MTV Mix – Volume 24

We continue to get caught up by going back to the week of December 18 through December 21. Here we had the usual along with saying goodbye to one show. So enjoy all four of these shows as it’s last you will see them all together like this…


MONDAY (12/18/2006)

There was nothing on Monday on this week either as you might expect…

TUESDAY (12/19/2006)

See above….

WEDNESDAY (12/20/2006)

The Real World: Denver

This week saw Jenn being annoying. Like seriously she annoyed me in this episode. She did nothing but drink and drink and yell that stupid yell of hers while throwing up the “rock star” sign. “I’m a rock star, hooray!”

Also in this episode, Stephen, Alex, and Tyrie call themselves “The Frat”. No girls and gay guys allowed, I suppose.

The big drama goes back to Jenn. They are all on this party bus. She starts yelling at Tyrie. Why? Because she thinks that Tyrie is like her ex-boyfriend Doyle, a person that she hates. They start screaming and yelling at each other. Jenn wants to fight with Tyrie and everyone else holds them back. They are too much alike, but really the whole argument was stupid. All of the roommates agree that Jenn’s drinking is getting out of control.

In the end, they kiss and make up but it seems that everyone on this season has a drinking problem. Of course, that’s the cause of all drama and sinful behavior, so what else do you expect? The best part of this episode was Jenn dancing.

TwentyFour Seven

A few things were going on in this episode. Frankie is opening up his new club. Some major record producers are coming to listen The Prom Kings. And Whitman meets the father of his newest girl.

The problem with The Prom Kings is that two members of the band quit, while Chris and Greg were in Arkansas. Chris says just get two more people to play the drums and the guitar. Greg says that Chris should be more serious about all of this.

Whitman meets Shayne’s dad, who happens to be the guy from Renegade, Lorenzo Lamos. Yeah, that would be intimidating. Whitman handles it pretty well, though. Too bad Shayne runs off with some other guy to close out the episode. Women!

In the end, The Prom Kings get reformed and get a meeting with Geffen Records. Everyone then meets up at Frankie’s new club, Lobby. Not only does Whitman’s girl run off without him. Ty’s girl does the same. Chris makes out with enough girls to make it up for them, though.

THURSDAY (12/21/2006)

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel

The showmance between CT and Diem continues here. Kina and Jodi meanwhile chat. Kina thinks she will kill anyone she meets in “The Duel”. They don’t seem like to Svetlana and Aneesa. Svetlana knows that she has to win every time to stay in this game. She says pride over money is more important. Ah, but she says that now, but just wait. Kina later talks to Diem and they seem to want to target Jodi.

Time for the next challenge! It is called “Ice Breakers”. It’s a “Female Duel Day”. The object is to get these blocks of ice and break them into small enough pieces that they fall through a filter and fill up the buckets beneath them. Male winner gets golf clubs and a free lesson. Winning female is safe.

The males go first. They slaughter the ice blocks. The women have a different strategy. The best part here is Evan’s commentary on the female heat. He’s basically making jokes about them, which is pretty funny. Kina is taking her anger inside of her out on the ice. In the end, Evan wins for the guys and Jodi takes it for the girls! Kina seems bitter.

Time to pick now! Jodi gets Evan. Evan picks Diem. Diem goes with CT. CT picks Kina. Kina picks Brad, making him choose who goes into “The Duel”. Brad picks Aneesa and that sends Svetlana into “The Duel”. Svetlana picks Kina, which is a little shocking to me, but not that much.

TJ brings out the deck of cards and Svetlana picks “Push Me”. This will go down as the most infamous game during this challenge. You have to push against your opponent and move this big stick in the direction of a flag. The thing about this is that you have to UNHOOK the flag. You can’t yank it. Which is how Svetlana won last time over Beth in this game. Svetlana’s strategy is to tire out Kina. It works as they go for over 45 minutes. Eventually Kina’s leg gets cramped up and hurt and Svetlana grabs the flag. Kina is GONE!

Svetlana thinks that Kina is whining and crying for no reason afterwards. I’m sure it hurts, but not as bad as Kina made it seem. Kina blames her body for letting her down and making her lose this challenge. That’s pretty dumb, but whatever makes her sleep better at night.

Rob & Big

This was the final episode of this show, or at least this season. It was a weird one. First, Big Black wears something called the “Manpon”, which is a man version of the female protection garment. Don’t ask.

Rob wants to write a will, because he had a weird dream and wants to give all of his nice things to the right people. Most of it’s going to Black like his food and car and house and dog and..well everything except his watches since they don’t fit Big’s wrist.

Rob & Big then go on a few missions. First, they tear up the driving course, which looks like fun. They practice running from the cops, which is always fun. Then, they go learn some karate. Big Black has got Rob’s back. In the process, Big flips Rob off of his back, which was pretty awesome. They finish off by doing a little paintball training. Big is ready to protect Rob from bullets.

Overall, this was a surprisingly fun show. It didn’t look that way on paper, but it was funny and very entertaining. That’s all due to the personalities of Rob & Big, though. They make a great team.

And that ends the 24th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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