Piper Credits Fans, Pulse Wrestling on MySpace, Diva Departure Details & More

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Pulse Wrestling Editor Matthew Michaels asked me to include some site news:

– Pulse Wrestling’s now on MySpace! Click here to add us to your page…

– Pulse Glazer interviewed Ring of Honor Champion Bryan Danielson on Wednesday, and you can check out the full transcript here, with audio to be up shortly, according to our editor anyway.

– Danielson, along with Angle, Joe, Edge and Finlay, is nominated for Best Male Wrestler in our Year-End Awards, so don’t forget to vote by the end of the year…

And some news from around the wrestling world:

– Roddy Piper appeared on Mark Madden’s ESPN radio show on the 15th December. He said his cancer was caught early and he expects to win the battle, then mentioned he would like to fight Vince McMahon at WrestleMania next year. He said he still gets daily messages from Ric Flair telling him not to give up. He said that if it wasn’t for wrestling fans he wouldn’t have found out about the cancer in time to treat it, as everybody expected Dusty Rhodes to win the vote at Cyber Sunday. They did a legitimate ballot and Piper won, even though he hadn’t gotten himself in shape to go back on the road. It was only after that he went for a check-up and the doctor found the cancer, telling him he could have had it for up to three years and never known had they not caught it then. He’s still doing five days of chemotherapy a week.

– NJPW president Simon Inoki visited John Laurinaitis on the 14th December, discussing a possible talent trading program with WWE. It’s not likely to lead to anything as NJPW don’t have talent WWE is interested in using, though Inoki talked about using guys WWE doesn’t rely on, like Val Venis, or developmental workers in order to give them a different type of ring experience. Inoki’s father, Antonio, is believed to be trying to raise capital from investors to buy back control of NJPW and wants this WWE deal in order to convince them.

– Amy Zidian, who briefly played Jimmy Wang Yang’s girlfriend, rubbed a lot of people the wrong way backstage. First she made some disparaging comments to Layla El, asking her if she was upset about her getting a push while Layla, who won the Diva Search that Zidian was eliminated from, was ‘collecting dust’. She also made fun of Kristal Marshall’s hair extentions, upsetting her. The worst offence was when she sarcastically asked Vickie Guerrero why she was a Diva, insinuating that she was overweight and not good-looking. Vickie responded by saying that since she wasn’t pretty enough she had better get out of ‘your’ locker room. Zidian genuinely didn’t know who Vickie was or why she was involved with Smackdown, yet by upsetting her the entire locker room more or less turned on her. She was about to get fired until Laurinaitis stood up for her and saved her job. However, when Stephanie McMahon gave Zidian some pointers for an interview segment they were making, Zidian responded with a bad attitude, asking who she was to give her advice. Stephanie told her who she was and that her family owned WWE and Zidian rolled her eyes, not believing it. Laurinaitis, who brought Zidian to TV and wanted to use her even when other creative members didn’t, couldn’t possibly save her after that one.

See No Evil has now made $7.09 million in two weeks of DVD sales.

– Wrestling Society X will debut at 20:30 on MTV in Canada on the 30th January, two hours before it makes its US debut.

Credit: Wrestling Observer newsletter (click here for subscription information)