New New Hart Foundation Coming To WWE?


The plan for Vladmir Kozlov is to make him ‘the Russian MVP’. Yes, I know.

Monty Brown is pegged to be a heel when he starts out. They are waiting on his bad knee healing up before using him.

Bob Sapp is trying to get his K-1 contract thrown out in court this week. If so then he will likely sign with either WWE or EXC, Showtime’s new MMA group.

Lots more models are about to be signed by WWE. There is a feeling they need more nice looking people on TV to get the ratings up. It’s like 2006 never happened.

The Marine finished at $18.7 million domestic and $1.2 million international, mostly from Puerto Rico and the Philippines, so currently stands at $19.9 million – half of what it needs to turn a profit. In comparison, Gridiron Gang has done around $40.3 million, with strong performances in Mexico, Germany and New Zealand. See No Evil has done $13.5 million in DVD rentals.

WWE is planning a new Hart Foundation consisting of Harry Smith, Nattie Neidhart, Teddy Hart and T.J. Wilson. Neidhart is engaged to Wilson, who grew up in the Hart family house in Calgary and was practically raised by them. She will be fast-tracked to the main roster as she is already a far better wrestler than any of the other women on it. The plan may hinge on Teddy Hart, which says a lot about the likelihood of it happening, and his contract with MTV expires next month. Also, Bret Hart’s daughter Jade is dating Ted Dibiase’s son, Mike.

Credit: Wrestling Observer newsletter (click here for subscription information)