F-Rated: Fans everywhere are suffering from !DENTITY CRISIS!

Holiday parties got you bored to tears? Inject a little spirit into the latest round of ‘family charades’ with !DENTITY CRISIS! The new boardgame, brought to you by the same bad-talking makers of BALDERDASH, has players dishing the latest rumours about their favourite celebs, only to have fellow gamers figure out who they’re scooping about.

That’s right, it’s a celebrity guessing game with a gossip-y twist, where players vie to identify the famous from the infamous, and the real from the fictional during two hearsay-filled rounds that get tougher as they go.

Don’t believe us? Chit-chatting celebs like Perez Hilton and Canada’s very own Jennifer Podemski, a.k.a Ms. Suave of Degrassi: The Next Generation have hit !DENTITY CRISIS with their stamp of star approval!

So how does it work? Pick a celeb, any celeb from the deck o’ cards and gab away. The !DENTITY round lets players use all the words they want to describe their celeb, but once they hit the CRISIS! round, game-goers can only use one word to hint at what star they’ve got under their wing.

And for those of you who dream of eternal fame, throw yourself into the deck on one of the game’s blank cards, and have players gossip about you, to your face. Who needs reality TV drama, when !DENTITY CRISIS brings it to your living room?

For more information on the game, please visit www.identitycrisisgame.com