Deep South Wrestling TV Report for December 31, 2006

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Deep South Wrestling Television
Airing December 31, 2006 on Comcast Sports South
Taped on December 14, 2006 at the Deep South Arena in McDonough, Ga
By Larry Goodman

Nigel Sherrod and Bill DeMott showed brief clips of matches from last week’s show, Micah Taylor vs. David Heath, Bradley Jay vs. Derrick Neikirk, and Urban Assault vs. Gymini. No finishes shown nor any mention of the winners. The big news was the introduction of Afa as a fourth member of Urban Assault. The clip showed Afa shoving Angel Williams down on her face.

“I will not have that on my show. Oh, no, no, no. Not on my show” – Krissy Vaine.

Cut to the office of DSW where Rebecca DiPietro was with GM Krissy Vaine. DiPietro questioned Vaine about her decision to grant the Gymini a rematch against Urban Assault. Vaine had seen the tape and fined UA a substantial amount of cash for their actions Vaine added that she was throwing her little ol’ friend Angel Williams a bone, because her career was going nowhere until she hooked up with Gymini. “I decided to give her a little something, something, so she could either make or break her career.” Vaine said Gymini had a special announcement to make.

(1) Henry Godwin & Ray Gordy beat Big Bully Douglas & Billy Blade in 3:51 with Country Thunder. Godwin and Gordy were amused by the sight of Freakin Deacon and the Bag Lady making their way through the arena. The jobbers tried to take advantage of the distraction, but the New Age Godwinns quickly cleared the ring and celebrated with the dosey-do. Sherrod wondered if the it was the aroma of the slop bucket that had attracted the Deacon to ringside. Godwin took a bite out of Bully’s fingers, while shielding his actions from ref John Cone. Godwin assisted Gordy on a legdrop, and Bully ended up with a nasty hardway gash above the eye. Bully gave Gordy some pissed off payback. Blade and Bully hit a double back elbow. Blade grapevined the leg. Gordy mule kicked Blade and reached for the tag. Godwin cleaned house. Time for the finisher. Godwin laid Blade out with a pumphandle slam, and Gordy pinned him with a top rope splash.

Next up was the debut of Tracy Taylor’s TT Bar with DiPietro as her guest. Taylor asked DiPietro about her background. DiPietro listed her credentials: modeling, 2006 WWE Diva Contestant (eliminated third), ECW interviewer, and winner of the 2005 Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Contest. Taylor told DiPietro she had come to the right place for a bikini contest and started to shake that booty. DiPietro said she was glad she didn’t have to compete against Taylor. DiPietro said that Hawaiian Tropics congratulates their bikini contest winners, but in ECW, things are more physical. Taylor’s imagination ran wild at the thought of DiPietro in a bikini getting physical with the Extremists.

We heard from Angel Williams and the Gymini. Angel said they put their heads together and came up with a huge surprise for Urban Assault. Gymini said it was a stinking numbers game.

“The All American” Jake Hager was backstage with Luscious for his debut promo. Luscious wanted to know what Hager was really all about. Hager said he started wrestling at age six, and the legends in Oklahoma took him under their wing and showed him how to dominate. “What is Jake Hager about? Jake Hager is about dominance. So please, PLEASE, try me.”

DiPietro caught up with Dan Rodimer on his way to the ring with Brooke Adams. DiPietro wanted to know what Rodimer thought about his match. Rodimer said he thought he would win. DiPietro asked Rodimer if he had anything special planned. Rodimer said the only thing special out there was “The Big Deal.” Time stood still, as nobody seemed sure what to do or say to end it. Rodimer entered the ring and spread his crimson red cape for the camera. It read “THE BIG DEAL.”

(2) Daniel Rodimer (with Brooke Adams) beat Jake Hager in 4:15 with assist from Oleg Prudius (Vladimir Koslov). Sherrod and DeMott joked about the TT Bar. The trash talking between Hager and Rodimer quickly escalated into a slugfest. Hager started scoring takedowns. Hager slammed Rodimer and hooked the leg for a two count. Rodimer begged off and waited for Hager to wade in. Rodimer stunned Hager with a shoulder block and decked him with a lariat. Rodimer returned the favor with a body slam for a two count. Rodimer focused on restricting Hager’s oxygen supply. Rodimer dropped a pair of elbows to the ribs and locked in the Nirvana Strangle. Prudius suddenly appeared at ringside. He grabbed the mic from Rob Russo and started singing the Russian National Anthem. Meanwhile, Hager had put Rodimer in a stepover toehold. Hager broke the hold to tell Prudius to hit the road. Prudius ignored him. Hager reached through the ropes to give Prudius a shove. Prudius gave Hager a headbutt and resumed his singing. Rodimer swooped in with the cover on Hager.

“Rough House” Ryan O’Reilly was interviewed by Luscious. O’Reilly said his problems with his Mike Knox were being left in the past. They were brothers and that’s what families do. Luscious said the story making the rounds was that he got his title shot because of his relationship with Vaine. O’Reilly took offense. He said there was no relationship. Being the troubleshooter was just a job. “I don’t want no sympathy. I don’t need nuthin.” Imitating Vaine’s accent O’Reilly said, “I wasn’t going to give you anything anyways.” O’Reilly said tonight wasn’t about Knox or Vaine. It was about the DSW heavyweight gold. “Bradley Jay, tonight, you are not just stepping into the ring with the Rough House. You are stepping in the ring with me, yours truly, Ryan O’Reilly.”

DiPietro stopped Jay on his way to the ring to get his thoughts. Jay said the people knew he was a fighting champion and he was willing to take on anybody Krissy Vaine put in front of him, including her “boy toy” O’Reilly. However, being that he only had to defend the title once every 30 days, he was making it a non-title match.

(3) Ryan O’Reilly pinned the DSW Heavyweight Champion Bradley Jay in a non-title match at 8:18. O’Reilly brought Jay into the ring the hardway, prompting John Cone to call for the bell. They punched and chopped each other silly with stiff shots. DeMott said O’Reilly had a busted lip. Sherrod said their bodies were bruised. Jay choked O’Reilly over the ropes with cravate. O’Reilly choked Jay with his boot. Jay escaped a waistlock and sent O’Reilly into the ropes. Jay mauled O’Reilly for one near fall, hit a snap suplex for another and pounded him from the mount for a third. Jay cut off a comeback with elbows and punches to the back of the neck. Jay stomped away at O’Reilly’s head. Jay drove four straight knees into O’Reilly’s head and put him on his back for a near fall. O’Reilly got the top positon and pounded Jay. O’Reilly scored with left jabs. The ropes were the only thing holding Jay up. O’Reilly threw three right hands and three times, Jay went down. O’Reilly caught Jay with a flying forearm. O’Reilly couldn’t muster up a cover until the count of four and Jay rolled a shoulder. Jay nailed O’Reilly with a clothesline from Hell. O’Reilly got a foot over the ropes before the three. Jay went for the ankle lock but O’Reilly powered out. O’Reilly hit a killer overhead belly to belly suplex. Jay kicked out at the last split second. O’Reilly signaled for the Rough Shot. Jay had it scouted. Jay got O’Reilly up for the Second City Slam, but O’Reilly countered with the Rough Shot and cradled Jay for the three count.

All four members of Urban Assault were backstage with Luscious. A supremely confident Eric Perez did the talking. Perez was, to say the least, skeptical about just how effective the Gymini’s big surprise would be against the thuggery of UA.

It was time to see what the Gymini had up their sleeve. Nick Patrick raised the tag team title BELTS over his head. Cut to a shot of G-Rilla, a stoic statue-like presence in the corner of Urban Assault. The music played. The camera panned from the empty entrance ramp over to the announcer’s table. DeMott removed the headset and his glasses and made his way to ringside. He mocked G-Rilla’s stance with only the ringsteps separating them.

“How could this be? Doesn’t Bill DeMott remember how the Gymini smashed a VCR across his head?…I’ve got to wonder how this association came about.” – Nigel Sherrod

(4) The Gymini (Jesse & Jake with Angel Williams) defeated Urban Assault (Cocky Siaki & Eric Perez with G-Rilla) to win the DSW Tag Team Titles in 9:26. Gymini cleaned house on UA with double teams. Gymini commenced to beating on Perez. Jake hit a snap suplex for a one count. Jesse hit a butterfly suplex for two. But Jesse telegraphed a backdrop and got planted like a lawn dart. UA got heat on Jake. Perez pounded Jesse on the outside, but DeMott never took his eyes off of G-Rilla. Siaki used a back chop followed by a basement dropkick for a near fall. UA beat on Jake behind Patrick’s back. The crowd clapped for a Gymini rally. Jake responded with a sunset flip and was immediately cut down by a clothesline. The mugging went on for 6 minutes to where UA were toying with him. Jake hit his suplex neckbreaker and made the hot tag. Jesse hit the full nelson Russian legsweep on Siaki, but Perez broke up the pin. Jesse dumped Perez. Perez clubbed DeMott from behind. Perez was holding DeMott for G-Rilla, but DeMott moved and Perez ate it. DeMott jumped on G-Rilla. Afa ran out and jumped on DeMott. But Afa and G-Rilla were so focused on putting the boots to DeMott, that they failed to see Gymini hitting the Crosstrainer on Siaki. Their save was late. Big pop for the new champions. Gymini circled the ring slapping hands with the fans. The show closed with a shot of Gymini helping DeMott to his feet.

The Inside Pulse
Closing Thoughts: DeMott as Gymini’s equalizer. I don’t think anybody saw that one coming. It will be interesting to see the storyline explanation. At one point, the camera caught G-Rilla cracking under the pressure of DeMott’s penetrating stare. Sherrod did a nice job calling the match solo. Gymini worked pure babyface again and ended up getting a strong pop on the title change. They’re making a point to differentiate the Gyminis by referring to them by Jesse and Jake Jay/O’Reilly was one hell of a brawl, and maybe the best match of that type ever on DSW TV. It was certainly the most intensity and workrate Jay has shown in Deep South. This was a credible champion fighting to hang on to his title. They beat the crap out of each other and threw some great punches. With matches generally going 10 minutes max, the selling in Deep South looks exaggerated at times, but not here. Sherrod called it “brutality at its finest.” That was smooth work with the storyline to move from O’Reilly losing clean loss to Knox, to O’Reilly as the number one contender. The Vaine interview raised the possibility of favoritism as an explanation for the match. Then, O’Reilly went out and beat the champ in a great match to erased any doubts about his legitimacy Godwin looks fine manhandling jobbers, and Gordy looks more relaxed than at any time since he came to Deep South. It remains to be seen how much nostalgia there is for that gimmick. My guess is not much The TT Bar (get it?) segment was bad as in phony. Two beautiful women with cardboard personalities, or at least they came across that way, although I doubt that’s actually the case. It’s odd that they can’t opr won’t get better takes on some of the pretaped segments That was one goofy finish to the Rodimer/Hager match. I enjoyed it in a guilty pleasure way, because Deep South keep that kind of stuff to a minimum Kofe Nahaje Kingston b Keith Walker, Heath b Robert Anthony (formerly Egotistico Fantastico), Afa b Suede, High Impact (Micah Taylor & Tony Santarelli w/Tracy Taylor) b Heath Miller & Johnny Curtis.