Gilby Clarke – Gilby Clarke Review

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Now is the time to capitalize!

There’s never been a better time for Gilby Clarke to release a compilation of his prior solo works. He’s had a national spotlight with “Rock Star: Super Nova,” never mind all the Chinese Democracy buzz that extends to every former member of Guns ‘n’ Roses. And hey, if he doesn’t have something new to market, he might as well make it simpler for curious folks to discover what he’s been doing all these years since the heyday of G’n’R began to recede. Although there is one bonus — the song “Black” features Dilana, the runner-up from “Rock Star: Super Nova.”

Providing both solo tracks as well as work with Clarke’s project Col. Parker, the assortment remains cohesive even with its contents covering over a decade of material. Just as one would expect from looking at the man’s style, Clarke rocks with a healthy dose of southern boogie flavor. While at times the sound isn’t quite as put together or polished as one would want it to be, often reminiscent of an unsigned band who just happened to find a great producer, songs like “Punk Rock Pollution” and “Cure Me… or Kill Me” showcase Clarke’s ability to write a solid rock song. The framework is there, but even the good songs sound a bit sparse.

If boogie rock makes you smile and you don’t mind a bit of roughness around the edges, Gilby Clarke is a fine introduction to the works of the former G’n’R rocker as well as a healthy album in its own right. There aren’t any stellar surprises and Gilby could use some compositional help, but this is still a pleasant representation of his capabilities.