TNA Spoilers for January 18 and 24, 2007

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TNA taped iMPACT! shows to air Thursday, January 18 and Wednesday, January 24 last night in Orlando, FL, with announcer David Penzer promising “dream matches” to end each episode of the tapings. Ringside were AJ Pierzynski and Dale Torborg from the Chicago White Sox, and Dory Funk, Jr. with some students were also visible in attendance. No matches were officially announced for Against All Odds except Christian Cage defending his NWA World Title against Kurt Angle.

To Air January 18, 2007

– Steve Borden (no Sting makeup) was shown on screen beating down Father James Mitchell and throwing him into the trunk of a car.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash found Team 3D running down Brother Runt over the fact he screwed his brothers out of winning on Sunday.

NWA World Tag Team Champions Latin American Xchange defeated Team 3D

Team 3D jumped LAX from behind before the bell, but Brother Runt came out to ringside despite being told not to, so Ray left while D-Von got beat down two on one. Ray returned, and 3D took over, but Moody Jack Melendez (from the Spanish announce table) did a run-in and got the loaded sock to Hernandez, who drilled Ray in the face. LAX retained, and it looks like Moody Jack’s Konnan’s replacement for the time being, while Konnan recovers from recent surgery.

– Jeremy Borash found Abyss backstage, throwing stuff around.

– Jacqueline and Gail brawl in the bathroom.

– Borash talks with Christy about the PPV, and we get the great line from Kip James that “before you go up the ladder of success you have to go down.”

– In the ring, new NWA Champ Christian Cage has a mic and gives the “I told you so” speech. He won’t rest because he has to face Kurt Angle next at Against All Odds. He calls Kurt the biggest asshole he ever met, which of course leads to the #1 contender coming down to the ring. Angle tells him to watch it, especially without Tomko around; Cage tells him he can get inside his head and has hired an “anger management coach” to get inside the head of the Olympic gold medalist. Angle asks who it is, name-dropping Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg, and they brawl.

– Back on the jump screen, “Steve Borden” and Jim Mitchell arrive at the former residence of Abyss, with Sting wanting to know Abyss’ secret. Mitchell reveals that “Chris Marks” was there for six years, was a piece of shit before Mitchell found him, and is his meal ticket, asking Sting why he cares. Sting says he saw a person in Abyss’ eyes, cuffs Mitchell to the fence, and says he’ll get the answer straight from Abyss.
– Cornette and Angle are backstage with Borash, with Kurt demanding to know who this “anger management coach” is. Cornette said he should focus on his match with AJ Styles.

James Storm (w/Jacqueline called Ms. Tennessee) defeated Lance Hoyt

Jacqueline distracted Rudy Charles as Torborg got Hoyt’s attention long enough for Pierzynski to hit a chair shot to the back, which set up Storm’s superkick and the pin. Gail Kim then came out and jumped Jacqueline. Storm got involved as Torborg and Hoyt fought around ringside. Petey Williams came out to protect Kim but he got hit with what looked like the 8 Second Ride.

– Borash talked to Eric Young backstage about shopping for some adult bedroom items when AJ Styles came out of his locker room for an interview in which he said he felt Angle had been coddled his whole career.

Kurt Angle defeated AJ Styles

Styles avoided a lock-up to start and celebrated. Angle hit three clotheslines and kicks to Styles’ jaw. Styles raked Angle’s eyes but then got hit with a belly to belly suplex. As Angle laid in more kicks Tomko came down to ringside. Styles missed a corner splash and Angle hit a release German suplex. With Angle’s focus on Tomko, Styles recovered and attacked Angle’s back. Tomko then took a ringside seat as Styles locked in a rear chinlock. Angle fought out but got hit with an enziguri for two. Styles hit Angle with a slingshot forearm shot for two as Tomko distracted the referee. Styles got the chair Tomko was sitting on, but Angle moved and Styles dropped the chair. Angle hit the Olympic Slam on the chair and pinned Styles for the win.

– Angle went to leave, but then attacked Tomko from behind, only to get jumped by Christian. Rhino came out and ran off Cage and Tomko but then Samoa Joe came out with a folding chair of his own causing everyone to run. Angle and Joe exchanged words but TNA security broke them up. Cage and Tomko then came back out to the ringside area, with Cage asking if Angle had a clue who the “anger management coach” was after his match with Styles.

– Steve Borden returned came to the ring, then joined by Abyss. Sting wanted to know about Abyss’ past. Sting put the microphone in Abyss’ hand hoping for an answer, but Abyss gave it back to Sting. Sting tried the tough love approach but Abyss wouldn’t talk. Sting said he would go to the prison and find out everything. The fans chanted “Sting’s A Bully” as he left Abyss alone in the ring.

To Air January 24, 2007

– Samoa Joe came out to the ring to speak to the fans and Kurt Angle. Joe said it seemed like everyone has a burning question, why would Samoa Joe help Kurt Angle? Joe said he wouldn’t save Angle from a car accident or fire. Joe said Angle didn’t win at the PPV, Joe ran out of time. Joe said he would be the ring enforcer at Against All Odds. Joe said he wanted Angle to win so they could fight for the NWA World Heavyweight title. Kurt Angle comes out with a microphone, and said he thought they were done after the last PPV. Angle ran down Joe about who the “anger management coach” was. Angle was fine with Joe consulting Cage. Joe said at the PPV he would be Angle’s best friend. This brought out Cage and Tomko. Cage said Angle didn’t have the puzzle solved. Cage said Joe wasn’t good enough to consult him on anything. Cage said before the show ends there would be a second hint, someone who has been closer then Angle thinks. Angle and Joe had words but once again TNA security broke it up. Cage and Tomko looked on from the safety of the announce table. Tomko said there would be some changes coming, maybe even in Mike Tenay and Don West’s chairs.

– Rhino came out to face who he thought was Raven, and Serotonin (Kazarian, Bentley and Devine) attacked him as Raven came to the ring. Rhino got rid of Serotonin, and then Raven hit him with a kendo stick shot and then revealed himself to be AJ Styles. Styles blasted Rhino with chair shots and cut open Rhino’s forehead before TNA referees and security got him to leave.

Jerry Lynn defeated World X Division Champion Chris Sabin, Senshi and Austin Starr in a non-title match

Senshi was so focused on Starr he nearly got pinned by Lynn. Lynn and Senshi continued to trade moves but Sabin tagged himself as Lynn was backed into a corner. Sabin stomped on Senshi and Starr demanded a tag. Starr got Senshi wedged in a corner and dropkicked his neck. Sabin tagged back in and continued the attack on Senshi but a move backfired and Lynn tagged in. Lynn got two after a TKO but Starr stopped the pin. This sent Senshi over and they brawled around ringside. Sabin set up the Cradle Shock but Lynn countered out and pinned him sunset flip style.

– Sting returned from the public records office to reveal Abyss’ past atrocity to the public. Sting said Abyss needed to die to have life. He couldn’t believe what Abyss did ten years ago. Sting wasn’t sure why he got involved but he believed this was meant to be. He said he was willing to take another beating from Abyss to set him free. He said Abyss put three bullets into the back of his father’s head, after which he laid in and survived a coma. Sting wanted to know why, but Abyss came out and jumped Sting, dragging him around the Impact Zone, and chokeslamming him through a table, and bringing him outside as the cameras cut off and they went to commercial break.

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage (w/Tomko) defeated “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

Cage went on the attack but Daniels hit a hip toss and a slam to set up a slingshot elbow drop for two. Daniels went for a second rope move but Cage got in front of Earl Hebner and Tomko shoved Daniels to the floor. As Cage went after Daniels, Samoa Joe came out with a chair of his own to watch the match. The match came back to the ring where Cage kept the offense going in his favor. JB came out and talked to Joe as the match went on. Daniels fought out of a chinlock only to be hit with a dropkick for two. Cage hit Daniels with a Rude Awakening but didn’t go for the pin. A suplex attempt was blocked and Daniels got an inside cradle for two. Joe and Tomko traded stares as Daniels hit Cage with an STO. Daniels hit a leg lariat and a running knee to the chest and got two. Daniels escaped an inverted DDT and hit a floatover moonsault for two. Daniels went for the BME but Cage moved, so Daniels landed on his feet and attacked. Cage got a school boy for two even with his feet on the ropes. Daniels locked Cage in the Cobra Twist as Tomko and Joe argued again. Daniels let the hold go and it backfired as Cage hit a low blow before winning with the Unprettier. Angle came out to have words with Joe once more.


Alex Shelley defeated Jay Lethal

This was supposedly a wrestling clinic, ending with Shelley avoiding Lethal’s top rope headbutt and getting a chain wrestling style pin.

Chase Stevens vs. Sonjay Dutt ended in a No Contest

Shane Douglas came out towards the end of the match and attacked Stevens. Rudy Charles called for the bell as Douglas tried to strip the “franchised-Naturals” gear off Stevens.

Thanks to Alan J. Wojcik for sending in the spoilers.

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