MTV Mix – Volume 23

After a long break, it’s time to get back in busy. A lot of stuff has been going down on MTV and I have not been fully covering all the action. Have no fear, though, I’m back to get you all caught up. It may take a little bit, but before we can move foward, we must look back. So here is a Mix that covered four shows that aired during the week of December 18 through December 21. Somehow this was all written, but it wasn’t posted. Or maybe it was erased during the server crash. Either way, here it is again. I guess you can call this a “remix” from a month ago…


MONDAY (12/11/2006)

I guess MTV didn’t like Tiara Girls either as it wasn’t shown at all this week. So nothing to report on Monday night right now. But there is some big news to report. Starting January 15 on this night we will get two shows to review. One old favorite and a new one. First, The Hills with Lauren from Laguna Beach returns for a second season. That gets followed by a new show with Jennifer Lopez called Dance Life. Both should be good and that night looks solid. By the way, My Super Sweet 16 also debuts before those shows, but like Tiara Girls that show SUCKS! I won’t be reviewing that show. The other two are good to go. Only a month away. Stay tuned…

TUESDAY (12/12/2006)

There is still no new shows on this night yet. So lets keep moving…

WEDNESDAY (12/13/2006)

The Real World: Denver

We start off with a little pimping and macking. Tyrie needs to have sex he says. And he knows he is only going to get it outside of the house. So what he does is go after two women. One night he meets a girl named Ashley. He finds her attractive. The next night he meets a girl named Jazelle. He likes her as well. Ashley is a flight attendent and is only her for a week. Jazalle is sticking around a little longer. Tyrie thinks he should go after Ashley first for the short-term and then go after Jazelle for the long-term.

Tyrie calls both women and both want him to meet them at the same club. Tyrie says he has “more game than Parker Brothers”. How do you pull off dancing with two girls at the same club? You need a good wing man. That’s where Stephen comes into play. Tyrie spends most of the night dancing with Jazelle, while Stephen spends the night with Ashley, telling her that Tyrie really likes her. Stephen says Ashley can come to the house tonight. But Tyrie ends up liking Jazalle more and asks her to come over as well. That’s a problem and Stephen has to scramble to create excuses for Tyrie.

Meanwhile, Davis wants everyone to go skiing. They do live in Denver. It’s summertime, but there is still snow on the ground. The problem is that no one is into skiing except for Alex and Stephen. They end up having a good time. Alex falls a lot. Davis does pretty good, while Stephen doesn’t really do much skiing. He goes to drink a beer or two. They seem to have become closer friends now.

Everyone goes out to celebrate June 6, 2006 a.k.a. 666 a.k.a. The Devil’s Night a.k.a. “A Celebration of Sin”. Jenn and Brooke dress up whores. Brooke apparantly likes this. They dress in lingerie, but no one else does which is a little odd. While they are there, some guy comes up to Davis and asks if he is gay since he is wearing eye makeup and stuff. Tyrie comes in and talks to that guy. He has Davis’ back, which surprises Davis.

As Tyrie and the rest of the gang leave the club, he runs into Jazelle. They get into a big fight for no reason. They smooth things over. Tyrie seems to have really fallen for her. The problem is that she says they can’t have sex for four months. We’ll see how long that lasts, though. And that’s all for this episode. Not as much drama as advertised. But I guess not every episode has to be “drama-filled”! Next week looks different, though.

TwentyFour Seven

We go back to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Chris got thrown into jail, while he was visiting. Greg goes back home to bail him out. Chris got a new haircut, which is a mohawk. Greg says they should have arrested him for that. But the reason he was arrested was because he was driving drunk. Along with that, though, there were a few guys that were messing with him so he made them pull over so he could fight them. So he got a DWI and 3 counts of assault.

Back in Los Angeles, the rest of the boys get together to chat about their respective careers. Ty’s movie is doing okay. Matt is doing photo shoots and promotions for his role in a movie. Cipes rambles on about something that no one understands. Frankie says there is a big party going down tonight.

To make matters worse for Chris, his father is a pastor. It doesn’t look good as Chris could go to jail for a long time. His mother says that he could be dead as the police usually shoot people, who don’t respond to them.

Cipes does some voice-over work on the Teen Titans movie with Whitman. Later, they all go to that party with wicked hot girls running around. Whitman seems to be the only one to not “party it up”. But maybe that’s to fool a girl named Shayne, who swears she is not a porn star. This is a “porn star” party, by the way. They chat it up, while Ty hangs out with all kinds of girls. And Cipes continues to talk about nothing.

Back in Arkansas, the Carney boys go to church with their parents and after some prayers and such, Greg gets the call from their attorney. Chris only has probation. No jail time. Good news for them and they are off to Los Angeles after hugging the folks. They come back to another party for Chris’ return and all is right with the world.

THURSDAY (12/14/2006)

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel

Brad thinks it’s anyone’s game. He may to find new friends to align himself with since Robin is gone. But it won’t be with any of the “newer” guys. Evan and Wes try to get Eric to call out CT for “The Duel”, since they believe he will be last one. The numbers are dropping and fewer “new” people are left. Meanwhile, CT and Diem continue their “showmance”. Diem has a “three week rule”. She won’t kiss anyone until she has known them for at least three weeks. WOW! That’s a long time in MTV Land.

Time for the next challenge! It is called “Stacking Stairs”. It’s a “Male Duel Day”. There will be two heats. One with three teams of two and one with two teams of two. The object is to stack stairs up into the air so you can grab some flags. Fastest team wins. Winning female gets the “NHL Package”. Male is safe another week. The males have to run over and pick a girl to partner with. It ends up being Kina and Brad, Aneesa and Eric, CT and Diem, Evan and Jodi, and Wes and Svetlana. Every guy thinks they are going into “The Duel”, by the way. Except for CT, which means he’s going in for sure now.

CT and Diem, Kina and Brad, and Evan and Jodi go in the first heat. All of the teams scramble for stairs. Brad and Kina seem to be doing well. The same for Evan and Jodi. CT is only thinking about Diem, so they suck it up. It’s a race between Evan and Brad. Evan leaps first and grabs the flag to win the first heat. The second heat is Aneesa and Eric and Wes and Svetlana. Evan doesn’t think Eric and Aneesa can do anything right and that seems true. Wes and Svetlana make a mistake, though. They didn’t position the stairs right and Wes has to turn around which causes him to fall. Wes hurries to get back up, but he jumps and misses the flag. Now they are working against the clock as they have to beat Evan’s time. Aneesa has one final shot at it. She jumps up, but it’s not high enough. Evan and Jodi win!

Time to pick now! Evan picks Jodi. Jodi gets CT. CT picks Diem. Diem goes with Brad. Brad picks Svetlana, making her choose who goes into “The Duel”. Svetlana picks Wes and that sends Eric into “The Duel”. Evan’s plan is working. Except Eric picks Brad, which shocks everyone. Eric is supposed to be friends with Brad or something.

TJ brings out the deck of cards and Eric picks “Pole Wrestle”. You know the rules. They have to yank the pole from the other person’s hands. Eric’s plan is to just roll over onto the stick all of the time. They have restart every time he does that. But finally Brad outwrestles Eric and yanks the stick away from him. Eric is going home! Bye Big Easy!

Afterwards everyone is glad that Eric went home and happy that Brad did it. The big guy is gone and CT, Evan, Wes, and Brad are the “Final Four Guys”. Evan says he has something special planned later. And we finish things off with everyone watching Diem and CT as they kiss for the first time! Awww… Diem is pissed that everyone saw her, though. She is slightly embarrassed.

Rob & Big

This week we start off with some more problems with Meaty. He is going to the bathroom in the house and he has no manners at all. The guys call in a “dog psychic” to “speak” to Meaty. She finds out that he only listens to Big Black. But what Meaty really needs is a “female voice”.

That leads the guys to a matchmaking place. They are getting hooked up for dates for their dog. Interesting. The funniest thing so far is Rob calling his blind date named Annie. What is funny is that she rambles on and on and about nothing. Well, basically it’s about how she is so funny and her funny friend Karen files her boyfriend’s nasty feet. She also sings in a punk band. Black’s date is named Regla.

Before the big dates, Rob goes skateboarding somewhere. It’s illegal, of course. They run into the local security guy, but he’s cool about the situation. Black takes off his shirt and rubs his belly against the guy, which is a little weird. It’s all in good fun.

Time for the dates now. When the first thing you reach for on a date is a bottle of vodka, you probably know what kind of date this will be. The women are not that attractive. So Rob & Black have to get drunk to have fun. They even sing their version of “Ebony & Ivory” at some bar! HA!

The next morning we found that Annie was really 37 and not 27 like she said she was. Rob is so cool on the phone. Rob tells the matchmaker that they are going to get dates the “hard way” now. That’s going to the strip clubs and getting girls there! HA!

And that ends the 23th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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