TNA & ROH News on Kurt Angle, Upcoming Shows & More


– There was a lot of indecision backstage in the build-up to Turning Point about whether or not Kurt Angle should tap out to Samoa Joe or simply pass out from the pain of Joe’s choke hold. It was a last-minute call that Angle should definitely tap.

– Joe suffered a third-degree MCL sprain at the 12/11 TV tapings. He threw a kick and felt his knee give out. It’s the same one he’s been having problems with this year. He probably won’t require surgery at this point but might be out of action a few weeks in order to rest for the 1/14 PPV. He already cancelled some bookings.

– In the Turning Point pre-show match. which saw Serotonin lose to Ron Killings & Lance Hoyt, there was a booking error about who was to get pinned. Bentley was meant to take the fall as Sting was going to beat Kazarian on TV, Devine had lost and been caned on a previous show, and they wanted Raven to have caned all three Serotonin members. However, someone who wrote the name down on the paper got the names mixed up and so Kazarian wound up getting pinned instead. He was caned four times by Raven after the match.

– Traci Brooks and Eric Young were both nervous about their Turning Point bikini contest. Brooks was reluctant to take part as she didn’t want to be seen as nothing more than T&A. Young thought that the segment would bomb. Perhaps both were correct.

– TNA has finally run out of patience with The Naturals, who they feel have been given numerous chances but have not been able to show any fire or personality in their work. Andy Douglas in particular might not be used again.

– There was talk of bringing in a babyface Latino group to feud with LAX next year. Apolo was named as a possible leader for the group, although he no-showed several dates in his last stint with TNA and so many are reluctant to bring him back.

– Apparently, management has come to the conclusion that Lance Hoyt cannot dance.

– Diamond Dallas Page is suing Rocawear owners Roc Apparel Group, Urban Menswear and Rocawear Licensing for producing T-shirts with his Diamond Cutter gesture on them. This is part of the same suit he filed against Jay-Z last year. Page is currently in South Africa, shooting a movie called Gallow Walker, which stars Wesley Snipes.

– Lex Luger, now 48, is hurting bad and needs both his hips replaced. He is currently in Europe, trying to find non-surgical treatment.

– Chris Jericho’s The Rock of Jericho Sunday night radio show on XM was due to end on 12/31 but was pulled from the air earlier after the 12/3 show. This was because he regularly mocked Oprah Winfrey and Bob Dylan, who both have weekly shows on the station.

– Lance Storm suffered a broken throat in a match with Christian Cage in Toronto last week. He took a clothesline bump and cracked a hyoid bone in his throat.

– Bryan Danielson returned from his NOAH tour in Japan, including a long match with KENTA, and apparently his shoulder is now doing better and has less mobility.

– ROH’s 12/23 show at the Manhattan Centre is expected to be the first in the history of the promotion to sell out in advance. The card is Danielson vs. Homicide for the title, Aries/Strong/Delicious vs. Sydal/Cima/Takagi under Dragon Gate Rules, Whitmer/Cabana vs. Jacobs/Albright, Joe vs. McGuiness, Daniels vs. Rave vs. Richards vs. Generico and a farewell to Claudio Castagnoli as he heads to WWE developmental.

Credit: Wrestling Observer newsletter (click here for subscription information)