Smackdown Spoilers for January 18, 2007

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Courtesy of Jeff Thorstenson and Wrestling Observer:

Smackdown Spoilers: 1/16/2007, Little Rock, AR

Pre-show dark match: Sounds like “San-Eye” from Japan b. Jamie Noble. I don’t know who “San-eye” is, but he wore black suit with green and a mask, so he got “Power Ranger” chants. Had some crisp “luchador” arm-drags etc. and won with a rollup.

Show opens with a Mr. Kennedy promo talking up his Beat the Clock win. Teddy Long interrupts and says tonight Kennedy will face the Undertaker. Win, lose or draw, Kennedy remains in the Rumble title match, but if Undertaker wins he gets added to make it a Triple Threat.

1. Matt Hardy b. Joey Mercury. Early in the match Matt delivers body shots and Joey backs off quickly when Matt goes for face shots. Mercury goes for a double underhook, Hardy double legs him and flips over for the pin. Post-match Nitro jumps Hardy and Melina shows up too. “We want Jeff” chants, but no Jeff. Matt gets a snapshot on the concrete floor with the pads removed.

Backstage: Miz talking up taking Undertaker to the limit to Ashley and Layla, but Kane approaches from behind.

Backstage: Kristal interviews Vickie who was something to discuss in private.

2. MVP/Regal/Taylor b. Vito/London/Kendrick. Heat segment on Vito, Taylor gives some stiff forearms. Kendrick gets the hot tag but the heels get the win.

3. No DQ US championship match: Chris Benoit b. Chavo Guerrero. Went about 10 minutes, Chavo quickly tries to use exposed turnbuckles, chairs, etc. Benoit goes for Crossface early and often but Chavo works over his left shoulder and arm with the chair. Benoit gets the tap-out victory with the sharpshooter. A bit underwhelming due to time but a solid match.

Backstage: Kristal interviews Batista

Backstage: Jillian suggests Kennedy should tell Long to call off the match with the Undertaker.

4. Deuce, Domino, and Cherry debut defeating Patrick Bentley & Adam Roberts in a squash. “Fonzie” and “Happy Days” chants.

Backstage: Kennedy talks to Long, but the match is on.

5. Kane b. The Miz in a squash

Backstage: King Booker talks to Long, he hasn’t gotten a rematch but the King will win the Royal Rumble to reclaim his throne at Wrestlemania.

Batista comes out for commentary with Michael Cole and JBL for:

6. Mr. Kennedy b. The Undertaker by DQ. Also goes about 10 minutes. Finish comes as Kennedy is outside the ring and slaps Batista at the announce table. Kennedy runs back into the ring, Batista follows and spears him. Ref calls for the DQ so Kennedy wins and Undertaker isn’t added to the Royal Rumble World title match. Batista takes Kennedy to the back while Undertaker remains in the ring with a displeased stare at Batista. Perhaps a tease of an Undertaker/Batista title program.

ECW as seen on TV follows.

Post-show Dark match: Batista/Undertaker/Kane b. King Booker/Finlay/Kennedy. Undertaker and Kane give chokeslams to Booker and Finlay leaving Batista to Batista-bomb Kennedy for the pin.

Also during Smackdown the Royal Rumble card includes an ECW title match: Lashley(champion) vs. Test.