Spike Lee to tackle the L.A. Riots

Source: Variety

Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment are teaming with director Spike Lee on L.A. Riots, a drama framed around the racially charged April 1992 riots. John Ridley will write the script and Brian Grazer will produce.

The riots, which followed the acquittal by a white jury of four police officers who were videotaped beating black motorist Rodney King, caused the death of 55 people, thousands of injuries and close to $1 billion in damage.

According to Variety, Lee said the goal is to have a script in front of Universal president Donna Langley before business closes for the holidays. The project could be his next feature and shoot next year.

“This isn’t about some cavalcade of stars, but rather a truthful and realistic examination of what happened, what the ramifications were and where we are now, in hopes that something like this doesn’t happen again,” Lee said.

Grazer said the subject matter was “the best way to use Spike’s power as a filmmaker, to tell an even-handed story that gets beyond the iconic pictures that we all remember.”