TiVo Central – Grey's Anatomy – Episode 3-13


This was a fun episode. There was a storyline that they teased at back in the first season that I was really into. That storyline was the competition between Burke and Derek for the next “Chief of Surgery”. That went away from that as they focused more on the love lives of Burke and Derek than anything else. But it’s back and it has brought in some new contenders to the throne. Oh, and did someone say something about a couple of marriages. Yep, those are ALWAYS a ball of fun.

Yes, Richard is retiring. At least that is what he said before he went back to house to find out that Adelle has moved on without him. Moved on with another man. So who knows if he will really retire or not now. I hope so, because I love the competition between Burke and Derek. You throw in Addison and Mark into the mix and this will be fun. The doctors have fun competing against each other and it’s fun to watch.

As much as I don’t want it to happen, Bailey will probably end up taking Webber’s place. Webber obviously wants her to become the chief one day. Is she ready now? I don’t know, but I would rather see Derek or Burke get it than her. Now then with that being said, she seems more focused on opening up a free clinic for Seattle Grace. She told the others that she needed something to get behind. Everyone else had their “messy love lifes and silliness”. She needs something and this free clinic is what she wants. The only problem is she needs money to make it work.

Speaking of money, I wonder who has money to give? Hmm… Yes it looks like Izzie is going to give some of her money to Bailey to start the free clinic. I guess that will work as it is doing something great with the money. It will help a lot of people who couldn’t get help any other way. BUT it won’t make for interesting TV. I’m still behind the hotel/restaurant/bakery idea. That probably won’t happen, but I can dream.

George sure did find an interesting way to make himself happy and not depressed over his father’s death. He turns into a sex machine and Callie’s “vagina is now broken” says Izzie. Izzie really wants to help George recover from his father’s death, but George is right. Izzie can’t help him. He has to help himself. Sex with Callie is just a way to work through the pain. It’s not the solution. More this later.

The only thing I didn’t like about the whole Izzie/George storyline was how Izzie finally realized she couldn’t help George. It always goes back to the lives of their patients. Too many times on this show the doctors learn something in their own lives by observing the lives of their patients. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t worked. This time is just seemd forced to me. It didn’t really work. I see the point, but no every patient should have something in their lives that relates to a doctor. That being said, I thought the story between the two girls was touching. It was certainly interesting with the Amish aspect to it. And yes, it was a little emotional as well. So bravo to the depth of that story.

Now then to Cristina and Burke. Cristina still thought she was right. She always thinks she is right. She will never admit that she is wrong. That just irritates me. That’s her character, though. Even though she did’t admit she was wrong, she did give in and “talk” to Burke first. She finally realizes that she can’t win everything. Which I guess is redeems herself a little bit in my eyes. Now the big news here, or the second big news depending on how you look at it, is that after Cristina gives in and talks, he asks her to marry him. I knew that one was coming sometime. It was a little unexpected, but these guys work together since they are so different.

What doesn’t work for me is Callie and George. George is still recovering from his dad’s death. Callie has been there for him. He has used sex with Callie to work through the pain of his dad’s death. George is reaching out for something to grab on to. That something is Callie, in more ways than one I might add. To say that George’s marriage proposal is unexpected is a little understated. It didn’t completely surprise me, since the writers have been shoving this relationship down our throats. Again, George is still recovering from his dad’s death. He couldn’t save his dad. He couldn’t control what happened to him. So George is just looking for something that he can control. By asking Callie to marry him, he thinks it will make him happy since he is happy being with her..right now. It’s like he has blinders on right now. He only sees what is in front of him. He sees Callie and thinks it’s the right thing to do, but it’s not. George wears his heart on his sleeve, but this time his head is overruling his heart. Not a smart move. And what can Callie really say? She can’t say no, because that would break George’s soul even more. But does she really want to say yes? I know Callie is in love with George and George finally said it to her, but I think she knows what is really going on here. It will be interesting to hear what she says. I’m hoping it’s a no as that will provide a lot more drama than a yes would.

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