ECW Preview for December 16, 2006



The next giant
December 16, 2006

Lashley proved he is in fact deserving of his ECW World Title when he pinned the Extreme Giant to retain his gold. Part three of mission impossible takes place on Saturday. However, the ECW World Champion faces Paul Heyman’s Personal Enforcers in a Handicap Match. Will ECW fans witness Lashley overcome the odds again on ECW on Sci Fi?

Also, this Saturday night ECW fans can tune in to see Rob Van Dam clash with the self-proclaimed Impact Player Test one-on-one. Following their collision within the Extreme Elimination Chamber Match, there’s no question that this match will be just as brutal.

With some bitter feelings still lingering between the Extreme Elimination Chamber participants, will new alliances form or do their personal journeys toward the ECW World Title require every man to be for himself?

Find out the answers to all of these questions and more on a special day and time this Saturday at 8/7 CT on ECW on Sci Fi. has also posted the latest word of the week from Matt Striker, Tarot Card reading from Ariel, blogs from Iraq by CM Punk, a holiday shopping edition of “Shooting with Tazz,” and while Joey Style names Tommy Dreamer his “MEP,” Dreamer’s commentary still goes un-updated…

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