MTV Mix – Volume 22

We add a new show this week and it’s one that is close to my heart. Why? Well, you’ll have to find out later. But because there are four solid shows on the air right now for MTV. I have decided to skip out on one show that I don’t like at all. You should know what that is. But if you don’t, I will explain. That and more this week as we mix it up!



Tiara Girls

Yeah, I don’t like this show. This episode was about a girl named Sabra. Her name annoyed me first off and that’s all I really care to say about that episode and this show. This is probably the last I will comment on this show. If you REALLY want to know about this show, then e-mail me and I will consider talking about it. But if know one else cares, then why should I when I don’t like the show. I still have plenty of good things to talk about later, though…


There appears to be no new shows on this night right now. Lets move along…


The Real World: Denver

I came into this episode about a minute late it seems as MTV decides to start airing this episode early. And when I jump into this episode, I’m a little confused. Tyrie is talking to Davis about his other personalities. He’s “Darc Kent” to the ladies. And when he’s angry and acts “ghetto”, he is known as “Leroy Jenkins”. Now the most confusing part of this is that everyone is getting ready to go out to a club. HOWEVER, they are all wearing the EXACT same clothes as the first night and episode that they went to a club. That’s when Alex hooked up with Jenn and Colie. Now this means either they only wear those clothes to go to clubs or really this was taped in the same night. The more I think about it, the more I see that they are showing you what happened between everyone else that night, whose names are NOT Jenn, Colie, and Alex. That rubs me the wrong way actually. It makes it seem like all of this “first night” stuff was staged. It was so good and juicy that they had to separate it out over a couple of episodes. Anyways, on with the drama.

And this can’t be any more confusing. Lets start with drunk Davis leaving the club for some unknown reason. He says he wants to go home. Next thing we see is everyone else leaving the club. But Stephen is pissed off for some reason. He says something about some guy calling him the “N-word”. Somehow he blames Davis for this. Why? I don’t know. But later Davis calls his boyfriend P.J. and says something about marriage and all of that drunk stuff.

Now all of this leads to Tyrie. He gets pissed off for no reason. Stephen explains to Tyrie that Davis left Stephen at the bar when a bartender called Stephen the “N-Word”. Now somehow this makes Tyrie so angry that he rips off his shirt and starts yelling at Davis. Why? He wants to talk to him like a man, but Davis is drunk and he does dumb thinks like smirk at Tyrie when he yells at him and puts his finger in his face. Wow, here comes “Leroy”! Now Davis yells back and this doesn’t seem “real”. Eventually Brooke and Colie calm things between them as expected. Colie then explains that there are “two drunk Davis'”. One kisses every girl, while the other gets mad at everyone and yells. Finally, Stephen steps in to try and explain things.

Things just get worse from here, though. Davis tells Stephen that he didn’t hear anyone call him the “N-word”. He would be right beside Stephen, if he did. However, Davis just keeps yelling at Tyrie now after Tyrie has walked away from him several times. Tyrie knows if he punched Davis, he would kill him. So he’s walking away. But Davis wants Tyrie to hit him for some reason. He thinks Tyrie hates him, when it’s really just the alcohol causing all of this. It gets to the point where actual MTV producers have to step in front of the camera to separate them. That usually doesn’t happen. But we are not done yet kids. Davis says he can’t stay here, knowing that Tyrie hates him and wants to kill him. He wants to go home. He talks on the phone and tells someone that he can’t “stay here knowing some ‘n-word’ wants to kill him”. Stephen hears this and now he’s back to yelling at Davis for saying that word. The producers know that everything could be better in the morning, so they send Davis to a hotel for the night.

The next morning Tyrie is still upset that Davis used a racial slur and tried to get him sent home. Davis comes back and says he is sorry for what he did. Tyrie doesn’t care. Davis decides that he wants to go home as a result. He is too embarrassed at what he did. He can’t stay here. Stephen forgives him, but Tyrie doesn’t really care. Davis says that he has a drinking problem and it’s best if he goes home and deals with it there. He doesn’t want to blow up like he did again. Tyrie finally asks him why he said that word and Davis says he was angry. He doesn’t normally say that word. Tyrie says that if Davis stays, they can probably work things out. But it just depends on what Davis thinks is best for himself.

Stephen decides to help Davis the next day. Stephen thinks that Davis may be racist, since he’s from the South. But Stephen wants Davis to stay since he thinks he’s a good man. Davis thinks about it really hard. Tyrie talks to him one last time. He says that his anger for Davis is gone. Tyrie has the line of the night when he says that “I’m an a**hole, but I’m not a d**k”! He says that Davis was man enough to tell him that he has a drinking problem and that’s why he acted that way. Tyrie wants him to stay now and Davis is going to stay. He’s going to watch his behavior from now on. We’ll see how long that lasts, but this episode was so exhausting to watch!

TwentyFour Seven

First thing I need to say. These guys are from my hometown of Hot Springs, Arkansas. No joke. The lead man of this show is Greg. He moved to Hollywood to open a club and get into the entertainment industry, of course. But before that he lived in Arkansas. WOW!

Anyways there are seven guys and they are friends “24 hours a day”. So there is your name, more or less. Greg is the “entrepreneur”. He is also the boyfriend of Haylie Duff. No kidding! He has a older brother named Chris. Chris is the lead singer of the new rock band called “The Prom Kings”. That makes him the “rock star”. They have a friend named Ty. He’s the “filmmaker”. They live with a guy named Whitman. He’s the “record producer”. Whitman found this surfer guitar dude named Cipes. He’s the “musician”. They have another friend named Matt. He’s the “actor”. He looks like Val Kilmer and he’s getting a lot of acting jobs. Greg has known him since he was three years old. Finally, we have Frankie. He’s a big “club promoter” and seems to be the most “in” person of the group. Together they are friends living the “Hollywood life”!

This episode was basically about Greg’s new club called “Casablanca”. The Prom Kings are supposed to be singing at it. Greg calls all of his friends to help get the party started. But we take time out for a little brother drama between Greg and Chris. Apparently, Chris wants to be all “redneck” and head down to Arkansas to do a little huntin’! Greg is pissed since Chris is supposed to be singing at his club in two days. Chris goes and says he will be back after getting a “deer and a hog”. Lovely. By the way, I can make fun because I’m from there.

It’s time for the party and Chris hasn’t made it back yet. Greg is pissed and he finally has to let Cipes and his band called “The People” play their music instead. And their music is a mix between rock, pop, and reggae? Yeah, it’s different. Chris finally calls Greg and we find out why he is not back yet. He’s in jail! That’s right we are going to Hot Springs to the local jail! Awesome! How did I not know they were filming here?!?!?! Overall, this show looks interesting. It’s like the MTV version of Entourage, if that show was “unscripted”.


Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel

Robin gets a little drunk to start and we get a little “Real World” drama. Robin says some nasty things to Aneesa. Basically, she says some things about Aneesa’s race and sexuality. Is it just me or do you think she said something other than what you heard on TV? It’s like they dubbed Robin’s voice as the picture slowed down. Yeah, I think so. Anyways, everyone is mad at Robin now. You don’t do that. Aneesa handles it extremely well, though. No fights. She is just hurt and cries a little bit. But anyways everyone seems to be on Aneesa’s side. But more on that later…

Time for the next challenge! It is called “Dine-N-Dash”. It’s a “Female Duel Day”. Everyone is divided into two teams of five. Diem, Robin, Kina, Evan, and CT are on one team. Svetlana, Eric, Aneesa, Brad, and Jodi are on the other. This challenge has two stages. The first part is eating as much food as the teams can to gain the most weight in 20 minutes. That’s just mean. But then the second part is making them run a race and grabbing flags. Someone should be throwing up! The teams get weighed to start off with. Diem’s team weighs 811.4 lbs. Svetlana’s team weighs 870.1 lbs. They have the “big guns”. Winning guy gets a “hockey package” that includes NHL tickets along with a Sirius Satellite radio.

The food that the teams are eating is covered in flies and insects. But they eat and eat and eat and eat. In the end, Diem’s team gains more weight and moves on to the next round. So it’s Evan vs. CT for the male prize again. Which is why Evan said what he said about CT in my interview with Evan. Evan is Canadian so he should really win by default, because of the hockey. Whoever gets all of their flags first wins. CT does it for the guys and Diem does it for the ladies. Evan throws up afterwards. Yay! But wait, we learn that CT is getting a DQ since he didn’t grab the first flag from the first pole like he should have. So Evan wins the hockey package! CT looks annoyed by this.

Time to pick now! Diem picks CT. CT has Kina. Kina gets Evan. Evan picks Jodi. Jodi goes with Brad. Brad picks Robin, which pisses Aneesa off for obvious reasons. Robin makes Wes choose who goes into “The Duel”. Wes picks Svetlana and that sends Aneesa into “The Duel”. She easily picks Robin to join her!

TJ brings out the deck of cards and Aneesa picks “Ascender”. You know the rules. They climb up a rope ladder and then solve a puzzle. Aneesa is blowing away Robin. She makes it back to the ground first and she ends up solving the puzzle first. Aneesa is excited as Robin is going home!! Everyone seems sad. Yet they were on Aneesa’s side earlier. Whatever. Nothing makes sense on these shows. Aneesa wins a X-Box 360, by the way. Robin says her tearful goodbyes and there we go. She’s sorry for what she said to Aneesa also.

Rob & Big

This week was all about “pimping” out Big Black’s room. He lives here now and he needs more than white walls. Of course, he breaks his bed as well. So they are off to get some supplies.

Rob jumps on some mattresses at “Mattress World”. Seriously, I think that’s illegal. The salesman doesn’t look too happy, but it looks fun. He must be letting them do that because of the cameras AND he knows that they will give him a lot of money. They pick out a bed and other things for Black’s room.

Next they decide to make a family portrait. They go to take pictures and they want it to look like a famous album cover with Tupac, Shug Knight, and Snoop Dogg. So Rob is Tupac, Big is Shug, and Meaty is Snoop Dogg, of course. This is a funny photo shoot. Meaty can take some sweet pictures. They turned out awesome!

Meaty gets in some trouble later, though. He gets into the trash and eats some bones. That causes him all kinds of medical problems. But when he is all better, he goes out to the backyard. Rob had a mini skate park made in the backyard for them. And guess what? Meaty finally jumped on that skateboard and rode it like the skating bulldog from a few episodes back. That was pretty funny to watch as well. Overall, this was a highly enjoyable episode.

And that ends the 22th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next week when we mix things up a bit!

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