Ranting in the UK – WWE New Years Revolution 2007

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For a show with a tremendous build, WWE New Years Revolution 2007 ended up feeling flat. Granted there were problems out of WWE’s control to explain this but there were still a lot or promise in this show that never delivered.

IC Title Cage Match
Champion – Jeff Hardy
Challenger – Johnny Nitro
In another match in the series between these two this match reached the level of nearly every other match they’ve had. Adequate. Not a blow away match but still very well worked and entertaining. The match was mostly a kick and punch fest mixed in with a climbing contest but it worked well for what it was. Nitro is still pretty generic in the way he wrestles and cuts promos but he more than knows what he has to do to garner a reaction from the crowd. Indeed, throughout this match he played the dickhead heel excellently while Hardy played the gutsy face equally as well. As for the ending, ouch. Hardy dropkicked the cage door while Nitro was climbing down leading to Nitro getting crotched on the door. A creative ending to a good match
Match time – 14:40

Up next was a Tag Team Turmoil match involving Cryme Time, TWGTT, Highlanders, Cade and Murdoch and Duggan and Crazy.
Can I just say that I hate C & M’s new attire and that Cade looks a million times less cool without his beard? The match itself was a big mess in places, despite the TWGTT working well as usual. Still, the fact that there were actually 5 teams to do this match, making it something like a whopping 7 in total on Raw, meant there was enough variety to keep things interesting. Super Crazy was really over, so of course he was put with Duggan and did the job in their match despite getting the biggest face reaction than anyone else in the match. WWE have got a hot new face with Crazy but they just seem unwilling to do anything with him. Cryme Time ended up getting the win here earning a tag title shot “down the road”. Rather than let them win the belts the next night it looks like WWE forgot the stips.
Match time – 19:11

Kenny Vs Ric Flair
The push of Kenny continues as he got another win over Ric Flair, although the win was pretty screwy. Kenny pretty much beat Flair clean the first time meaning that it was fine for him to cheat to win, after all he is the heel. The difference in this feud from Kennedy/Taker is that Kenny has not only beaten Flair but he’s beaten him by pin three times, thus getting a rub. Kennedy could only beat Taker by DQ or in silly gimmick matches thus negating any rub he could get. The match itself was solid 10 minute match which allowed both men to look better afterwards. Flair looked good because he gave Kenny his lumps and only jobbed because of cheating and Kenny because it made him look like a conniving heel, in the old Flair mould. I like Kenny too, he’s got personality and is more than competent in the ring
Match time – 10:00

Mickie James Vs Victoria
Pretty sub par women’s match really that had shenanigans going on outside as all the divas ran out for payback on Victoria. That’s about it really.
Match time – 6:49

Rated R-K-O Vs D-X
And here it is. The match that has probably changed WWE’s plans for the rest of the year, and certainly Wrestlemania, that’s a given. This was a solid match, with Shawn doing his usual great job at selling, when HHH blew his quad and the whole thing fell apart. What was looking to be a good match became a disorganised mess as the other three tried to work around HHH’s injury. While HHH should be commended for gutting out, the match stumbled to a screeching halt and the show sort of died. Anyway, I know HHH gets a lot of negative press and such, and a reasonable amount from me in the past, but it’s never nice to see a guy who loves wrestling so much have it taken away from him. I don’t know where they’ll go from here but hopefully they’ll add a new member to D-X, like Hardy or Cena, because Michaels can’t do it on his own. The match ended up being a screwy no contest and Rated R-K-O got battered by an angry D-X
Match time – 21:49

Chris Masters Vs Carlito
What was the point in jobbing out Carlito again?
Match time – 5:58

WWE Title
Champion – John Cena
Challenger – Umaga
This was a solid match where the babyface got pounded by the big monster but was able to just squeak out the win. Umaga really should have won in my opinion but really either guy winning would have pleased me because there was a good build to the match and either guy winning would have made an interesting chapter in the story, that is nowhere near over yet. Cena was able to weather a beating by Umaga and get a quick roll up to save his title. Clean finish that makes Cena look smart and protects Umaga’s image, can’t ask for more really.
Match time – 17:16

The Inside Pulse
So overall there were no real clunkers on this show but everything was quite average in the long run which leaves the show plunked firmly in the middle.