. But she won’t hook up with Tyrie or Stephen. And, of course, Davis is gay. So Alex is the only one left! She’s screwed, but not literally! Get it?! HA! Anyways, that ends that confusing but amazingly entertaining episode! This season is going to be GREAT! Stay with me!


Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel

Everyone thinks they are going into “The Duel” next. Every guy does this week at least. Wes thinks he’s next. He wants to win the $150,000 to start a life with Johanna. That’s marrying her and having a fancy wedding. Derrick want to finally win a challenge, but he’s worried too. CT believes everyone is after him. Diem doesn’t want that to happen as she has fun with him. So lets see. One, if not more than one, of those three WILL be going in “The Duel” tonight. Mark it down!

Time for the next challenge! It is called “Pole Dance”. It’s a “Male Duel Day”. Everyone is divided into two teams of three girls and three guys. CT, Robin, Evan, Diem, Wes, and Svetlana are on one team. Eric, Kina, Derrick, Jodi, Brad, and Aneesa are on the other team. They have to race up this pole that is greased up and reach the top. Whichever team does that the fastest moves on to the second round. This round involves racing up a hill on their own. Whoever grabs the final flag first for the men and women are the two winners. Guy is safe and girl wins a prize.

CT’s team pretty much dominates the first round and has Diem step on a ladder made of human bodies as she grabs their flag first. So Brad, Eric, and Derrick are out along with their girls. Time for the second part now. The thing about this is that there is a “slip-n-slide” like material that they have to go through. That and the fact that they have to run up hill in the sand! Eventually Evan powers through and beats CT in the end. Diem gets her birthday present by winning as well. She wins a full car stereo.

Time to pick now! Evan picks Diem first. Diem picks CT. CT has Kina. Kina gets Derrick. Derrick picks Jodi. Jodi goes with Eric. Eric picks Robin making her choose who goes into “The Duel”. Wes basically tells the girls to pick Brad before this, though, so Robin picks Brad. Wes is in and he ends up picking Derrick to go into “The Duel” with him. Like I said, they predicted this in the start of the episode. This is going to be a battle, though!

TJ brings out the deck of cards and Wes picks “Pole Wrestle”. They have to rip the pole of out of the guy’s hands. This is going be nasty says Derrick and I agree. After like 20 minutes of grueling action, Wes finally yanks the pole from Derrick’s hands. Both men are tired, though. Derrick is sad to go home and he says he’s going to re-evaluate his life. Wes then gets all emotional on the phone with Johanna. He’s drained physically and emotionally.

Rob & Big

This week is Rob’s birthday. It’s time to party! But first some “random” stuff. Yeah, I said it! First, Meat has a stinky butt. Even the professional cleaners can’t clean that thing. This really depresses Rob & Big Black. Meanwhile, they take turns throwing each other into the pool.

We also meet “Drama” a.k.a. Rob’s cousin and assistant. He cleans some stuff and tags along. He complains about being broke, but yet has all of these expensive clothes. Later, Rob and Drama skate at a college campus and Big gets into a fight with the security guy which is hilarious!

Finally, we finish off with a “wing-eating” contest at a local establishment. Big enters it and he’s the “heavy” favorite. He gets the great idea of everyone wearing white from head-to-toe. That works. But Big ends up losing the contest to a guy named Red. After Red buys them a drink, they steal the guy’s trophy!

We finish things off with a big party at club with strippers and then go back home with a giant cake that they destroy and toss it around. One last push into the pool and we’re out!

And that ends the 21th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next week when we mix things up a bit!

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