WWE Diva Remembers DimeBag Darrell


WWE RAW Diva Beth Phoenix has posted the following on her MySpace blog:

Friday, December 08, 2006

We remember Dime…

Today is the second anniversary of the murder of DimeBag Darrell. I wanted to take this time to just say how much Dime influenced my life. Other than wrestling, music has always been a major outlet for me. Nothing was a better release of tension and stress than blaring Domination or 5 Minutes Alone alone in my room. Pantera was my favorite band of all time. I liked other bands, but I just bonded with Pantera. I saw them in concert twice when I really wasn’t old enough to go, but snuck in anyway. I bought all their home videos and what struck me more than anything was how they really did everything for the fans. Their careers were all about giving the fans what we wanted. Especially, Dime. (Lessons for later in my life and career)

Anyways, two years ago, I had the pleasure of seeing DamagePlan in concert here in Louisville. It was a tiny underground club that held maybe 300 people and I was crushed right against the stage. I left that show bruised, filthy and covered in sweat that wasn’t my own but man…I had goosebumps for a week. I was so close to Dime I got brushed by his hair. And man could he play. That was a musician. Someone that lived and loved what he did. I was in total awe.

Barely over a month later and only 100 miles away, Dime played for the last time. I was going to drive to Columbus to see that show, but the money that I had saved just went to unexpected bills. I was heartbroken that I couldn’t go. Funny how fate works. I felt like I had been knocked on my ass when I turned on the radio and heard the news. Dime was gone. I couldn’t believe it. One of the kindest, most selfless, funloving, talented person to ever walk this earth. It just goes to show how precious life is. In the end the only thing that matters is not money, fame or anything of the sort. It’s simply how good you treat people. And Dime always did that. Thanks for the memories friend. I always knew your licks were too good for this earth. :)

Beth has been off of RAW since Victoria broke her face months ago, training in Ohio Valley Wrestling and awaiting her return. Jim Ross recently wrote on his blog that he hopes to see her back on RAW soon, to settle her differences with Victoria (also, she was brought in as someone with a history with WWE Women’s Champ Mickie James), but we have yet to hear of a timetable for her to be back on TV. You can see Beth’s MySpace profile here.

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