Pulse Wrestling Live Coverage: TNA Final Resolution

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Welcome to Pulse Wrestling’s Live Coverage of TNA Final Resolution! Keep it here for match by match updates, with the latest in ITALICS.


New girl interviewer interviews Bob Backlund, who is there to be a judge in the PCS finals. He spends the majority of the promo trying to convince her to go home and visit her mom.

Chase Stevens vs. Lance Hoyt
Stevens comes out to the Newly Franchised Naturals song, and gear. AJ Peirzynski and Dale Torborg are in the front row heckling Hoyt. Very quick match, as Hoyt finishes it with a F-5 type move.
Winner – Hoyt

Hoyt gets in Torborg & Peirzynski’s faces, and Torborg shoves Hoyt. Hoyt hip tosses Torborg over the railing and Peirzynski smacks Hoyt in the back with a chair, and security breaks it up. Meanwhile, in the ring, Shane Douglas comes down and starts to berate Stevens, telling him that the experiment is over, and the Stevens should not be wearing his Franchise colors. Shane starts to say the Stevens shouldn’t do it again or else…and Stevens just says ‘or else what?’, and then shoves Shane. Shane has a look of surprise on his face, and Security keeps them apart.

Don West then announces that the winner of the Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle Iron Man Match will become the #1 contender for the NWA Title.


Rhino vs. AJ Styles – Last Man Standing
Rhino rushes the ring, and quickly works over AJ, who is now in pant tights (damnit, now I’ll have to buy and updated figure). AJ takes over and punishes pummeling over Rhino. AJ tosses Rhino to the outside then leaps on him. Rhino tries to take out a table, but AJ comes out and crotches him. Rhino tries for a big clothesline but AJ ducks and nails the Pele. Rhino off the ropes again, nails a giant GORE GORE GORE. Rhino gets the pin, and the ref starts the 10 count. Rhino sets up a table, AJ sees it as he is getting up, but then just stays down for the 10 count.
Winner – Rhino

Rhino calls AJ back, and they fight through the tunnel. When they come out, Rhino hits a pile driver on top of the ramp. Rhino sets a table up to gore AJ through it in the tunnel. Rhino charges, and AJ moves and Rhino flies though it.

New girl with Lynn. She wonders what kind of condition he is in being out the ring for so long.
Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Sabin – X-Division Title
Quick back and forth match, with all 3 men. Lynn nails a powerbomb on Sabin for 2. He then drills Daniels with a Cradle Piledriver!! Lynn crawls to the pin, but Sabin comes from behind and rolls up Lynn for the pin.
Winner and New Champion – Chris Sabin

Recap of the PCS.

Nash makes his way to the ring, followed by the judges for the PCS final. Samoalion Joe, Fat Naked Oily Guy, and Bob Backlund.

Alex Shelley vs. Austin Starr – 10 Minute Time Limit – PCS Finals
Very fast paced back and forth action to start. Starr tosses Shelley to the outside, and then hits a corkscrew plancha. Starr then goes over to the table and scores himself. As Starr is getting in the ring, Shelley knees him in the ring, and then dives out on Starr. Shelley then hits a springboard DDT for 2. Starr reverses a pile driver, and hits a flapjack, then locks in the camel clutch. As time expires, Starr still has the clutch locked in.

We go to the judges for the winner, and Samoalion Joe votes for Starr, Fat Guy votes for Shelley, and Backlund, after a long winded speech, rules it a draw. Nash comes in and calls for a 5 minute overtime. Shelley quickly rolls up Starr to score the pin!
Winner – Shelley.

Dutt, Lethal, and Senshi come down to celebrate with Shelley. Starr snaps and says that he only respects Senshi, and tries to gets him to leave with him. Senshi says no, and Starr slaps him. They brawl, and Starr rolls out of the ring and shoves the judges. Backlund gets up and locks Starr in the Crossface Chiken-Wing!!!

Recap of the break up of AMW.

James Storm (w/ Gail Kim) vs. Petey Williams
Very quick match. Storm goes for a superkick, Petey ducks it and goes for the Destroyer. Storm reverses it and rolls up Petey, holding the ropes for the finish.
Winner – Storm

Petey argues with the ref, but Storm jumps him and handcuffs him to turnbuckle. Storm goes to hit Petey with a beer bottle, but Gail would not let him. Gail the crotches Storm, but Miss Jackie comes out and takes out Gail. Storm then sets up and lets Jackie hit the Death Sentence on Gail.

Move Voodoo Kin Mafia stuff. BG says that he declares victory over McMahon and WWE. They run down what they did, and now that no one has called in the challenge, they have to declare a win. They said they know Vince heard the TNA chants during the Rosie/Trump segment, since he was sitting ringside. Christy Hemme comes out and says that they are forgetting about another founding member of DX, Chyna. Christy then rants on how woman are always forgotten in this business, and she starts to cry. The fans hate this and chant ‘we want wrestling’. BG starts to agree with her, but Kip won’t have any of it, and says that woman are good for 2 things, and starts to do the SUCK IT, but BG stops him, and Christy says that woman are good for 2 things…their body, and putting men back in line…and then he slaps Kip in the face. BG keeps holding Kip back.

Recap of Team 3D/LAX.

LAX (c) vs. Team 3D – Tag Team Titles
Very slow to start. Team 3D nails the 3D on Homicide, but Runt comes out and he is clearly drunk. He gets in the ring and falls on Homicide, and Team 3D gets DQed.
Winners via DQ – LAX

Bubba just plain beats up Runt.

Recap on how Joe/Angle is now personal.

Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle – 30 Minute Iron Match
Plenty of back and forth mat action for the first 10 minutes or so. Joe finally gets the Angle up on the turnbuckle and goes for the Muscle Buster, but Angle falls through and tries to lock on the Ankle Lock. Joe fights it off and locks on the Rear Naked Choke, and Angle taps to get the first fall. Angle comes back and tries to hit the Olympic Slam, but Joe slides through, only for Angle to lock on the Ankle Lock for the tap. The score is now tied. Angle goes for another Olympic Slam, Joe again slides through. They stand off and tie up, but Angle just dives at the ankle and locks on the Ankle Lock for Joe to tap. Angle 2, Joe 1. Joe tries another Muscle Buster, but again Angle slides through and tries an Ankle Lock, however Joe kicks off it. Angle nails an Olympic Slam, but Joe kicks out at 2. For a third time, Joe goes for the Muscle Buster, this time hitting it for the pin, and the score is tied. Angle then rolls up Joe for a pin, and is now up 3 to 2. Joe locks on the Ankle Lock and Angle is in a lot of pain. The clock is at 30, and Angle is holding on…holding on…holding on…and the time runs out.
Winner 3 falls to 2 – Kurt Angle

Recap of Abyss/Cage/Sting.

Abyss (c) (w/ James Mitchell) vs. Christian Cage (w/ Tomko) vs. Sting – Elimination Match – NWA Title
Tomko is locked up in the King of the Mountain penalty box at ringside. Sting fends off both men to start the match. He tosses Abyss to the floor, and squares off on Cage. Abyss pulls Sting to the outside, and tosses him into the penalty box. Abyss, back in the ring, nails the Shock Treatment on Cage for 2. Tomko reaches through the penalty box and starts choking Sting. The ref tries to separate them, meanwhile Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam on Cage, but the ref is not in the ring for the pin. Abyss tosses Cage over the top, and he falls to the floor, but Sting slides in and nails the Scorpion Death Drop on Abyss for the pin!

Cage takes over the match. Sting starts to Hulk-up, and hits a SUPERPLEX on Cage. James Mitchell makes his way back out, and unlocks the penalty box as Cage gets locked in the Scorpion Death Lock. Mitchell distracts the ref, and Tomko gets in the ring and nails the Problem Solver on Sting. Cage goes for the pin, and the Sting kicks out. The ref gets bumped, and Abyss comes out and takes out Tomko. Sting hits an Unprettier on Cage. Sting then grabs Mitchell and locks on the Scorpion Death Drop. Abyss, who’s fist is wrapped in chains, clocks Sting in the back of head, in yet another swerve. Cage hits the Frog Splash, gets the ref up, and scores the pin.
Winner and New Champion – Christian Cage

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