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— It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these .


Viscera vs. Ty Dalton
Dalton starts off the match by trying to slug it away with Viscera- but his own doesn’t hold up to the big man for long as Viscera knocks him into the corner and gets the big chops into the little man. More power moves take center stage as Viscera gets tossed-clothesline- body slammed- and a dropping elbow to take out Dalton. Viscera plays around with Ty a bit more until Dalton gets a few low kick in to try to chop down the big man.

Viscera trains into Dalton in the corner- sex drive ends the match easily.
Winner: Viscera

Super Crazy vs. Charlie Hass
Tie up in center ring gets things going with Charlie Hass getting in the first hits with some mat wrestling, crossing him into an arm bar. Match resets for a bit but slows down once more as Crazy gets sent out of the ring. Hass stops his attempt to return, but Super goes up high and hits a crossbody for a two count. We get a pinning combination from both men giving Crazy the upper hand with a nice drop kick and spring board from the middle ropes.

Hass counter back up by hanging Crazy on the top ropes and begins to slug away. Match slows down once more as Hass sets up Crazy in a submission hold across the head- boot to the mid section as Hass grabs the right arm of Crazy and hangs up his arm as he jumps over the top rope. Hass stays in possession for most of the match UNTIL .

Crazy goes up for a missile drop kick, standing moonsault and picks up the 1-2-3.
Winner: Super Crazy

The Highlander vs. Daniel Cross & Dinty Moore
I have no clue what is going on in this one- the bald guy dominates from the get go of the match- the red hair steps in for a while- then the bald guy gets tagged back in. Double head but from the Highlanders sets up more double teaming in their corner as the red hair highlander tries to take the jobber from corner to corner until he misses a shoulder block.

Jobber #2 slows the match down setting red hair into an arm hold until Robby finally powers his way out. Tag in and Rory cleans house.

Double head but battering ram and the hang up on the rope turning into a flapjack slam for the win.
Winner: The Highlanders

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Charlie Hass
I’m taking this to be the snooze fest as Rocky Jr. takes on the retarded stick holder. Shelton slugs away with a few shots to the head over Hacksaw, sending him down to the mat. Shelton walks outside and hits a leg drop with Hacksaw’s head hanging over the side of the ring. More shots are taken to Hacksaw’s head as Shelton continues to put on the pressure.

No offense whatsoever for Hacksaw as Rocky Jr. hits a sidekick into the side of Hacksaw’s head for the win.
Winner: Shelton Benjamin


The Inside Pulse
The HEAT Wave
Well since that is out of the way- it’s time to pimp my sorta-kinda-not-really return. In case some of you don’t know- I now have a new column up “Around The Horn” which takes a look at the world of wrestling in all aspects of WWE, PPV, and some TNA from a fans perspective. Plus not to mention a little ridicules here and there plus the “Football Fix” in which I’ve left my playoff picks. Overall I’m 7-1 this post season. So since ATH is only once every two weeks I’m gonna leave you with some picks for the Championship round.

PATRIOTS over Colts
SAINTS over Bears

So take a peek and see what you think: ATH

And of course if you wanna see HEAT in all it’s motion glory check it out:HEAT