ECW Spoilers for December 16, 2006

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Following are ECW spoilers for tonight’s show, taped Tuesday night in Boston, according to…

(1) Kevin Thorn defeated Scotty Too Hotty in a dark match

(2) Test defeated Rob Van Dam. RVD was going for a sunset flip but Test held onto the ropes for the three count.

Matt Striker cut a promo insulting the state of Massachusetts and Celtics legend Red Auerbach dying. His guest was Balls Mahoney, and he said he fit in with the fans in Boston. Balls started his punching spot, until Striker kicked him in the balls, saying he now had “blue balls.”

(3) CM Punk defeated Hardcore Holly via DQ when Holly wouldn’t stop punching Punk in the corner. This wasn’t the type of ECW the fans in Boston remember from Wonderland in Revere.

(4) Tommy Dreamer challenged The Great Khali. He came out with Daviri, but Dreamer wound up wrestling Daviri. Dreamer got the win with a DDT. After the match, Khali planted Dreamer with a tree slam on the floor.

(5) Bobby Lashley defeated Heyman Security in a handicapped match. Lashley went over strong, but the question remains why Heyman would still have a security team if he is no longer in WWE.

This was the first ECW taping not written by recently-“dismissed” Paul Heyman. Former Smackdown head writer Dave Lagana now has the book for this brand.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.