CM Punk: “I don’t have a MySpace. Go Bears.”


CM Punk has posted his latest blog on, which can be read here. In it he talks about how “sick and weird” it is that so many people have created fake CM Punk MySpaces, how upsetting it was a while back when someone hacked into some personal photos of him, and why he’ll never have a MySpace of his own.

Also on, Tommy Dreamer has posted his latest Diary of Violence, which after a poll asked for it, will be sticking around. You can read the latest one here.

Elijah Burke’s “Elijah Experience” is also updated here, as is the Extremists page, which now includes the newest addition to the roster, Marquis Cor Von (Monty Brown). A video of Cor Von’s ECW debut has already been posted, along with this statement: Arriving from the Animal Kingdom, “The Alpha Male” Marquis Cor Von made his debut on ECW on Sci Fi. Will this beastly specimen’s quest to conquer ECW yield a new ECW Champion in the coming months? You can read his full profile here.

“The hardest… regardless… is Marquis!”

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.